Monday, August 25, 2014

CAUTION: Praying for Temperance may cause something traumatic!

Konichi wa family!

How is life at home and in Rexburg and Chicago and Japan and everywhere else that people are from? Have you been looking for the miracles?

DID YOU ALL WATCH THE NEW MORMON MESSAGE? This is a follow up! I definitely told you to watch it. So I hope you all did. It's the most amazing video.

This week we saw lots of miracles.

Monday: A member gave us some John Bytheway cds to listen to. We listened to the "5 Scriptures that will get you through almost anything" one. It's amazing. It's kinda become what Sister J and I live by. They're perfect. Plus somewhere in the talk, he talks about cowboys, and he sings MAGNIFICENT SEVEN!!!!!! :) #ItsTheLittleThings #TenderMercies?

Tuesday: Relief Society BBQ!!! I really like Relief Society BBQs. I think every ward, everywhere should be required to have them a few times a year. We had 2 investigators show up. One was J and the other was F!! F actually brought a big 'ole dish of amazing Sudanese food. It was amazing. So now we have a big list of fellowshippers!!!!!! HOORAY!

Wednesday: We were riding the bus to an area we haven't been in before and at one point, there was no one else on the bus. Just me, Sister J, and the bus driver. And all of a sudden, he just pulls over to the side of the road, leaves the bus running, and just leaves. He walked across the street a convenience store. :O So Sister J and I were like "WHAT DO WE DO?!?!" hahaha. It was so weird. Sister J was like "are we gonna get abducted?". That of course led us into quoting Jimmy Neutron as much as we could remember. So it was pretty fun. Then, after like 15 minutes of sitting on an abandoned bus, the bus driver came back with a pizza and soda. :O :O Like NBD. He just sits back down and pulls into traffic. So the rest of our ride was spent listening to the bus driver chew his pizza loudly and burp soda and stuff. :P

Needless to say, Sister J and I decided to take a different bus next time we are in that area.

WE FINALLY GOT A WARD MISSION LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE'S SUPER DUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His name is Bro. G. He's really great and has super cute kids. Even though he's super busy being a doctor and whatnot, he is a great ward mission leader. He already does so much for us!!! It's brilliant!!!!!

On Thursday we did service for a ward member. She wanted us to help her clean her windows...with newspaper. It was a very foreign consept to me. But it turns out, it works! No lint, no streaks. That's the concept. It was great. Squeaky. But great! :)

This past week I studied the Atonement. It's impossible to phrase in an email how I feel about it. So I will just say this: I LOVE My Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for His Atonement that truly heals my every heartache and carries all my pain.

oooh! Also. This week in my greenie read, I'm in ALMA!!!!!! #Holla I love Alma. He's the bestest best ever! He's such a great missionary! Alma and Amulek are just so hardcore!!!!!!! I can't even tell you!!!! I LOVE IT! Pretty much every verse in the entire book of Alma is highlighted now. :) haha.

There is a lady in our ward here that is super nice. She actually served in this mission years ago. Anyways. She has adorable kids with the perfect names. And they started to feed us every week. :) I just thought I'd give her a shout out. I'm thankful for you Sister W!!!


You're probably wondering why I caution you about praying for temperance. Let me explain.

Sister J and I have been praying for temperance. We figured it would be a great thing for us.

On Saturday, just before we were going to leave our apartment, our toilet practically exploded and our entire bathroom and hallway flooded. Like. An inch of sewage. In our apartment. It was so so gross!!!!

So we called our apartment manager, D. And he came down and tried to plunge it. For 45 minutes! All the while splashing our whole apartment with gross, brown water. He got huge blisters on his hands!!! WE LOVE YOU D!! He's the best. We're gonna make him brownies. (Mom and Dad wonder at her choice of treat following this episode...) Anyways. So it didn't work. But while he was plunging, a whole bunch of other people that live in the apartment came and were like "D. Our toilet is flooding." So it was our whole building!

The plumber came and found out that there was some hardcore blockage in the main line that connects us all together and Sister J and I just had the unlucky washroom to get the bulk of the built-up explosion. :(

So instead of going to service, we stayed home to unsoak our house and bleach clean our washroom. It was so gross.

