Monday, February 17, 2014

10-14 Days!!

     I OFFICIALLY SUBMITTED MY MISSION PAPERS!!!!!! You know what that means!! I will get my call in 10 to 14 days! I am so excited I can hardly even describe!!!! I have no idea where I'm going to get called but I just know that wherever I get called is exactly where I'm supposed to go.  I already feel so much love and excitement for the people I will teach wherever they are in the world. I am so excited to get this opportunity!!!

     I had the best day yesterday! I went to ward conference and it was amazing. The Stake President is such an awesome guy and he really brings the spirit when he speaks. And he talked a lot about missionary work. He told a story about going fishing with his brother-in-law where they sit in the boat all day, every day for a week of so. And one day, while they were just sitting there, his brother-in-law threw a lemon head right into the water where the fish were. that didn't make any sense to him. But later  that night, while they were getting ready to cook one of the fish they caught, they found the lemon head in its stomach. The odds that that would happen were VERY  slim and it surprised both of them.

     This is like missionary work. We don't act as missionaries for one person at a time. It's not our job to pick who is ready for the gospel. So we should be examples and we should be comfortable talking about our religion to everyone. We make ourselves a missionary to all the fish in the sea. Then the Lord chooses who eats the lemon head. It's a miracle!

     After ward conference I had mission prep and we got to hear the amazing testimony of Sis. Goodale who is on medical leave from  her mission. She is being really brave and her testimony really strengthened mine. It can be discouraging to get sick even though you've dedicated so much time to the Lord. But I know this trial will really strengthen her and be for her good. And she will be helped through it with the Lord's help.

     Of course after mission prep I went to visit the Wilsons and I went with Cindy to her mission prep class. It was so spiritual and I was very touched by the talks given about personal worthiness. I am so excited to serve a mission and I hope the Lord finds me worthy to wear His name and be one of his representatives for 18 months. I'm sooooo excited!!!!

     My favorite part of my day though, was when I got to meet with the Stake President to submit my mission papers. He gave me a lot of great advice relating to Alma 7:23-24. I now focus on being submissive and temperate and diligent and humble and gentle. Just as the Savior was. I hope as a missionary I will really be able to develop these traits. I'm so so so excited to serve a mission. I have been waiting so long for the day I am old enough to submit my own mission papers and now that it's here, I cannot express how happy I am.

     Next time I post it'll be with a mission call. So where do you think I'm going for 18 months?

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  1. Russia! Or, maybe like, Wisconsin. Oooh! Or Paraguay! I dunno. Somewhere awesome. :) I sure love you tons!