Friday, June 20, 2014

The Big Day is finally here! Going to the MTC!!

My family drove to Utah with me a couple days early. Mom, Dad and I got to attend the Salt Lake Temple while the rest of the kids took a tour of temple square and ended up in an organ recital in the conference center. They were feeling cold and wet since it rained all day, but I love the rain so it just made the day more perfect.
Mom and I love the temple flowers!!

Wednesday morning was sunny again, but not that warm. I felt right at home in the clothes I purchased with chilly Canada in mind. Apparently, lots of missionaries get excited on drop off day and go hang out in front of the Provo temple with their families while they wait for their assigned time. We met a family from a town just outside Edmonton who was there to drop off their son for his mission to the Philippines. 
I was so excited. It felt like Christmas morning. I couldn't wait to go and get started!! But first, I had to take time to tell my family goodbye. Here are the pictures my mom took.
Saying good-bye to Emma

...and Parker while Dad comforts Emma. (Isn't it cute how they are lining up for their turns?)

Hugging Sam...

and James to tell them good bye, too.

And a big, long hug for my biggest fan, Dad.
Then, we all piled back into the car to drive across the street with my luggage. AAAAHHHHH! So exciting! Here's the video my Mom made when I was dropped off at the fun!

So now, you can send me mail using my official full-time missionary email address: 
You can also send free hard-copy mail using while she is in the MTC
(so she can read it any time and not just when she gets to use email)
Thanks for tuning in.
(Note from Mom: we aren't sure yet which day is prep-day in the MTC, but I will post her letters here. She will only be in the MTC for 2 weeks. We anticipate her leaving for Canada on July 1.)

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