THAT BEING SAID, Sister J and I pretty much just laughed at the whole thing. We had to keep our noses plugged all day. But we chose to have temperance!!!! OUR PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED! We chose to focus on what a hilarious situation it was instead of basically cry in a puddle cause it was so nasty.

And on the bright side, we got to DEEP clean or apartment so it's extremely nice now! :) I like that! #SmellsLikeBleachThough

Now. As gross as this story was, I DO NOT want you to think I'm complaining. I am extremely grateful for this experience as it has taught me so much. I truly was able to receive an answer to my prayers. And now that I've experienced something like that, I can pretty much do anything! hahaha right?

After we cleaned our house, we had the Rutherford Sisters come over for a dinner date. I made them my favorite: GUNPOWDER CHICKEN and they brought a yummy key lime pie. It was pretty much the best end to a weird day. :) They're such amazing missionaries!

Finally. Sunday came. :) haha. Sister J and I sang a musical number in sacrament meeting. It was "Beautiful Savior" from the primary songbook. :) J came and listened. :) It was a miracle. I love seeing people come to church. I love church. I love this gospel. I love being a missionary.

I love this. I love you. :)

Have a fantastic miracle week!

Love ya!
Sister Whiting

The bus is empty!

#Awkward bus story

If you go train contacting too early, no one is on the train.
District Photo from last transfer

English Class game of Apples to Apples

Fresh garden carrots from Sister S #What'supdoc?

Dinner date with the Sistas!

#Lovethesegirls  #bestfriendsforever

"Why do messy buns only work before you go to sleep? Ugh!"


English class activity that trumps all the others

We miss Maggie!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

"If we ever meet again it will be Zion to meeeeeeee!"

Well. I officially do NOT like transfer week. Wanna know why?


The most wonderful sister in the whole world finished her mission and went home. And our zone just hasn't been the same since. I will definitely miss her. LOVE YOU SISTER GRAHAM!

On the bright side, before she left we got to have a little sister date with her and Sister Holbrook. It was quite an enjoyable experience, as you can tell from the selfies. I love both of those sisters. Like so much. Sister Holbrook is like the best thing that's ever happened to the mission. I told her that someday we need to be companions. So...fingers crossed!

Wanna know what else I am sad about?

M FROM ENGLISH CLASS HAD TO MOVE BACK TO TAIWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(

Talk about infinity sadness. (that's a thing now)

She knew it would be hard for all of us to say goodbye so she didn't tell us she was moving until yesterday. :O So that was sad. We had a little goodbye party where she told us she would try to come back and visit someday. Also she wanted to know if any of us planned to get married after our missions...haha. :) We love you M!!!!

It's crazy to me that after such a short amount of time I can love people here so much. Like. Ultimate sadness when they leave. But it's ok cause I know I will see her again. For sure. If not in Canada, then in Taiwan. I will make it happen....

Oh. And guess what? I totally had lunch with Karma and her family. Talk about call shock. Sister J and I were doing our nightly planning and the phone rang. NBD. Then we hear "can I talk to Sister Whiting?" I'm thinking that maybe like a member was gonna ask me to pray in relief society or something. But no. It's Karma. haha. I think she might have thought I was a total weirdo from our phone conversation cause I was in shock, so I just kept being like "uh. haha. uh..haha..yeah. cool. haha. I'll have to make sure I'm allowed..." Haha. Sorry Karma! You're super cool! I loved having a picnic with you and your family!!!! #NutellaSandwiches #Wonderbars

So that happened. :)

In English class, we played the best game ever! It's where we all have a piece of paper and we write a sentence at the top. Then we pass the papers and we have to draw a picture based on the sentence. Then we fold it so you can't see the original sentence, and then pass it. Then they write a sentence about the picture and pass. And so on. It's HILARIOUS. Especially since we were playing with people learning English. I'll attach pictures of some. :)

We taught D again. She is soooo sweet. I just love her. Have I said that already? Well I do. HARDCORE Christlike love for that lady.

Anyways. She is in Mosiah now. And we taught her to pray. Her prayer was amazing. She was kind of nervous. But we helped her and it was absolutely perfect. I love first prayers. They're amazing.

