Monday, February 10, 2014

Sacrifice is Necessary

     I did it. I had my wisdom removed. I mean wisdom teeth. What? Oh my. I'm losing my mind. It turns out getting a part of your mouth ripped out isn't entirely comfortable. Down side, I'm suffering right now. Up side, I am officially ready to submit my mission papers and get a call!!! Boo yeah! This is pretty spectacular. In my excitement to serve a mission I guess I will show you a picture. Unfortunately for my OCD, my cheeks are not evenly puffy. So I'm lopsided and it kills me.

     Now I know what you're all thinking. Where's the video of you under anesthesia? Well my friends, I am here to tell you that my parents actually love me. And they proved it to me this weekend by not filming my pathetic delirium. It turns out they would have filmed me if I had been funny. But I just cried the whole time. So they decided to spare me the humiliation. Thanks mom and dad! They did however tell me all about the weird things I said when I wasn't conscious.

     I decided I must really want to be a missionary because even in my drug-induced coma I was talking about the Book of Mormon and heaven and stuff. According to my dad, I said the Book of Mormon is the best book I've ever read. And then I proceeded to tell him the whole story of 1 Nephi. This includes but is not limited to, crying because Laman and Lemuel were really mean brothers and saying Nephi is the only good guy who is really nice, etc, etc. Mom decided to ask me where I want to get called on my  mission. I said heaven because everyone there is nice and happy and they all want to be baptized. :/ Yeah. So. Look out world. Here I come.

     And of course, you all saw this coming, I spent a good deal of time crying because Jeff wasn't there. I guess while I was still drugged up, I kept asking when  he was coming to visit me. So mom and dad bought me flowers "from Jeff". So that was cute.

     Emma was very sweet and wanted to help me feel pretty again after sitting around puffy and gross for so long. So she gave me some pretty intense makeup to distract you from my cheeks. I thought it looked pretty much like a zombie. Mom definitely agrees. But it made you look at my eyes instead of my cheeks right?

     Right? Yikes. But you hardly noticed my cheeks so whatevs. In other news, I met with the Bishop and officially submitted my papers to the Stake president! I technically had an appointment for yesterday to do the final submit but I was not in a state that could handle it. So next Sunday is the big day!! In the  meantime I'm spending a bunch of time reading my new copy of the Missionary Handbook I got!!! I'm soo pumped!!

     Next time I'll have submitted my papers and we'll start the guessing game!! Everybody get your guesses ready!!

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  1. Nope. I was still looking at your cheeks.
    Also, YAY!!! I'm so excited for you. You're going to be a pretty stellar missionary. And hopefully you go to one of those places that is just ready to explode with the gospel so it's just like going to heaven. :)
    Love you a gajillions!