Sunday, May 4, 2014

My New Mantra...(whatever that means)

So. I've felt sort of like an old person lately. Like. No joke. In all my free time, I just reminisce about my past!! I mean come on! Sarah! You're not even 19!! Haha. But actually. It's been sorta great. Like this.

Yeah. I know!! So. I have a little bit of reminiscing to blog about cause it goes with missionary-related stuff. :) Besides. I know you're the only one reading my blog mom. hehe. JK. sorta.

So a few days ago, it was my gram's birthday. She's a smart lady, so she had her birthday party at the cousin's house so she could leave the mess behind. Now, usually at family parties, we kind of split up into groups. The adults all sit together and talk about adult stuff. The boys run around together being goofy. And the girls take selfies and talk about boys and stuff. But since we're a huge family, and we weren't in gram's big yard, we had no choice but to mingle all together! And let me tell you, it was AMAZING! 

This is the part where I mention that a great majority of the family right now is in the teenage years. And this time of year there's usually an unhealthy amount of stress/angst going around. 

But not at gram's birthday party. As I sat there listening to Emma talk about some pole vault hotty, I noticed that everyone in the room was so happy looking. And it wasn't strained or fake. Everyone was happy. We were just a big, happy family having a good time together. 

It had to be what Heaven looks like. 

Since that day, I've been completely consumed with this quote; short and simple, but EXTREMELY true. 

"Attitude is everything. So pick a good one." 

During that party, we all had stuff to think about. There were plenty of things to stress about I suppose. In fact, probably a few of us were stressed. We could have all brought our stress and anger to the party. But everyone there chose to have a good attitude. And it was the perfect party. 

I'm a HUGE believer in attitude. We can't choose a lot of things. I mean. We can. But some things we CAN'T choose. Life happens and people treat us differently and accidents happen and whatever. There's 1 thing that no matter who you are, where you are, what's happening, who you're with, etc. you can ALWAYS choose. 

Your attitude.

So the last 3 months or so. Actually. My whole life, I've been trying to find the perfect goal to prepare for my mission. I set a goal to read my scriptures every night. That was great. But everyone should do that anyways. Missionary or not. I set a goal to write in my journal frequently. Well. That was too easy for me. I set a goal to attend the temple every week. And I do that. (except when it's closed for cleaning. #sadweek) 

But what do all missionaries NEED that I still need to work on? GOOD ATTITUDES!!

This gospel is a message of joy!! It's sooooo great! It really is the source of my happiness! Straight up! How can I share that joy without being joyful all the time? 

I hear that missions are SOOOO hard. (so is life. so i'd better have trials serving the Lord. ya know?) How am I supposed to last 18 months (or the rest of my life) working hard and spreading joy in I have a bad attitude? 

Sometimes people are rude and stuff. It's lame. But they are sometimes. How am I supposed to learn, grow, succeed, live, or do anything for that matter without a good attitude?

What is my ultimate new mission goal life mantra?

Just be like this handsome missionary...

I'm serious you guys. If everyone would just have a good attitude about stuff, life would be 10000000000000X easier for all of us. 

If any of you struggle with having a good attitude, READ ALMA 26. Right. Now. 

THE LORD IS ON OUR SIDE!! He totally loves all of us you guys! He WANTS us to succeed! He will help us if we just ask! 

Heehee. I just get all happy and excited when I think about that. I am straight up and daughter of God. I am the daughter of a Heavenly Father. I've got the creator of the universe rooting for me. :) YOU DO TOO PEOPLE!!

So the next time someone says something to you and you're about to get offended or sad or whatever, DON'T!
Next time you get stressed cause you have "too much to do". LAUGH IT OFF!
**You should still be, you know, responsible and everything. But not to the point of getting all worked up...

Here's what I do. You should do this too. It works. I promise.

Every morning when you wake up, before you get out of bed, EVEN BEFORE YOU PRAY, smile. 

That's right. I said it. Smile. And not just any smile. Smile for 15-30 seconds. Time it. Don't guess. Cause it's a lot longer in the moment than you would think. 

Sitting there, all alone, smiling at yourself, you'll feel sorta silly. THIS IS THE POINT. You will start to feel kinda silly and laugh at yourself. Or your roommate will see you smiling to yourself and they'll laugh at you and you'll start laughing cause it is pretty weird. Your whole day has officially started out on a good note. :) The hard part is keeping it that way. (But honestly, it's not really that hard. Just keep smiling.)

I totally have a testimony of this. It's not just a silly mantra. (Whatever that means). The Lord has actually told us to be happy. HE LOVES US FOR PETE'S SAKE! haha. 

Seriously guys. Be happy. It's so great. :)

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