I got 38 new bugbites on Wednesday. And I've gotten a couple more since then. I didn't think I should send you a picture of my legs. So I drew a 100% accurate sketch of the damage. Note that there are only 32 in the picture. The other 6 are on my hands and face. :/ haha.

It's great.

THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS LIKE A MIRACLE FROM HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just have to say. I've never appreciated Kool-aid packets the way I do now. And Jello. :) And Kraft Dinner. I love it!!!! THANK YOU!

We're still truckin along with our super intense service project. :) It's pretty legit. We chopped a bunch of branches down and now it looks like there really was a hurricane in her yard. But it's ok! Cause she likes that the sun is finally able to reach her yard! Also Sister J and I got to chop wood. It was super cool. :)

The best part of it is that J is definitely opening up! She is sooo sweet. The other day after service we stayed to talk to her about her day and her cats. And we kinda found ourself in a gospel conversation about family history and Christian music. Well it turns out that she loooovvves Christian folk music like Lower Lights!!! So she asked us to bring some music next time we come to serve and she will bring her ghetto blaster outside so we can have a Christian music party while we rake! I'm soooooo excited!!!!!!!!!! Service is such a GREAT way to help people recognize the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Just a random thing here: This week while we were visiting our Sudanese friend F, she basically stuffed us with more amazing South Sudan desserts. They're amazzing. So we invited her to our relief society BBQ this week and she said she'd come and bring a bunch more of her treats. :) I'm extremely excited.

So the other day, while I was on, I watched the new mormon message called "The Hope of God's Light". If you have not seen it: STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND WATCH IT NOW. Seriously. It's amazing. I want to show it to every single person in the world. It's perfection. I love it.

Also. I watched the 2014 youth theme song music video. "Come Unto Christ". This time it totally made me cry. I felt like it was such a personal video. I have to tell you. I just KNOW. Jesus Christ really is there and He really does love all of you! I KNOW it. So much! Come unto Him. Seriously! I can't say it enough! I am exhorting you with all the energy of my heart to come unto Christ. I'm not saying because I'm told to. I'm not saying it just because. I'm saying it because I know for myself that the healing power of Jesus Christ is PERFECT.

And I love you all. I want you to know for yourselves.

Have a happy week and remember this:

"Doing nothing is the hardest work of all, because one can never stop to rest."

Love ya!
Sister Whiting

***Note from Mom: Bill has a terrific cousin that Facebook messaged us Saturday night. She was in Edmonton, called Sarah, and invited her and her companion to lunch. Then they sent us the pictures. THANK YOU, KARMA!!! YOU MADE OUR DAY!!!

Here is what Karma had to say: "Look who I ran into today. We had lunch before she ran off to an appointment. She is working hard and looks beautiful doing it!"
Dad's excellent cousins! Thank you, Stan and Karma!

Love you, Karma!

Brownie Time!!

The chocolate chips Mom sent melted and then solidified into a brick of chocolate.

English class game

More English class game

Sister party before Sister G leaves :(

Goodbye Group Selfie
Saying Goodbye to M :(

I <3 Mosquitoes.

Watching Legacy!
Our favorite scene from Legacy. Just ignore the Salem witch trial lady...
Sister J LOVES her Ax.

JUST LOOK AT THIS! #serviceisthebest

LOOK AT THAT! Enough said.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Transfer Week

Well. I've officially been in Canada for a whole transfer! WHAT?!?!?! Seriously. This is blasphemy. Time is being crazy and I do NOT like it! SLOOOWWW DOOOWWWWWNNN!!!

I'm not being transferred! SURPRISE! haha. I've got 6 more weeks of training and then I will officially NOT be a greenie any more. It means Sister J is here with me for 6 more weeks and then she'll probably leave cause she's been in Greenfield for FOREVER! It's gonna be crazy. Everything is crazy. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

Anyways. This week was amazing. Crazy amazing.


You never thought it would happen, did you? Well it did!! And I LIKED IT!

The pictures do not really show that I liked it, but that's because you do have to get used to the taste. But then I liked it and had seconds! :)

J made it for us before English class along with Korean ramen and Korean pancakes. She found out a week ago that I'd never had kimchi and so she got all excited and invited us to have supper with her before class this week. It was sooo delicious. I loved it. And I love her. SOOOOOO much. I'm soooooooooo excited for when she gets to go through the temple! :) I LOVE YOU J!

