Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sister Sarah Whiting: Edmonton Canada Mission

I cannot believe it. I am finally going to be set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints tomorrow night!!!! Less than 24 hours!!!! The past 6 months have been horribly long, and somehow also strangely short!  I mean look!
First Interview, Call, Celebration, Shopping, Temple, Mission

As I will not be blogging after I am set apart, I kinda feel like I should say something. I don't know. It's probably just some sappy stuff. (Just warning you.)  Look at this:
Then and Now

It's weird that it's finally here. I feel like I'm still the slightly obnoxious little girl in a blue dress dancing around. Fortunately the Lord sees past all that and has chosen to let me be one of His full time representatives. But honestly looking at all my blessings and all the people in my life, I have no doubt in my mind this is what  He's planned for me all along. Though I'm an obnoxious little girl, I still know His gospel is true. And I'm gonna share if it's the last thing I do! :)

I have to say. It's all because of these people right here:

Even though I'm kinda boring and it's been pretty crazy, I've had the best 2 weeks of my life surrounded by my family before I enter the MTC on Wednesday. I love you Dad, Mom, Brittany, Mike, Katie, Peter, Josh, Hannah, Nick, Parker, Emma, James, Sam and everyone else that came into town to see me. I am so blessed to have such amazing examples in my life. I'll try super hard to grow out of my obnoxiousness while I'm gone! :)

Sister Sarah

Sister Sarah Whiting
Canada Edmonton Mission
305-8925 51 Ave NW
Edmonton AB T6E 5J3 

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