Monday, September 29, 2014

Greenfield 2 would like to welcome.....

This week I got a new companion!!!!!! 

She's amazing.

Her name is Sister Parker. She's like a combination of Emma, Brittany, Kenzie and cousin Anna. So pretty much I love her a ton already. :) She's super stylish. She has a wonderful testimony. She's great at serving and thinking of others. She has a FABULOUS voice. It kinda sounds like a combo of the singer in the cranberries and Cher Lloyd. :) So it's quite lovely. She sings to me a lot.

So yeah. Love her.

The only sad thing is this is her last transfer. So I only get her for 5 more weeks. :/ Sad day right?

Oh well. We're already bffs. So it works.

Just a quick random note: THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!! I got my skirts and hand warmers!! :) I love love love love them! It makes me so so so happy. I know they're not new skirts. But as a sister mish, anytime I get a new option in my closet, it's like Christmas!! :) So I felt all trendy and cool this last week wearing my navy skirt. :) THANKS MUM! YOU'RE THE BEST!

There is something about waking up at 6:30 every morning and trying to exercise in your apartment for the first 30 minutes of your day that just isn't great. HOWEVER. Sister P and I got the Jillian Michaels "shred" video. It's so great. :) We're gonna get SHREDDED!!!!!! :) haha. oh man. Sometimes it's pathetic trying to do Jillian push-ups. But in the end, I know I'm being an obedient missionary! :) So it's worth it.


In her workout video, she says a lot of things that TOTALLY apply to missionary work. She says:

"Work with a purpose is PASSION.

Work without a purpose is PUNISHMENT."

Her push-ups start as "girl" push-ups where we are just on or knees. But halfway through them she gets all up close to the screen and she says

"I know it looks hard. I know it's scary. You might not be able to do them at first, but I just want you to try a few on your feet! You'll never know if you can do them until you try. And you will never get better if you don't push yourself."

WE LOVE THAT!!! Sometimes it's scary to share the gospel. Sometimes we don't know how people will react to the message. We might be ok, but we will never get better at sharing the gospel UNTIL WE JUST TRY IT! You don't need to be a super hero, full of super strength and ultimate bravery. You just need 10 SECOND OF INSANE COURAGE. Then the rest will happen as it happens! :) #LoveYouJillian #ExerciseBodyAndSoul

As for Greenfield.

Let's just say Greenfield and I are in a "rough patch" right now.

Pretty much it was a really challenging week. We had a REALLY hard time finding people to teach. So we actually didn't get any lessons taught this week. And none of the bazillion women we invited were able to come to the women's conference on Saturday. Or church.


It was a great week.

I saw miracles. As I always do. Because the Lord is POURING blessings down on us like heavy rain. It just seems that this week I used an umbrella a little more than I should have. #WomensConferenceReference

So here are the miracles I did see:

Women's Conference was INCREDIBLE! I can't even say anything about it cause it was so great. Words cannot describe how perfect it was for me.

It was also perfect because the speakers seemed to address every problem that our investigators and recent converts have been having. I'm really hoping that they all watched at home so they could hear from the leaders of the church what they need.

On Sunday, J came up and was so excited to talk to me about it! She had watched at home and had recognized the answers to her concerns in the talks!!!!! It made me sooooo happy!!!!! It also helped that the meeting started off with "I Love to see the Temple" in Korean. (J is from Korea).

D tried to drop us. That was pretty upsetting.

But then we got her back!!!! :) Oh yeah! Pretty much we made chocolate covered cinnamon buns and delivered them to her with a note. She was so surprised that we were legitimately sad about it. So she invited us back tonight. I'm praying sooooo hard for it to go well. :)

I also finished reading the Book of Mormon and have started again.

I seriously cannot even describe how much I love the Book of Mormon. I seriously feel like my heart could explode with love for the Book of Mormon. I have tried each day to truly have a spiritual experience as I read it, and I can hardly keep from marking EVERY VERSE! It's amazing. If you haven't read it. Read it. Seriously! Soooooo good!


I just love you people. And I love these people. And I love the gospel. And sharing it. And all of this. It's just so great.


But great. :) For reals.

Have a stellar week!

Love ya!

Sister Sarah Whiting
Last day with Sister Johnson

Love these Sisters!!!

Our zone before transfers
My new companion - Sister Parker!

All bundled up with Sister Parker

Collecting for the food bank with these cute girls

Desperate times call for desperate measures #NotProudOfThisMoment

NBD - just making chocolate covered cinnamon buns

You know we work hard when we can't stay awake to write in our journals.

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