Anyways. That was fun. And I feel pretty proud of myself for trying Kimchi.

The sad part about transfers is that some of my favorite missionaries are going home. Namely Sister Graham. She is the bestest, most beautiful, wonderful missionary in my district. And her 18 months are over. So on Monday we had a lunch date with them and then on Thursday we had a picnic with them and J. It was super fun.

Also the Rutherford Sisters and Sister J and I sang a musical number at Zed-T-M on Thursday! We sang "How Will They Know" from the primary songbook with some of the words changed so that it's more missionary-ish. It was soo beautiful. Those sisters have amazing voices and the spirit definitely filled the room. I love music.

This week was kinda focused on service. Mostly because we got a non-member referral for a lady named J. She didn't like us at first but eventually asked us to help her do some yard work. What we thought would be some weeding ended up being a several week project cleanup. So that's pretty much what we did every day with the Elders. I'm really excited to see what it will look like when we're done!

What's more important than the finished look of her yard, is the finished look of J. She was really not into the idea of missionaries cleaning her yard at first. But after like a week of cleaning, she actually comes outside to talk to us a whole bunch. Granted, she doesn't like to talk about the gospel, but her heart has softened so much! And she's such a sweet lady! I'm really excited to become better friends with her through service and hopefully in the future through the gospel.


Oh yeah. I forgot. After English class, this INSANE lightning storm came of nowhere on our way home. Like there was lightning flashing and lighting up the entire sky at LEAST every 45 seconds. And the wind was crazy. And there were tornado warnings. But we were stuck at the bus stop with the Elders. So we said a little prayer and got soaking wet. And we ended up getting home safe. WET. but safe. It was scary but mostly to me it was super fun. I loveed it. I guess I should have been more scared but we prayed. So I knew Heavenly Father wasn't going to let us get struck. :) #PrayersAreAnswered

Now. I have some crazy cool news. Remember how last week I said Y was no more? Well now, SHE'S ON DATE FOR BAPTISM!!!!!!!!! IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I honestly don't know how it happened. She texted us the other day during our morning study and asked us to come over and talk to her cause she hadn't seen us in a while. And I am sad to admit that Sister J and I were, to say the least, less than excited to go over. Let's just say that we did some HARDCORE praying and HARDCORE studying.

While we were frantically trying to prepare for her, Sister J was like "we should talk about baptism". And I was like "WHAT?!?!?!" She totally doesn't like baptism. But we decided to talk to her about baptism. So we went over there, and we actually took control of the lesson. And we prayed and invited the spirit. And then we explained to her about baptism. And obedience. And then she said she wanted to be baptized as soon as possible. :O


It was crazy. I've never had a miracle so crazy before. But we talked to her. And prayed more. And then we left. And prayed some more. And now we are going to have a baptism this transfer!

If that is not a testimony builder of prayer and faith, I don't know what is. The Lord truly prepares people. Even when we don't see it.

Oh man.

Ok. Also we got a new investigator. It's D. She's amazing. I already told you that. But she's even more amazing now than she was last week. The Spanish Elders who referred her to us gave her a Book of Mormon. So the other day, we stopped by to see if she'd read any of it. She was just like "yeah. I've finished 1 Nephi and I'm almost done with 2 Nephi." Then she proceeded to tell us the whole story of 1 Nephi and how the brothers were super mean to Nephi. Oh man!!!! It was sooo cool!!! So we related it to her and she thought it was cool that she had similar experiences to the people in the book. :) Then she was like "you should have supper with me all the time. and you can do your laundry over here every week. I know it's expensive. i will help you."

:) I love her. SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

I also love her daughter Sv. She totally has the same name as my favorite ballerina. :) Just saying. AND she's an UNBELIEVABLY TALENTED painter. Like. We're talking Greg Olsen good except with landscape paintings. She is like what I wish I was. She is incredible. And she was like "I could paint you something if you want". AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I could cry with how much I love these 2 ladies. They're the best. And they love the gospel! And probably they're gonna get baptized!!!!! :)

So it was good. This week was good. Really good. :)

I just have to tell you one last thing!

