Sunday, March 30, 2014

I Love To See The Temple

Well. I finally got to go through the temple last weekend. It's what I've spent the last 18, almost 19 years waiting for and I finally got to! And holy amazingness! It was incredible! I  have to keep using exclamation points after all my sentences! That's how great! I can't even tell you in words how spiritual and wonderful it was. I loved it so much! Honestly. I don't know what else to write. I just loved it!

*A word of advice for everyone who hasn't gone through the temple yet*

The best way to prepare to go through the temple, is to go there and do baptisms as much as you possibly can! Get familiar and comfortable with the spirit you feel in the temple. This will help you when you go through the temple. You will recognize that spirit you came to know and love and it will confirm to you that what happens in the temple is sacred and of God. Other than that, just do what you're doin'. Read scriptures, go to church, serve others, pray, be clean and pure, etc. That's the best way, I think, to prepare for the temple. :) 

Seriously guys. It's worth the effort to be worthy for it! It. is. amazing. MAKE SURE YOU'RE WORTHY TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!! It's the best thing you will ever do and it's totally worth the work to become worthy. I see why it's everyone's goal. It is soooo amazing!

Here is one of my favorite parts. When you are in the temple, you feel such a strong love of Heavenly Father. I could seriously feel His love for me. I knew then and there that I am 100%, without a doubt, a literal child of God. When I saw my parents and family and friends in the temple, I realized that Heavenly Father loves me more than I could ever even imagine! He knows me and cares about me and wants me to be happy so  he blessed me with such a great support system! 
I love my parents. So much. :)

It was the BEST treat to have these amazing people with me in the temple! I love you Wilsons!

I thought about my dad and how he LOVES being involved in my life. He laughs when I tell him jokes and he celebrates with me when I do something good. He get's upset when someone is mean to me. He cries when I make bad choices. He really really loves me.
Heavenly Father is the same! He is our heavenly father! He rejoices and cheers when we do good things and have success in our lives. He weeps when we make bad choices. He helps us along when we struggle. He is a super involved parent who just really wants to be a part of our lives!

I love the temple. So. Much. I have a testimony that it is the House of the Lord. I know I am a literal child of God. I feel His love for me everyday, but especially in His holy temple. I feel so blessed to have one nearby and I'm so grateful we get another one soon! I hope I'm hear for the dedication!!

p.s. I wish Brittany, Mike, Hannah and Nick had been there. But ya know. I get it. School is more important right? hehe jk you guys. :) Love ya! We'll go to the temple together someday!

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