Monday, August 25, 2014

CAUTION: Praying for Temperance may cause something traumatic!

Konichi wa family!

How is life at home and in Rexburg and Chicago and Japan and everywhere else that people are from? Have you been looking for the miracles?

DID YOU ALL WATCH THE NEW MORMON MESSAGE? This is a follow up! I definitely told you to watch it. So I hope you all did. It's the most amazing video.

This week we saw lots of miracles.

Monday: A member gave us some John Bytheway cds to listen to. We listened to the "5 Scriptures that will get you through almost anything" one. It's amazing. It's kinda become what Sister J and I live by. They're perfect. Plus somewhere in the talk, he talks about cowboys, and he sings MAGNIFICENT SEVEN!!!!!! :) #ItsTheLittleThings #TenderMercies?

Tuesday: Relief Society BBQ!!! I really like Relief Society BBQs. I think every ward, everywhere should be required to have them a few times a year. We had 2 investigators show up. One was J and the other was F!! F actually brought a big 'ole dish of amazing Sudanese food. It was amazing. So now we have a big list of fellowshippers!!!!!! HOORAY!

Wednesday: We were riding the bus to an area we haven't been in before and at one point, there was no one else on the bus. Just me, Sister J, and the bus driver. And all of a sudden, he just pulls over to the side of the road, leaves the bus running, and just leaves. He walked across the street a convenience store. :O So Sister J and I were like "WHAT DO WE DO?!?!" hahaha. It was so weird. Sister J was like "are we gonna get abducted?". That of course led us into quoting Jimmy Neutron as much as we could remember. So it was pretty fun. Then, after like 15 minutes of sitting on an abandoned bus, the bus driver came back with a pizza and soda. :O :O Like NBD. He just sits back down and pulls into traffic. So the rest of our ride was spent listening to the bus driver chew his pizza loudly and burp soda and stuff. :P

Needless to say, Sister J and I decided to take a different bus next time we are in that area.

WE FINALLY GOT A WARD MISSION LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE'S SUPER DUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His name is Bro. G. He's really great and has super cute kids. Even though he's super busy being a doctor and whatnot, he is a great ward mission leader. He already does so much for us!!! It's brilliant!!!!!

On Thursday we did service for a ward member. She wanted us to help her clean her windows...with newspaper. It was a very foreign consept to me. But it turns out, it works! No lint, no streaks. That's the concept. It was great. Squeaky. But great! :)

This past week I studied the Atonement. It's impossible to phrase in an email how I feel about it. So I will just say this: I LOVE My Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for His Atonement that truly heals my every heartache and carries all my pain.

oooh! Also. This week in my greenie read, I'm in ALMA!!!!!! #Holla I love Alma. He's the bestest best ever! He's such a great missionary! Alma and Amulek are just so hardcore!!!!!!! I can't even tell you!!!! I LOVE IT! Pretty much every verse in the entire book of Alma is highlighted now. :) haha.

There is a lady in our ward here that is super nice. She actually served in this mission years ago. Anyways. She has adorable kids with the perfect names. And they started to feed us every week. :) I just thought I'd give her a shout out. I'm thankful for you Sister W!!!


You're probably wondering why I caution you about praying for temperance. Let me explain.

Sister J and I have been praying for temperance. We figured it would be a great thing for us.

On Saturday, just before we were going to leave our apartment, our toilet practically exploded and our entire bathroom and hallway flooded. Like. An inch of sewage. In our apartment. It was so so gross!!!!

So we called our apartment manager, D. And he came down and tried to plunge it. For 45 minutes! All the while splashing our whole apartment with gross, brown water. He got huge blisters on his hands!!! WE LOVE YOU D!! He's the best. We're gonna make him brownies. (Mom and Dad wonder at her choice of treat following this episode...) Anyways. So it didn't work. But while he was plunging, a whole bunch of other people that live in the apartment came and were like "D. Our toilet is flooding." So it was our whole building!

The plumber came and found out that there was some hardcore blockage in the main line that connects us all together and Sister J and I just had the unlucky washroom to get the bulk of the built-up explosion. :(

So instead of going to service, we stayed home to unsoak our house and bleach clean our washroom. It was so gross.

THAT BEING SAID, Sister J and I pretty much just laughed at the whole thing. We had to keep our noses plugged all day. But we chose to have temperance!!!! OUR PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED! We chose to focus on what a hilarious situation it was instead of basically cry in a puddle cause it was so nasty.

And on the bright side, we got to DEEP clean or apartment so it's extremely nice now! :) I like that! #SmellsLikeBleachThough

Now. As gross as this story was, I DO NOT want you to think I'm complaining. I am extremely grateful for this experience as it has taught me so much. I truly was able to receive an answer to my prayers. And now that I've experienced something like that, I can pretty much do anything! hahaha right?

After we cleaned our house, we had the Rutherford Sisters come over for a dinner date. I made them my favorite: GUNPOWDER CHICKEN and they brought a yummy key lime pie. It was pretty much the best end to a weird day. :) They're such amazing missionaries!

Finally. Sunday came. :) haha. Sister J and I sang a musical number in sacrament meeting. It was "Beautiful Savior" from the primary songbook. :) J came and listened. :) It was a miracle. I love seeing people come to church. I love church. I love this gospel. I love being a missionary.

I love this. I love you. :)

Have a fantastic miracle week!

Love ya!
Sister Whiting

The bus is empty!

#Awkward bus story

If you go train contacting too early, no one is on the train.
District Photo from last transfer

English Class game of Apples to Apples

Fresh garden carrots from Sister S #What'supdoc?

Dinner date with the Sistas!

#Lovethesegirls  #bestfriendsforever

"Why do messy buns only work before you go to sleep? Ugh!"


English class activity that trumps all the others

We miss Maggie!!

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