This week, I have been studying the life of Jesus Christ. And of all the things He was and all the things He did, the thing that stuck out to me the most, was His humility. I want SO BADLY to be more like the Savior. I pray every day and night to be more like Him. But this week I realized that what sets Him apart is His humility. His humility allowed Him to have the pure gift of charity, love, service, patience, obedience, etc. He reached out when the natural man would reach in.

And so this week I've been praying for humility.

I know what you're thinking. DON'T PRAY FOR HUMILITY! YOU'LL JUST GET A BIG TRIAL!

Well. So be it. I want to be like the Savior, MORE than I want to have an easy life.

I cannot have success as a missionary without the Savior. I need Him. AND I need to be more like Him.

I love this. Can I just say that? I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!! It's soooo hard! But I'm grateful for the challenge that forces me to become better.

I love you all! Have a miraculous week!

Sister Whiting

Before the Kimchi

After the Kimchi

Missionaries love rain!

This is what planning looks like

Art for the apartment courtesy of Emma - Love it!!

My inspiration wall by my desk

Friday, August 8, 2014

Golden Nuggets - Treasured letters from our missionary.

*Sarah sent us some terrific snail mail in July and said we could share what we felt someone else would enjoy. These don't all come from the same letter and will be somewhat random. But she is so humble, joyful and obedient that I felt I was being selfish keeping it to myself.  So, for your uplift and enjoyment:

"There's a bunch of twins here and a lady in my ward told me something I LOVE! She says the reason more people are having twins lately is because it's almost the second coming and all the rest of the people in heaven need to come down to earth. She says its like crunch time for Heavenly Father so he's sending them in twins to speed it up!"

"One of my favorite things I've learned so far is the role of the Holy Ghost as a sanctifier. Silver must be put in VERY hot temperatures to get clean and polished. The Holy Ghost 'baptized us by fire' or sends us through a trial and then sanctifies us, purifies us. I'm going through that right now.
Repentance is changing our views of God, the world and ourselves.
I'm going through that. And it's incredible."

{Watch 'True Christianity' on}
"I recently taught a lesson to a lady who hated religion her whole life because she didn't like that what they taught on Sunday was NOT what they practiced Monday - Saturday. HOWEVER she recently discovered some Mormons who were very nice outside of church as well and as she investigated further, she discovered how the Mormons do 'an impressive job convincing people to be truly Christian.'  We did teach her about Agency..haha...but that is another story."
"The thing is that Mormons don't convince each other to be Christians. Christ motivates us through His example to be better people. And because we are blessed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ we share with EVERYONE in the way we act and speak. #membermissionarywork. As a full-time missionary I am essentially required to be a 'Christian' at all time, in all things and in all places. when I'm not in church I'm helping others want to come to church. but when I'm no longer a full-time missionary, it's still my job to be a 'true Christian.' 100% It is your job, (yes, all of you) to be a 'true Christian' everywhere you go. Sunday - Saturday."
"That is member missionary work. We are ALL COMMANDED to bring souls unto Christ. For How GREAT is the worth of EVERY soul! So we should start now to be member missionaries and show our 'true Christianity' to EVERYONE!"
"I believe that we are all full-time missionaries. You may not have an insane schedule like me. Or a strict dress code. But you have the same commandment from the Lord. He says to everyone, 'PREACH MY GOSPEL.'"
"Preaching the gospel brings me SO MUCH JOY! I can see the happiness enter peoples' lives. I can see positive changes made! You need to see it for yourselves. Share the gospel. Be a true Christian. Set an example. And you will see more joy than you can even imagine."
"This I  KNOW! From experience and the love of Jesus Christ. In His name, Amen."

