Monday, July 7, 2014

Holy hares batman!

Yeah. There's enormous hares running around everywhere here. Like the squirrels of Edmonton. It's cray-cray. :) haha. James. I'm turning into you.

So anyways. Let's get down to business.

I left the MTC at 2:30am on Tuesday. It was very exhausting. I sat on a plane next to this enormous Elder for about 4 and a half hours. And I didn't sleep cause the Elder next to me was practically shoving me out of my seat. That's ok though. It was soooo fun! I love airplanes. Then we got to Canada and the international people were all like "why are there so many of you?!??" haha. #SorryNotSorry

It was soooooooo great to talk to you on the phone btw! I was gonna cry but then I was just too excited and half asleep! haha. Also cause there were like all these Elders watching me the whole time to see if I would cry. So yeah. #LeaveMeAlone

President and Sister Manion are AMAZING!!!!! They're hardcore jokesters and are very funny. Oh man. I just couldn't stop laughing inside at their jokes. (I couldn't laugh on the outside cause I was so stinkin exhausted. haha)

Oh course since I got there on Canada Day, my first act as a missionary was to volunteer at a Canada Day festival and watch little kids play in the moon sand boxes. It was pretty chill. Except that it was burning hot outside so it was hot & cold. :) haha. whatevs.

My companion's name is SISTER JOHNSON!!! I'm not worried about putting her name up here cause that's like the most generic name ever. :) haha. She's soooo cute! She's like 6 inches shorter than me and she has the loudest singing voice ever. She's Japanese so she's been teaching me some sweet stuff. And she's my super cool trainer. :) We have a lot in common but also a lot not in common. haha. What a vague statement! Oh man. It's so crazy here. :)

It doesn't get dark here until like midnight. And the sun comes up and like 4am. So I don't even know if it gets dark yet. I go to sleep and wake up in the sun. It's so strange. But I guess sun is such a short period of the year that everyone keeps telling me not to wear sunscreen. I have to soak in as much Vitamin D as I possibly can for the next like 2 weeks or however long it lasts. :) haha. It's actually a mission rule that for like 9 months out of the year, all missionaries are required to take Vitamin D supplements twice a day or something. The sun doesn't shine and all the missionaries get depressed? Oh man. I'm going crazy. It's so weird here!!!! I love it!

My first day I also got to teach our investigator A. He's so great. And I got to ask him to be baptized and HE SAID YES!!!! What a first day!!!! Talk about spiritual drainage!! :) haha. It was crazy.

Also you should know that basically none of the people we teach here are white. They're all from South Sudan or India or Turkey or Germany or whatever. And they all have super cool names. Our apartment is in the middle of a big group of Sudanese people. They have like a million kids that run around all day. THEY'RE SOOOO CUTE! I love love love them!!!!! I wish missionaries were allowed to hold babies!!!!!

My area is called GREENFIELD 2. It's like the "ghetto" of Edmonton I guess. Our apartment is so. Well. haha. So great and nice and high class? Or at least that's what we pretend. We love it though. And we are so close to the grocery store and whatever. So it works out.

Oh yeah! I'm in a walking area so I don't get a car or a bike or anything!!! Just my own 2 feet! :) It's been an experience.


I love the way everyone talks here. It's crazy. They don't use the word "call". They always say "phone". And "mum" and "zed" and stuff like that. And there's huge hares all over the place. They're like totally awesome!

I have a testimony of fasting. Saturday was such a gong show day. It was so bad. Sister J and I were pretty discouraged. But then on Sunday, we fasted and we had like a million people stop us while we were walking to ask us about the gospel. We gave away like a million Book of Mormons and we just had such a great day.

I know the Lord is in our lives. He really cares about us. He gives us bad days so that the good days are such much better. I can't even believe how much He loves me. I love knowing He's there. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE praying to Him for help and gratitude.

Alma 26:16

I'll try to send pictures!

Love, Sister Whiting

My second companion - Sister Johnson and me

The Edmonton Temple is in my first area!!!!

Making smoothies

Hares are EVERYWHERE!!

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