Monday, July 7, 2014

The End of the MTC experience

Edmonton Canada Mission
Hey there peoples!!!

This is so crazy. So seriously. This is crazy. I left the MTC! :( sad day. But also HAPPY DAY!

Here's a bunch of random facts about the last week at the MTC:

* I kept singing "One Step" and Sister H was like "that's a super pretty song! I don't think I've heard it before!" And I was like hahahahahaha IT'S CAUSE MY FLIPPIN SWEET SISTA WROTE IT! :) She was impressed. Mostly she just likes that I sing literally all the time. Good thing. Cause it's a habit that will take some time to break! :)

* I basically cried a little just before I left cause I miss Parker so much. It wasn't so bad. It was like silent tears. But still. I'm so proud of you bro! I miss ya! I love ya! I hope all goes will for your big year of hs and decision making stuff and whatever. You get what I'm saying! haha

* So here's what happened with the temple. I sent you a frantic email that was like "I can't go to the temple!" But actually the temple guy called the Bishop and it got worked out. So I barely made it. And let me tell you. It was a TENDER MERCY! And after we got out it was raining so my day was instantly made perfect. It HAD to be the Lord telling me it would be ok. :)

* The last Friday we had "In-Field Orientation". It's basically the best day at the MTC besides P-Day and Sunday. It was soooo fun! We had these super cool teachers that spoke all sorts of languages and had loud voices. There was one teacher who was like 50 ft tall and he was bald and he spoke fijian. But he was like the whitest guy ever. Oh man. It was so fun. We learned a bunch about how family history work is the WAY OF THE FUTURE! haha. Actually it's just a really great finding thing. People like that stuff ya know? DO IT!

* My teacher served in the Milwaukee mission. #ElderGoodale It was sweet. He told me some funny stuff about the mission. :) Sorry Andrew. I feel kinda bad for you!

* My district heard that I can eat a whole pizza. And so they were always asking me to prove it. Needless to say I refused. And also it would be gross and lame. Then we had a zone tower challenge where our zone had to eat the whole serving thing of Choco Chomps. They're good and all but it failed. :) haha


That's pretty much it! :)

Love you all!!!!!!

Sister Whiting

district service

My MTC district sisters
District selfie!

My MTC district
My MTC Companion and me

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