"I love you so much, Dad. I gotta say thanks for basically raising me to be just like you.! haha! That didn't make any sense. But you know how Mom always says I'm just like you? Well, all that stuff has REALLY come in handy out here. You taught me to be hard working. haha. Now my comp has to tell me to stop cleaning all the time so we can go to bed! You taught me NOT to be afraid to talk to people. That's been the best so far. I love talking to people. Especially about the gospel! In fact, my only fears are:
              1. Riding the bus in the winter on icy roads.
              2. My hair freezing.
              3. Dying of too many bug bites.
haha. So thank, Dad."
"You told me to be humble. And man. It's been crazy. I don't know if you're praying for me to be humble or if I really struggled with pride because I've had humbling experiences one right after another out here. And though it's been tough, I'm so grateful for those experiences because they make am a better carrier of the spirit which makes missionary work so much easier!"
"I love you so much, Dad! Thanks for being the best dad ever. I hope someday I can be as great as you. I'm working really hard out here to bring souls to Christ. For I know Heavenly Father loves all His kids, just like you love me. I'm trying to channel that love to others. :)"

"I love you so much, Mom!" I think about you a lot. Not in a 'I want to come home' sort of way. But in a 'man, I am so glad my mom taught me that' sort of way. It turns out you taught me to have a lot more common sense than some other people! haha. So thanks. It turns out I'll probably survive all this! :)"
"You would love Edmonton. EVERYONE gardens so all the houses are lined with flowers and shrubs and whatnot. They're just so into the environment. And flowers up here are a lot more vibrant than flowers in the States. I don't know why. But they are! :)"
"I hope you know I'm workin' my feet off over here to make you proud. I feel like a ballerina again with all these blisters... But seriously, I want to make you proud."
"Most importantly, I want to help others make their Heavenly Father happy by inviting them to come unto Christ. Every soul is GREAT in the sight of God. Just like you love me, God loves all his children - but infinitely more. And He's trusted me to help in His work to bring His children back to Him. I want so badly to please Him and to bless the lives of His children by showing them the truth."
"You taught me all this by being the Mom you are. I learned about love - and especially God's love - through you. Thank you so much for being the best Mom ever. I love you!!!"

"Joseph Smith said,'It is a great thing to inquire at the hands of God, or to come into His presence.' I LOVE prayer. It truly is a GREAT THING to speak to God. And the best part is, we can and should pray ALWAYS!! In fact, my favorite part of being a missionary is hearing an investigator's first prayer. It is such sacred communication! We don't even realize how great it is. Not only is God there for us, He wants to talk to us! :) Oh Man! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy I came on a mission!"
"The only hard thing for me right now is that people are CONSTANTLY asking how long I've been out. Other missionaries are always saying how long they've been out. Like it's a race to finish."
"BUT I WANT TO BE LIKE A TORTOISE AND WIN BY GOING SLOW! Time needs to slow down. But you know what they say...Time flies when you are having fun! And boy am I having fun!!! :) Mission life if so crazy and hard and fun. :) haha. "

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"Each individual has within themselves the power to increase the sum total of happiness in the world."

MOOMMMMM! DADDD!!!! You are miracle parents!!!!! I don't know what I did to deserve such amazingness!!! That package you sent me!!!! I had to pray for like a solid 15 minutes to get out enough gratitude to go on!!!! Seriously! You are amazing!

K. So. Last week we had a zone baseball game and it was super fun. Just saying. I was thinking of you dad. Sorry about your calling. But hey! The Lord works in mysterious ways! :)

Also dad. Another thing for you. I was on and I watched a video called "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father". I totally cried my eyes out. I just love it! I love you! You should all watch it and then hug your dad. And then pray and hug Heavenly Father through prayer! :) haha.

This week has been a week of MIRACLES!

It has been like over 37 C around here lately. So it's been HOT. But we've survived! That's a MIRACLE!

We had to run to catch the bus like 10 times this week and several of those times we missed it. But everything happens for a reason and we met so many new people. That is a MIRACLE! (That being said, I do NOT like missing the bus.)

On Tuesday we met with our less active - S. She was like kinda crazy. Actually SUPER crazy. So Sister J and I were looking at each other like "what do we do?" But then I was like "can we say a prayer?" and we did. And everything just settled down. #PowerOfPrayer

Then we were talking about things and sharing scriptures and there was one of those long pauses where we are all kinda thinking about stuff. I felt a SUPER powerful thought that I should just ask her to come to church with us this Sunday. So I did. And without hesitation she said yes! She came to church with us and it was a MIRACLE! She loved it! Oh man! I was so so happy to see her there! I hope she comes every week.

