Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to Survive the MTC and Other Blessings

Hey family!!! How's it going?!?!?

I have so much to write to you!!! I'll try to remember everything!

So basically the MTC is freakishly amazing. I love it so so so much. And even though I've only been here a week, I feel like a total MTC pro. For reals. I mean. Let's be real. I spend like 18 hours a day awake and doing a bunch of stuff. So I've had plenty of experiences. But it's cool. So here's the advice I got: Just make it to Sunday.

I was like. Um. Whatever. That's weird.

But it's EXTREMELY true. For sure. So basically the first 4 days at the MTC, I literally experienced EVERY SINGLE EMOTION. No joke. It's like super hard and overwhelming and you have plenty of experiences to feel discouraged or inadequate. But there was also lots of fun stuff and I love my companion and my teachers and whatnot. So yeah. Saturday night, we were all just like "ugh. what did we get ourselves into?"

Then Sunday came. And no joke THE HEAVENS OPENED. On Sunday we still have a busy schedule and we have a million places to be, but we don't feel stressed or worried. The spirit is so strong. It's just so amazing. It's like being in the temple. :) That's how great.

We went to Music and the Spoken Word which was SOOOOOOOO perfect. I've always had a favorite song by the MoTab choir. It's called "Alleluia". It's just the men singing. Mom. Dad. Listen to it!! Well anyways. We got to the thing and they totally started singing that song!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was like Heavenly Father was like "ya know what sister whiting? i know what you're going through. this song will help."

It was so great.

P.S. I wrote y'all a letter. Hopefully mom you'll feel motivated to type it up and put it on my blog also. I just don't have a ton of time to type. Ya know.

Haha. So anyways. On Tuesday we had a devotional with six of the twelve Apostles:

D. Todd Christoffersen
Neil L. Andersen
Russell M. Nelson
M. Russell Ballard
Dallin H. Oaks
David A. Bednar

It was SAWEET!!!!!!!

Elder Christoffersen said that missionary work is exciting and humbling. And let me tell you. He. Is. Right. I have been so humbled. I am soooo not good enough. However. I have had more fun learning and teaching than I ever believed I could. I have seen the Savior work through me to serve others. I have seen he doesn't just know me. He loves me. He is my friend. He trusts me. I love that. :)

Mostly I just want to tell you about my investigator. I shall call him D. He is soooo sweet. He's 75 and just the cutest person ever. He loves to tell stories about his family and just talk to us.

Sister Heirtzler and I were pretty worried to meet with him at first because he is against organized religion. But after our first visit, we just felt SOOOOO happy! He's amazing! And extremely prepared by the Lord. I love him.

Our second lesson we taught him about the Restoration. And we asked him to be like Joseph Smith and pray. He totally did!!!!!! His prayer was so so special. But what's more important than his sweetness it is this:

He doesn't know everything about the gospel or even about God. But he had the faith to pray. And though his words were simple, they were still for God. His Heavenly Father. And he recognized that. Communication with our Father in Heaven is very sacred and very important. I love praying and I already had a testimony of its power. But when I heard D;s prayer, it left my previous testimony in the dust. :) I love him.

Since that day, we have taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation and he has prayed and prayed. He agreed to read the Book of Mormon and learn more.

Here's the scariest thing I've done.
I challenged him to be baptized. And it was SOOOO scary! But after I said it, I knew it was the right thing to say. And he had something to think about. I'm excited to see him on Saturday. :)

I just love being a missionary!


1. Say a prayer with your family right before you leave to the MTC.
3. Get to meals early. The lines, especially on Wednesdays, are super long.
4. EXERCISE. You will die. All day long and into the night. If you don't exercise!! :)
5. Bring a water bottle everywhere!
6. Get one of the belt clips with the stretchy thingy for your id card. you'll know what I'm talking about when you get here. It will save you.
8. Beware of flirtatious Elders. So pretty much all of them. Just ignore them. Well. Ok. Don't ignore them. But don't flirt. It's lame.
9. Don't eat the teriyaki chicken. It will do harm to you......
10. Bring a small hymn book or memorize your hymns cause you have to sing a lot.
11. DON'T JUDGE! people here are amazing even if you don't see it at first.
12. Be positive. It's SSSSUUUUUPPPPPPEEERRRRRRR HARD. But it's also extremely fun and amazing. Just focus on that.
13. GIRLS: Don't buy your clothes at Downeast, Deseret Book, or whatever. Everyone buys there and so they all match. I'm unique cause my beautiful fabulous momma made me skirts. :)
14. ALSO GIRLS: the MTC is NOT conducive to females. *cough cough* Only wear skirts with pockets and keep AT LEAST 2 things with you at all times. Cause you won't get time to go get stuff.
15. Have companionship inventory! It will make you sooooo happy. :)
16. Get used to praying like ALL THE TIME. For reals. Like in the shower, in the cafeteria, outside, inside, with people talking around you, in the quiet, etc. all the time. :) It's awesome

So yeah. That's my advice. It's awesome here. But only if you choose to make it awesome! This gospel is amazing and it's blessed my life. I'm so lucky to be a missionary!


Sister Whiting

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