Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"Each individual has within themselves the power to increase the sum total of happiness in the world."

MOOMMMMM! DADDD!!!! You are miracle parents!!!!! I don't know what I did to deserve such amazingness!!! That package you sent me!!!! I had to pray for like a solid 15 minutes to get out enough gratitude to go on!!!! Seriously! You are amazing!

K. So. Last week we had a zone baseball game and it was super fun. Just saying. I was thinking of you dad. Sorry about your calling. But hey! The Lord works in mysterious ways! :)

Also dad. Another thing for you. I was on mormonchannel.org and I watched a video called "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father". I totally cried my eyes out. I just love it! I love you! You should all watch it and then hug your dad. And then pray and hug Heavenly Father through prayer! :) haha.

This week has been a week of MIRACLES!

It has been like over 37 C around here lately. So it's been HOT. But we've survived! That's a MIRACLE!

We had to run to catch the bus like 10 times this week and several of those times we missed it. But everything happens for a reason and we met so many new people. That is a MIRACLE! (That being said, I do NOT like missing the bus.)

On Tuesday we met with our less active - S. She was like kinda crazy. Actually SUPER crazy. So Sister J and I were looking at each other like "what do we do?" But then I was like "can we say a prayer?" and we did. And everything just settled down. #PowerOfPrayer

Then we were talking about things and sharing scriptures and there was one of those long pauses where we are all kinda thinking about stuff. I felt a SUPER powerful thought that I should just ask her to come to church with us this Sunday. So I did. And without hesitation she said yes! She came to church with us and it was a MIRACLE! She loved it! Oh man! I was so so happy to see her there! I hope she comes every week.

Ok. So you know how I like hate the idea of Kimchi? Well.....one of our students in English class is a recent convert named J and she is SOOOOOO sweet! I love her! Well she's also Korean and during class on Wednesday, we started talking about Kimchi and, for some reason that to this day I cannot explain, I said "I would love to try kimchi!" and she immediately invited for supper this week to have some.


What am I going to do? Well. I'm going to try it. Also Korean ramen which I hear is very spicy.

Wish me luck. #WhateverItTakes

As for Y. Well. Let's just say I developed a new appreciation for the scripture in Matthew 5 that says "blessed are they that mourn for they shall find comforted".

It's actually been really good because through my experience with her, I learned a lot about the character of Christ. I am trying to be His representative and so I had to learn to handle the situation with the negative situations with the same amount of love as I would the positive situations. I love Y no matter what she decides to do. That was a hard lesson to learn. But I'm grateful for the experience.

I had another MIRACLE with SJ. Sister J and I woke up one morning and we were like "LET'S MAKE SUPPER FOR SJ!" So we called a member and we headed over. We made her my favorite, of course! Gunpowder Chicken!!! When we delivered it, she was like "I think I want to come to your church this Sunday!" and so Sister J and I were totally stoked! It was a MIRACLE!

Sadly, she got sick on Sunday. So she couldn't come. But still. She's solid. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!

Also D came to church this Sunday! AAAAAAAAAA! It was soooo cool! She loved it! I'm excited to talk to her later this week about it! I wonder what she thought! Oh my! This is so exciting! IT WAS A MIRACLE! haha.

So on Saturday, Sister J and I were walking down the street and these 2 guys in a minivan pulled up next to us and they were like "Are you Ukrainian?" I was like no. "Are you German?" Sorry. No. So they drove off.....haha. What?

WE GOT TO VOLUNTEER AT HERITAGE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS A MIRACLE!!!!!!! It was amazing!!!! My dream come true all put into a big 4 day festival in Edmonton. I think I'm gonna come to Edmonton every year for the rest of my life for Heritage days!!!! It's soooo great!

Basically all the different cultures in Edmonton are represented by big tents and stages. So they sell authentic food and show cultural dances and sell clothes and jewelry and stuff. It's crazy. And huge. There are like literally millions of people that go every year. Oh man. I loved it.

We collected food for the food bank. For like...7 hours. And we got an hour to wander around and eat food and stuff. Get this. The Ghana tent was selling Whiting Fried Fish. But they weren't open yet during my break. :( So I couldn't try it. But still!!!! SOOO COOOL!

Sister J and I ate Pyrohy from Ukrain. SOOOO DELICIOUS! And of course, we had some authentic Japanese food. I had Takoyaki which is like octupus in a dough ball. It was soooooo weird tasting! But I still ate it! And like the Japanese equivalent for Albertson's Fried Chicken. haha. jk. It was legit. haha. Also we had scones. :) Duh!

Mom. I thought of you cause we watched Thailand perform one of those dances where they have super fancy outfits and move their hands a lot. The costumes were AMAZING! And we walked around the China tent and looked at beautiful silk stuff. I definitely wanted to get you something but it was like ultra expensivo! ;) haha sorry.

ALSO! There were like church people there taking pictures of missionaries collecting food cause they want to put in on LDS.org. So check it out. I might be on the website sometime! Also the food bank lady came and took a picture of me giving a kid a sticker and asked me if she could put it on the Edmonton Food Bank website. So pretty much I'm gonna be famous soon. haha. If you see me on there, take a picture of the screen. I wanna see it!

Overall. This week has been a crazy MIRACLE week! I still can't believe all the great stuff that happened! It's crazy!

I just have to say this:

"Out of SMALL THINGS proceedeth that which is GREAT." - D&C 64:33

Every day is a day of miracles. Miracles happen to everyone. Small and big. SEEK for miracles. You will find them. I promise. I have such a testimony of miracles.

I love you all!!!!

Sister Whiting
Heritage Days Festival

Food Bank Volunteer

Takoyaki - I ate this!

our cute little investigator

Heritage Days - Thai dancers

Heritage days - Mexican dancers

Heritage days totems

Love these girls!

Aren't we cute in our volunteer uniforms?

Pyrohy from Ukraine - I also ate this!

Whiting Fish - I didn't eat that .

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