Ok. So you know how I like hate the idea of Kimchi? of our students in English class is a recent convert named J and she is SOOOOOO sweet! I love her! Well she's also Korean and during class on Wednesday, we started talking about Kimchi and, for some reason that to this day I cannot explain, I said "I would love to try kimchi!" and she immediately invited for supper this week to have some.


What am I going to do? Well. I'm going to try it. Also Korean ramen which I hear is very spicy.

Wish me luck. #WhateverItTakes

As for Y. Well. Let's just say I developed a new appreciation for the scripture in Matthew 5 that says "blessed are they that mourn for they shall find comforted".

It's actually been really good because through my experience with her, I learned a lot about the character of Christ. I am trying to be His representative and so I had to learn to handle the situation with the negative situations with the same amount of love as I would the positive situations. I love Y no matter what she decides to do. That was a hard lesson to learn. But I'm grateful for the experience.

I had another MIRACLE with SJ. Sister J and I woke up one morning and we were like "LET'S MAKE SUPPER FOR SJ!" So we called a member and we headed over. We made her my favorite, of course! Gunpowder Chicken!!! When we delivered it, she was like "I think I want to come to your church this Sunday!" and so Sister J and I were totally stoked! It was a MIRACLE!

Sadly, she got sick on Sunday. So she couldn't come. But still. She's solid. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!

Also D came to church this Sunday! AAAAAAAAAA! It was soooo cool! She loved it! I'm excited to talk to her later this week about it! I wonder what she thought! Oh my! This is so exciting! IT WAS A MIRACLE! haha.

So on Saturday, Sister J and I were walking down the street and these 2 guys in a minivan pulled up next to us and they were like "Are you Ukrainian?" I was like no. "Are you German?" Sorry. No. So they drove off.....haha. What?

WE GOT TO VOLUNTEER AT HERITAGE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS A MIRACLE!!!!!!! It was amazing!!!! My dream come true all put into a big 4 day festival in Edmonton. I think I'm gonna come to Edmonton every year for the rest of my life for Heritage days!!!! It's soooo great!

Basically all the different cultures in Edmonton are represented by big tents and stages. So they sell authentic food and show cultural dances and sell clothes and jewelry and stuff. It's crazy. And huge. There are like literally millions of people that go every year. Oh man. I loved it.

We collected food for the food bank. For like...7 hours. And we got an hour to wander around and eat food and stuff. Get this. The Ghana tent was selling Whiting Fried Fish. But they weren't open yet during my break. :( So I couldn't try it. But still!!!! SOOO COOOL!

Sister J and I ate Pyrohy from Ukrain. SOOOO DELICIOUS! And of course, we had some authentic Japanese food. I had Takoyaki which is like octupus in a dough ball. It was soooooo weird tasting! But I still ate it! And like the Japanese equivalent for Albertson's Fried Chicken. haha. jk. It was legit. haha. Also we had scones. :) Duh!

Mom. I thought of you cause we watched Thailand perform one of those dances where they have super fancy outfits and move their hands a lot. The costumes were AMAZING! And we walked around the China tent and looked at beautiful silk stuff. I definitely wanted to get you something but it was like ultra expensivo! ;) haha sorry.

ALSO! There were like church people there taking pictures of missionaries collecting food cause they want to put in on So check it out. I might be on the website sometime! Also the food bank lady came and took a picture of me giving a kid a sticker and asked me if she could put it on the Edmonton Food Bank website. So pretty much I'm gonna be famous soon. haha. If you see me on there, take a picture of the screen. I wanna see it!

Overall. This week has been a crazy MIRACLE week! I still can't believe all the great stuff that happened! It's crazy!

I just have to say this:

"Out of SMALL THINGS proceedeth that which is GREAT." - D&C 64:33

Every day is a day of miracles. Miracles happen to everyone. Small and big. SEEK for miracles. You will find them. I promise. I have such a testimony of miracles.

I love you all!!!!

Sister Whiting
Heritage Days Festival

Food Bank Volunteer

Takoyaki - I ate this!

our cute little investigator

Heritage Days - Thai dancers

Heritage days - Mexican dancers

Heritage days totems

Love these girls!

Aren't we cute in our volunteer uniforms?

Pyrohy from Ukraine - I also ate this!

Whiting Fish - I didn't eat that .