Friday, August 8, 2014

Golden Nuggets - Treasured letters from our missionary.

*Sarah sent us some terrific snail mail in July and said we could share what we felt someone else would enjoy. These don't all come from the same letter and will be somewhat random. But she is so humble, joyful and obedient that I felt I was being selfish keeping it to myself.  So, for your uplift and enjoyment:

"There's a bunch of twins here and a lady in my ward told me something I LOVE! She says the reason more people are having twins lately is because it's almost the second coming and all the rest of the people in heaven need to come down to earth. She says its like crunch time for Heavenly Father so he's sending them in twins to speed it up!"

"One of my favorite things I've learned so far is the role of the Holy Ghost as a sanctifier. Silver must be put in VERY hot temperatures to get clean and polished. The Holy Ghost 'baptized us by fire' or sends us through a trial and then sanctifies us, purifies us. I'm going through that right now.
Repentance is changing our views of God, the world and ourselves.
I'm going through that. And it's incredible."

{Watch 'True Christianity' on}
"I recently taught a lesson to a lady who hated religion her whole life because she didn't like that what they taught on Sunday was NOT what they practiced Monday - Saturday. HOWEVER she recently discovered some Mormons who were very nice outside of church as well and as she investigated further, she discovered how the Mormons do 'an impressive job convincing people to be truly Christian.'  We did teach her about Agency..haha...but that is another story."
"The thing is that Mormons don't convince each other to be Christians. Christ motivates us through His example to be better people. And because we are blessed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ we share with EVERYONE in the way we act and speak. #membermissionarywork. As a full-time missionary I am essentially required to be a 'Christian' at all time, in all things and in all places. when I'm not in church I'm helping others want to come to church. but when I'm no longer a full-time missionary, it's still my job to be a 'true Christian.' 100% It is your job, (yes, all of you) to be a 'true Christian' everywhere you go. Sunday - Saturday."
"That is member missionary work. We are ALL COMMANDED to bring souls unto Christ. For How GREAT is the worth of EVERY soul! So we should start now to be member missionaries and show our 'true Christianity' to EVERYONE!"
"I believe that we are all full-time missionaries. You may not have an insane schedule like me. Or a strict dress code. But you have the same commandment from the Lord. He says to everyone, 'PREACH MY GOSPEL.'"
"Preaching the gospel brings me SO MUCH JOY! I can see the happiness enter peoples' lives. I can see positive changes made! You need to see it for yourselves. Share the gospel. Be a true Christian. Set an example. And you will see more joy than you can even imagine."
"This I  KNOW! From experience and the love of Jesus Christ. In His name, Amen."

"I love you so much, Dad. I gotta say thanks for basically raising me to be just like you.! haha! That didn't make any sense. But you know how Mom always says I'm just like you? Well, all that stuff has REALLY come in handy out here. You taught me to be hard working. haha. Now my comp has to tell me to stop cleaning all the time so we can go to bed! You taught me NOT to be afraid to talk to people. That's been the best so far. I love talking to people. Especially about the gospel! In fact, my only fears are:
              1. Riding the bus in the winter on icy roads.
              2. My hair freezing.
              3. Dying of too many bug bites.
haha. So thank, Dad."
"You told me to be humble. And man. It's been crazy. I don't know if you're praying for me to be humble or if I really struggled with pride because I've had humbling experiences one right after another out here. And though it's been tough, I'm so grateful for those experiences because they make am a better carrier of the spirit which makes missionary work so much easier!"
"I love you so much, Dad! Thanks for being the best dad ever. I hope someday I can be as great as you. I'm working really hard out here to bring souls to Christ. For I know Heavenly Father loves all His kids, just like you love me. I'm trying to channel that love to others. :)"

"I love you so much, Mom!" I think about you a lot. Not in a 'I want to come home' sort of way. But in a 'man, I am so glad my mom taught me that' sort of way. It turns out you taught me to have a lot more common sense than some other people! haha. So thanks. It turns out I'll probably survive all this! :)"
"You would love Edmonton. EVERYONE gardens so all the houses are lined with flowers and shrubs and whatnot. They're just so into the environment. And flowers up here are a lot more vibrant than flowers in the States. I don't know why. But they are! :)"
"I hope you know I'm workin' my feet off over here to make you proud. I feel like a ballerina again with all these blisters... But seriously, I want to make you proud."
"Most importantly, I want to help others make their Heavenly Father happy by inviting them to come unto Christ. Every soul is GREAT in the sight of God. Just like you love me, God loves all his children - but infinitely more. And He's trusted me to help in His work to bring His children back to Him. I want so badly to please Him and to bless the lives of His children by showing them the truth."
"You taught me all this by being the Mom you are. I learned about love - and especially God's love - through you. Thank you so much for being the best Mom ever. I love you!!!"

"Joseph Smith said,'It is a great thing to inquire at the hands of God, or to come into His presence.' I LOVE prayer. It truly is a GREAT THING to speak to God. And the best part is, we can and should pray ALWAYS!! In fact, my favorite part of being a missionary is hearing an investigator's first prayer. It is such sacred communication! We don't even realize how great it is. Not only is God there for us, He wants to talk to us! :) Oh Man! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy I came on a mission!"
"The only hard thing for me right now is that people are CONSTANTLY asking how long I've been out. Other missionaries are always saying how long they've been out. Like it's a race to finish."
"BUT I WANT TO BE LIKE A TORTOISE AND WIN BY GOING SLOW! Time needs to slow down. But you know what they say...Time flies when you are having fun! And boy am I having fun!!! :) Mission life if so crazy and hard and fun. :) haha. "

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