Monday, September 15, 2014

I don't even know where to start!!

I guess I might as well just jump into the week, hey? Here goes nothin!

I read a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants. Section 60. Verses 2-3. Read it. Try not to cry. And then go and do. Seriously.

So then Sister J and I spent like all week tracting.

Sometimes as a missionary, everyone kind of disappears or something. We don't really know. But anyways. We filled the week finding. And that was fun.

Confession session:

I love tracting.

Missionaries are pretty much constantly complaining about tracting. But I like it. I think it's fun.

Granted. Having member referrals and teaching appointments is MORE fun. And more effective.

But I like tracting. :)

So we did that a lot this week. Sister J and I go sing tracting where we knock on doors and then sing a primary song or a hymn to the person who answers. Not only is it more fun. It always invites the spirit. I love music. :) Although. The past few days have been really cold. So Sister J and I would debate if we should sing "The Wintry Day, Descending to its Close". It's technically a hymn...even though it's kinda depressing and makes me think of Bro. Gwilliam every time. Needless to say, we always chose against it. "I Am a Child of God" sends a simpler and more pleasant message.

One day, we were tracting. It was super dark. (it gets really dark at like 8 now) And it was almost time to go home. But not quite time. So we decided to try one more house.

So we knocked and a lady opened the door and we asked if we could sing her a song. So she said yes. And we sang "I Am a Child of God". And then

We got bashed.
I had my first big bash session.
It was crazy.

There's a lot more I would like to say on the matter.

But I will not.

I will just say this:

God really IS our LOVING Heavenly Father. We are ALL His children. And agency is a wonderful blessing that He has given us to learn and experience for ourselves how to become like Him. Sometimes people will use their agency poorly. But they are still His children and He still loves them. So should we. I can honestly say at the end of the night, I felt love for this lady who doesn't understand that she is a daughter of God. I hope someday she can learn that for herself.

Sister J bore a really powerful testimony to her and then again later to me about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was pretty much the most powerful testimony I've ever heard her share. It was a hard way to end the night. But an amazing way to end the night. There was bad and amazing.

Plus now I've gotten my first one out of the way so I can be better prepared for whenever the next one happens. :) right?

Anyways. Now let's get to the good stuff.

I GOT 2 PACKAGES! :D THANKS MOM AND DAD! YOU'RE THE BESTEST PARENTS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Those hot chocolate packets came at the perfect time! Sister J and I needed somethin yummy in our tummies. Plus it made Sister J ecstatically happy to see all that Japanese stuff. We shared the Japanese candy. :) And I wore that Japanese shirt to do service and everyone was like "awe. Did your parents send you that for comp-unity?" And Sister J and I just laughed. hahaha. silly people. We already have comp-unity. ;) That's all we said. I promise.

And we had interviews with President and Sister Manion on Friday!!! They're just the best. Seriously. I love them. They make me laugh. Also. Dad. Sister J thinks you look like President. :) haha. In some pictures you do. In some you don't. But yeah. You know what that means? YOU LOOK LIKE A MISSION PRESIDENT! Get ready!

Random note: Albertans don't say "eh" they say "hey". Just thought you should know.

Also Sister J and I got 2 new investigators who are AAMMAAZZIINNGG!!!!!!!

They are Super S and K!!!!!!! K is from Jamaica. She's so wonderful. And she has already committed to read the Book of Mormon!!!

Super S is sooo sweet! We showed up at her house right as she was going to walk her dog Jasper. So she was like "why don't you come on a walk with us!' so we walked her dog with her! It was so fun. He's adorable.

Then we went to her house and taught her all about the Book of Mormon and she told us she would write down questions as she reads so that when we visit her again this week she can ask us. :) I'm so excited. She's such a wonderful lady.

I just love both of them. I see so much potential in Greenfield. It was just a wonderful way to end the week. :)

Another random note: I've started saying "hey" a lot after all my sentences. like. I have to think about it and try to NOT say it so much. These Canadians are good at tricking people into being like them. :D haha

I love being a missionary. I know I say that a lot. But I seriously can't say it enough! I can't even tell you how much I LOVE being a missionary! It's so amazing to talk to people and help people and teach people and make friends and serve and work hard and just everything. It's wonderful. I even love waking up at 6:30 every day......wait...yeah. ok. I love that too. :) haha.

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of missionary experiences that you can share with me.


-Sister Whiting
Sister J's art for Elder H's mission journal
Bundled Up

Cheesecake-Toffee-Caramel Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!

NBD. Just chillin. Eating some ketchup chips. #yumm #sillyCanadians

I now have a testimony of knit socks! Sooooooooooo soft and warm!!!!!!!!!!!!

My wonderful District

Sister H modelling our object lesson for me.

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