Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Best Preparation EVER!!

     So the other day my dad was talking to me about preparation for my mission. Actually that's really all we talk about these days. But this talk in particular was about relationships. I know it's important to serve a mission. But it means I will be gone for 18 months. And so it's important to strengthen my relationships with my family members now. So I've been really focusing a lot lately on bonding with them.
     And so this is a tribute to my wonderful family. I love them and they are amazing. I've decided to spend as much time as I can before my mission bonding with each of my family members. I'm basically obsessed with it. And I also I need to practice taking pictures all the time so that I'm actually good at documenting my mission.(that's going to be a legitimate problem...sorry mom) So anyways. Here's how it goes. Ready? hehe. This is so exciting. I love my fam!

     These are my wonderful parentals. They love me and teach me and stuff. It's really quite adorable how much they are the best. Also they're super in love and everything. It's cute! :)

     My dad here is the bestest. He's the one who really made service a big part of my life. His whole thing is about making everyone else happy. So thanks dad! It's gonna help me on my mission. :) My momma is the best mom in the WHOLE UNIVERSE! There is not a single person more selfless than this lady. I love her so much! She is my best friend ever and I've been having quite a smashing time bonding with her lately.

     Then of course there is my amazing big sis Brittany and her terrifical husband Mike and their precious children. Katie and Josh and Peter didn't necessarily teach me anything that I could use for my mission. But they're adorable. And they're the product of 2 people making good choices and being married in the temple. Brittany and Mike are for sure my role models though. :) They're also just plain cute.

     Oh Hannah. Don't think I forgot about you! You little cutie. Hannah is very special to me. She and I are very close and I think just the way she has really become a new person the last few years has inspired me. She and her hubby Nick are quite the duo. :) I've never seen hunting and camo look so cute! Even though I can't bond with them or the Brittany and Mike & Co., I still love them and think they're awesome. So they're in my little bonding tribute. :)

     Parker guy is my big little bro. Yes. He's quite tall. But he's still great and I love him. I'm the most excited that he and I will be on missions at the same time for just a while. It's going to be awesome! I think he'll be great!!! He's very goofy and his man giggle is hilarious. I was going to somehow tie that into missionary work...but I can't. I just love him. :)

    Emma. Is. The. Best. Ginger. Sister. Ever! She has been the best roommate ever. The best pep-talk giver ever. And she has built my testimony up so much over the last few years. She really is the most incredible little freshman girl I've ever heard of. She is very selfless and I hope one day she can go on a mission so that I can be her biggest fan and cheerleader. :)

     James and Sam are certainly weirdo-heads. But they're hilarious, loving, smart, adorable weird-heads. And I love them. Sam, though very hyper, is so good at recognizing when I need a hug. I just love these guys. They're my men. :)

     Last, but certainly not least, there is Jeff. He's not technically family...:) But he has been a huge inspiration and influence on me. He is currently serving a mission and his advice home is awesome. :) I just love that guy. I miss him like crazy but he's super awesome and the people of Sapporo are definitely going to be blessed from his service. 

     So yeah. I have the best family ever. I'm gonna spend a whole bunch of my time bonding with them. Cause that's allowed. And also productive for mission prep. Right? Well yeah. Yes. It is. :) Anyways. I am so excited to serve a mission!!! I can't wait!! And even though I'm going to miss my amazing and beautiful family, I can't wait! And it's going to be awesome! I wish it were right now!! :) I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!! p.s. Cindy and Wayne Wilson are also important to me but I don't have any pictures with them...why? I have no idea. It just happened that way. :)

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