Tuesday, January 14, 2014

And So It Begins....

          Hooray!! I'm so happy I can hardly stand it!! It's finally that time!! I officially started my mission papers today!!! I got to meet with the Bishop and bear my testimony about missionary work and everything!!! It was so awesome and exciting!! *enormous smile*

          So I'll admit I've been counting down to this day. It's like the countdown to the first day of school. You go out and buy a new outfit. And you wake up super early that day. And dad takes a first day of school picture. I got some new missionary outfits. And I woke up super early today. And I got a "first day of mission papers" picture. See look!

          I just love dressing like a missionary. :) Is that completely ridiculous? Oh man. I'm realizing how totally goofy and random this post sounds. But I'm insanely excited and happy right now!! I've wanted to be a missionary my whole life!! And it's finally starting to happen!! One of my biggest dreams is about to come true! So I'm allowed to be a bit squirrely for a while. (is that how you spell squirrely?) Anyways.

          The interview was easy. It was basically a temple recommend interview except I had to bear my testimony of missionary work. The exciting part happened when I got home and logged onto LDS.org and started filling out the online missionary application!!! It's super long and awesome!! I've never enjoyed typing my name and my country's name so much!!

          So in other new, I think I can tell I'm starting to be a missionary already. I'm always thinking about things as if I were already out in the field. When I got home, my family was skyping my older sister Brittany and her husband Mike and their family. When they asked me how my interview went, I got all excited and whatnot, but I also got this big 'ole desire to skype everybody in the whole world and tell them right then and there that I wanted to serve a mission and they should hear the message of the restored gospel!! :) It was so exciting!!

          I just have a huge testimony of missionary work. I know it's extremely important to the Lord that we share the gospel. After all, He told Peter to feed His sheep 3 times in a row! If that's not spiritual nagging then I don't know what is! But I do know that I don't want to have to be nagged by the Lord to get this work done. I absolutely love this gospel with all of my heart and I want more than anything to share it's joyful message with anyone who will listen to me. I am so excited that it's finally my turn to serve the Lord as a full time missionary!!!

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