Tuesday, September 2, 2014

JASPER! and other adventures of Greenfield

**Note from Mom** It turns out they celebrate Labor Day in Canada, as well, so we didn't hear from Sister Whiting until today. She will tell you about the adventure she got to have thanks to some great members in their area. Get ready for a lot of pictures this time.

So. It's getting cold here. It's getting cold FAST. It feels like Canada now. #SweaterWeather

Just some random fun stuff that happened this week:

We got a new lamp from a member. It's very nice to have light in our apartment.
We also got a media referral!!!!!! #Holla
That was fun. Except she wasn't interested. So we tried her neighbors. They weren't either. But they were super nice!!! :) #WorthIt
Haha. yeah. It was pretty much just exciting cause we don't get a lot of media referrals.

Sister J and I have been focusing a lot more on finding. It's that thing missionaries do that we have to work really hard to enjoy. Pretty much it involves tracting, street contacting, tracting, train contacting, tracting, etc. It's fun......haha. Yeah. It really is. Well. ok. It wasn't. But now it is cause it means we're fulfilling our purpose and THAT'S fun. :) So I like it.

That's the thing about missionary work. It's not about me. It's about the children of God and their testimonies. So I gotta do what I gotta do. :) And love it. :)

We're having a mission tour soon. It's like a big mass zone conference with tons of zones and a member of the seventy comes to talk to us and inspire us for like 8 hours. :) I'm super excited!!!

Anyways. We had to take this survey thing to prepare for it. And we have to prepare little presentations......It's gonna be pretty sweet.

For District Council this week, our ZL made us homemade pizza!! :) yummmmm! It was delicious! We also played this game called zoo barn. It's so embarrassing and fun and weird. Missionaries can be pretty weird. hahaha. It was great. I like my zone.

Our ward is getting SUPER active in missionary work which is GREAT! Our new ward mission leader Bro. G is AMAZING. We had ward correlation at his house with another ward missionary and I think we're going to see a lot of progress in the coming weeks.

Sister J celebrated her 1 year mark so we bought ourselves a donair pizza and some soda!!! It was weird having soda. But yeah. It was delicious. We need donair in the states. Except that I would eat it all the time. And I'm not really sure what it is...hahaha. It's so good.

We met with our investigator J and passed him over to the Elders. I really want him to come to the baptism this weekend so he'll see it's not scary. He knows he needs to be baptized. He just needs to understand NOW IS THE TIME. Maybe I should sing him that youth song we wrote, eh? He'd understand. :) #EmailInspiration

We also asked D to get baptized. It's gonna happen eventually. But I think she still needs some help understanding the spirit. She straight up told us she has a testimony of everything. She just needs help taking that to the next step. I'm grateful for her faith. I always gain a stronger testimony when we visit her. She LOVES the Book of Mormon! I need to study it more like she studies it! :)

Now. For the big news.

SISTER J AND I WENT TO JASPER!!!!! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH!!!!! (except for the temple of course)

President and Sister Hudson took us. :) They're pretty much the most amazing people in the whole world. I just looooovvvve them.

So here's how it went:
We left at 5:30am.
We drove for a long time.
We hiked for not enough time.
We drove for a long time.
We got back at supper time.
Sister J and I basically almost died from exhaustion and happiness. :)

I took a million pics of the scenery. But they don't even do justice to how amazingly beautiful the whole place is. It's UNBELIEVABLE. Everyone in the world should be required to see Jasper. It's to great It's totally perfection in nature. If you don't know if there is a God, GO TO JASPER. That right there is PROOF!

It's amazing. I can't say it enough. I had sooo much fun. And I felt super legit cause I was wearing a hiking backpack and eating trail mix and everything. :) It was so great.

This week was great.

Now I gotta go do exchanges!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!! I'm so nervous! I'm taking over the area!!!!!

I love you all! Have a missionary work filled week!

Sister Whiting

Celebrating a milestone with Donair Pizza

Drawing of Sister Whiting by her companion

Labor day breakfast at Tim Hortons - Delicious!

Sister H and me. Love this lady!!!

Excited to backpack in Jasper

Ready to Hike

Beginning of Jasper

Beautiful Jasper Hike

Cute Sister J and ENORMOUS mountains

Do Not Feed the Animals

Huge Glacier

More Jasper beauty

I totally stood on this sketchy bridge for several minutes. Aren't you proud of me?!

Jasper is gorgeous

Magical scenery in the background - NBD

Some more Jasper beauty

Sister J and the Hudsons

Love this scenery!

We saw elk. No Moose. Sorry Dad

Mission poem

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