Monday, July 14, 2014

Holy Culture Shock, Batman!

[I don't know why all the Batman references. I thought she loved Captain America the best... :-) ...-Mom]

Ok. Whoever said I wouldn't get culture shock coming to Edmonton was DEAD WRONG! hahaha seriously. I know hardly any born Canadians. There is soooooo much culture! I LOVE IT! I had to try all sorts of treats from Sudan and India and England and Turkey and Nepal and such of that nature. It's sooooo great!

So basically I look like a leper with all the blister and mosquito bites that are covering 100% of my legs and feet. I tell Sister J that the reason we have a hard time finding people to teach is because they take one look at me and run away in fear of leprosy. hahaha. Whenever we walk into someone's house we take our shoes off and I feel like Vanessa Hudgens on the behind-the-scenes of HSM. "Don't look at my feet! They're all battered and torn up!" hahaha. Oh man. #BallerinaLife #MissionLife #OneAndTheSame

I have to tell you about train contacting!!!! It's amazing eh!!!! Basically we just go on the train and go back and forth for a few hours and try to find people to teach. It's sooo fun. I get to have such weird conversations with people! And they're all like "where are you going?" and I'm like "actually I'm just here for the ride!" haha. I'm loving it.

The way it works with mail is that we get it once a week. P-day. And we get it like right after we do emails. So yeah. I can't respond to letters very quickly. Sorry. But that's not been a problem cause last week I didn't get any mail!!! :/ But then on Thursday we had ZTM (pronounced zed-t-m haha) and the ZLs gave us mail. I got the postcard from Dad and the pictures from Emma. :) I love it girly. I totally opened it right before we went to a ladies house to teach her and I cried reading it. So then my face was all red talking to our investigator. haha. I learned my lesson!

Remember last time how I told you about S? Maybe I didn't....Well anyways. She's a less-active that we teach every week. And last time we taught her it was sketchy and I was like super nervous. But then this last week, we went to teach her and she was like ultra ready for us! She had out her scriptures and everything! It was so great! And the lesson wasn't scattered and the spirit was there and she committed to read the Book of Mormon! :) Man. It was so great. It was my first time taking the lead on the lesson. And it was so great! Oh man!!!!!! So much amazingness!!!!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

Every single Wednesday night Sister J and I go with the Elders and we teach an English class. We have so many people in our ward that don't speak English so it's awesome! One of our students isn't a member and her name is M. She's sooooooooo cute! She's from Taiwan and she is so funny. I love her so much. She asked us to meet with her more than just once a week to help her with English. So now we meet with her a whole bunch to help her. We gave her a Book of Mormon in English and in Chinese so she can read both and learn English faster! She was so excited! But then she opened it up and read a little and said to us "WHY ENGLISH SO HARD? WHAT WORD IS THEREFORE? THAT TOO HARD!" haha. Oh M. You will learn. :)

I'm finally learning my way around. We walk around so much it's about time. I don't really know street names yet. But I remember where a lot of people live and I can direct someone to our apartment from virtually anywhere now. :) It's great.

So on Tuesdays we get an hour to be on or or whatever and read talks and watch videos. The purpose is to help us find ways to teach people and also find videos to share in lessons. Basically everyone around here has an ipad so we just ask them to use it! :) It's great. But I keep hearing we will get ipads in the fall here.....that would be AWESOME! Anyways. While I was on last week, I came across a video that is AMAZING! It's called "True Christianity". It's about motorcycles so Parker will love it. It's the best video ever. It got me thinking. Before my mission, was I a true Christian every day of the week? Oh man. I have so much to work on in my life!

BTW. If you come across a great talk, PLEASE PRINT IT AND SEND IT TO ME! I love reading talks! I wish I had more access to them!

Time for AMAZING INVESTIGATOR STORIES! So pretty much this lady walked into church the other day and asked if someone could come talk to her about the church. So we went to visit her this week and she's like adorable. Her name is going to be SP. She's 82!! :) Anyways. She came with us to church yesterday! But it was hot. And she was tired. So she slept through most of it. But to give her credit, she heard most of the good stuff! :) So I'm excited for her.

Then we were walking in our "backyard" and this lady walks up to us and she's like 'are you looking for someone?' and we were like "Well actually! We're missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! We're always looking for people to teach." So she starts talking to us about religion and she's like "please come to my house tonight. We need to talk about God." So we did. And it turns out she loves that we believe in the Holy Ghost as a guide. And she loves how we pray. She recorded Sister J praying on her phone so she could listen to it and learn how to pray. So we're going to be visiting her a lot. :) It's so great.

It's super windy here. It's nice so it's not too hot. But man. It is not conducive to sister missionaries. #MarilynMonroeMoment #AllTheTime

One of my many blisters is on the bottom of my big toe. It's so gross. I have to walk lopsided. It's so weird. haha. It kinda looks like I'm dance walking. :)

This week I had soooooooo many prayers answered! It was a major gong show week. So I was feeling a bit sad. But I prayed so so so so so hard! And it was great!

We went to a ladies house last night who hasn't been very easy to reach the past several months. But she was there! And she started talking to us. And I told her about prayer and how I make it personal. It was my first experience really speaking by the spirit. I honestly didn't know what I was saying. It was just coming out. And it was so so spiritual. We all felt the spirit so strong. The Lord was in that room. I feel that He truly has a plan for her! I'm excited to teach her again on Wednesday!

Weekly planning. oh man. What a mental/spiritual drainer!!!! :) It's so great. You'll see pictures soon!

GUESS WHAT?!?!?! I HAVE TAN LINES!!!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Here's how it works. Basically we're out in the sun all day. And I don't wear sunscreen cause the sun isn't as strong out here. So I'm slowly getting tan and freckly!! I totally have a watch tan line. Also this lady we tracted into saw us and she was like "you both look so tan!" hahahahahahahah yes yes yes yes yes yes! All my dreams have come true!!!!!!!! haha jk. :) But still great.

That's pretty much my week. It's been so great. I know the Lord is in our lives. I have literally seen Him guide to places I needed to be. I'm so lucky to have His constant spirit with me. I am even luckier to see His love for all of His children! I love them all soooo much! And it's amazing to think His love is infinitely greater! I love this gospel. I love seeing it touch people's lives. I love everyone here in Edmonton. I am so happy! LIFE IS GOOD!


Sister Whiting

[Another note from Mom: She said she and her companion do "sing tracting." When I asked her what that was and she said they knock on doors and, if someone answers, they ask if they can sing for them. Then they totally sing hymns!  I love that!! I want someone to come sing at my door. Guess I better get that pocket hymn book in the mail to her.]

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