Monday, July 21, 2014

"It is a great thing to inquire at the hand of the Lord..."

NBD - Just riding the bus to the train station
  Oh nooooooo!!!! I've been out a whole month!!!! WHAT BLASPHEMY! It's so sad. Oh man. I can't get time to slow down. But you know what they say: "Time flies when you're having fun"


So here's just some random stuff:

-I discovered the reason my apartment smells is cause my upstairs neighbor is all into drugs of whatnot. ew ew ew. He needs to know he's a son of God and that he should take care of his temple. #WordOfWisdom

-I finally tried Donair. (It's some famous Canadian meat thing...) It's extremely delicious. Or I've just had such a lack of protein that I was tricked into thinking it's delicious! haha jk. It's good.

-Yesterday we had pancakes and mashed potatoes for supper because that's all we had. :D Isn't that so yummy sounding?

-There's been a bunch of forest fires in some area close to Edmonton so the skies have been like brown/gray/blue/'s also really smokey. So I think I'm getting pnemonaultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Or whatever it is. haha. jk. But it has been really sketchy! :)

But then it rained!!! It was so great!!! Sister J was like "oh no! rain!" and I just went outside to dance in it. Now the whole ward thinks I'm crazy cause I love rain.

Oh yeah! Let me tell you about my ward!!! THE GREENFIELD WARD!

They're so great. They're all just crazy and wonderful and I love them. We don't get a lot of supper appointments. But they're amazing people. And they're like professional fellowshippers!!!

Dad-I haven't been asked to speak officially yet but they told us that they want to switch off every other week having missionaries give the youth talks. So I expect to be asked pretty soon...

SP dropped us. :( It was sad. It was such an awkward little meeting we had with her. haha We went to follow up with her about her experience coming to church and she pretty much was like "I'm 82 and so I know a lot more and I've seen that churches come and go and I think they all believe the same things and I just want to study philosophy". So we left. And we were sad. But then it was raining and we actually made it to the bus stop on time. So we were happy again. :)

Did I tell you about Y? I'm just gonna assume I did. She's amazing. Anyways. We went to give her a Book of Mormon in Urdu and she looks at it and she's like "This is not Urdu. I don't know what language this is". #Awkward! So we got some other languages and we're going to see her tonight. We're pretty much gonna lay them all on the table and tell her to pick the one she can read!! haha. She's so sweet. She got a job!!!!! And she called us and said "Thank you for praying for me! I know God gave me this job because of you're prayers!"

Oh man. It was sooooo cool! So she's excited to learn more about the gospel so she can get more help in her life. She also told us she wants to teach other people about what we taught her so they can be as happy as her!!!!! After only 2 lessons!!!!! I love her so much. She's soooo cute!

So I do this thing. It's super amazing. I wrote a list of 50 gospel topics. And I assigned each topic to a week. So that during personal study, I can study that topic. So this last week, my topic was prayer.


Joseph Smith said that "It is a great thing to inquire at the hand of the Lord..."

I completely agree. What a blessing!!! Seriously! How wonderful! We literally are able to talk to God-who knows and understands all-whenever we want! Seriously! Think about that!

As I was studying, this is what stood out to me the most:

I asked-Why do we pray in the name of Jesus Christ?

This is the answer I got from the Bible Dictionary:

"We pray in Christ's name when our mind is the mind of Christ, and our wishes the wishes of Christ. Many prayers remain unanswered because they are not in Christ's name at all; they in no way represent His mind but spring out of the selfishness of man's heart."

WOWOWOWOWOWOW! THAT IS SOOO GREAT! I've always wondered how I could align my will with God's and now I know! Every time I pray in the name of Christ, saying and thinking what I believe Christ would say and think, I am becoming more like him. I am developing Christ-like attributes!!!


So this week Sister J and I were trying to remember each day to pray for Charity. And I especially prayed to love everyone I met. Yesterday while I was reflecting back on the week, I was so overcome with the spirit. It was the love of Christ and I was feeling it for all the people I know here in Greenfield.

I love praying. I'm glad I get to pray like a million times a day. :) #MissionLife

Also. I have to tell you all:


Seriously. They're amazing. My favorite ones are:

                                     -Patterns of Light by Elder Bednar

                                     -"Origin" (it's about prayer)

                                     -Christlike Attributes

I love hearing the testimonies of the apostles and prophets in these videos. I love the Origin video because it relates my life so much to the life of Joseph Smith. Oh yeah! That's the other thing I've developed this week:


Seriously. I love him. He's soooo amazing. When I get free time....well...ok. If I had free time, I would just read and re-read JSH and the Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith. It's amazing. He says the most wonderful things! I told Sister J that I can't wait to meet the Savior and Joseph Smith. Pretty much as soon as I die, those are the two people I'm gonna rush to meet! I just want to tell them both that they are the best!!!!!

I love being a missionary because it gives me a chance to be a tiny itsy bitsy bit like them. I just need to spend the next 17 months working crazy hard!!! I'm so excited about this opportunity!!

Sister Whiting

Check out this lady's driveway! She painted it!

Weekly planning = Frosters
Cool! We got a spice rack

Study time
cute mailboxes!
Missionary tan lines!

Love the rain!
More rain

In celebration of Emma's birthday we bought a cake. Yum!
Sister J made us grilled cheese with avocado - Yummy!

Training with snacks

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