Monday, September 8, 2014

Snowflakes falling all around, on the housetops, on the ground!


I feel like I should go around and sing Christmas carols to everyone. It's seriously like White Christmas out here. :) Good thing I'm getting winter boots today!

So this week has been such a MIRACULOUS WEEK. Ready to here it all?!?!

IT'S GOSPEL TIME! Come on grab your friends! We'll go to very holy lands. With Sister Johnson and Sister Whiting, the fun will never end. It's Gospel Time!
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Miracle #1:

This week we went on Exchanges!! Hooray! This time, it was my turn to take over the area and Sister Johnson got to leave and go with Sister Nichols to River Valley. So Sister Edens and I stayed here. For some reason, I was SUPER nervous about it. I haven't had to be in charge of the area before. And we didn't have a ton of set appointments so I was nervous about finding good finding activities. IDK. I was just nervous. Sister J did a great job calming me down though and she bore her testimony to me about how exchanges are always full of miracles.

So then. Miracles happened.

Sister Edens and I saw MIRACLES.

A lot.

Here's what happened.

We got everything all settled in and then we decided to go try some potentials. We talked to like a million people on the street and only some of them were awkward! :)

Then we knocked on the door right next to our investigator D's house. It was a lady named M. She's sooooooooooooooo funny. I think we were laughing out loud for like 10 solid minutes.

But besides the fact that she was hilarious, she was also interested in the gospel!!! YAY! She asked us if we were the ones with the Book of Mormon. :) We were like "yeah! want one?" And she was like "Actually yes! I was just going to ask how I could get one!" So pretty much we answered some of her questions and then we told her about how we teach people about the things in the Book of Mormon and she asked us to come again! :) I'm so excited. I love happy, open people! IT WAS A MIRACLE!

Then we went to a lady's house named S.

I just realized there's a lot of people named S.

I will call her Super S. :)

Anyways. We've met her before. She was at a member's house when we had supper with them. But the whole time we thought she was a member. So we taught a missionary work lesson and everything. She just is so spiritual that we thought she was already a member. But then we found out she's not. So on exchanges we visited her again.

She is so amazing! She invited us in and we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and we were able to answer a bunch of questions. It was a really spiritual lesson. She was amazing! At the end, she was like "I would love to say a prayer. Can we?" hahahaa. Oh Super S. YES!!!!!!!

It was marvelous. She invited us back for like a supper/spiritual conversation evening. haha. It's gonna be great. It was a MIRACLE!!

Then Sister Edens taught me how to make scones. :) Not like the fat fried ones you make mom. And not the thick biscuit-y ones from England. The flat skinny pancake ones that you put nutella on. :) So now I can make scones. :)

That was a MIRACLE! hahaha.

Then we had AN ACTUAL MEMBER PRESENT LESSON!!! It's really hard for us to get member present lessons because none of our investigators have a regular schedule. We usually don't know when we're going to meet with them until like 15 minutes before. But Sister J and I made a goal to call members and ask them to come NO MATTER WHAT! So we did and we had a member present lesson!!!!! It was actually 2 members present!

We brought A and A to our lesson with F.

Remember F? From Sudan? Well A and A are also from Sudan so they came with us to the lesson. It was sooooo fun! They're hilarious. They taught me a bunch of Arabic. And they fed us a bunch of Sudanese food. Like pineapple upside down cake. Did you know that's from South Sudan?

Anyways. It wasn't really a lesson cause they were talking in Arabic the whole time. But they invited her to church and offered to help her read the Book of Mormon. So it's going to progress.

Also on the walk home, A and A asked me if they could come to my wedding. :) haha. I was like "I'm not getting married for a while!" and they just laughed at me. I think maybe they don't know that missionaries can't get married until after their missions...But anyways. We made a deal. I'm going to invite them to my wedding and then they're going to bring a bunch of delicious Sudanese treats. And they said they're make me a fancy handmade bedsheet. I guess that's a traditional wedding gift? But it'll take a while so they're starting those.....hahaha oh A and A. I love you both. :) So much.

It was a funny miracle kinda...:)

Anyways. I love miracles!

President Manion just cracked down on a bunch of mission rules. Including some new ones. So for District Council this week, the Zone Leaders came in and we had a pretty extensive talking to. But then. When they left. Our District Leader was like "let's have a testimony meeting". So we did and the spirit INSTANTLY flooded the room. It was a really amazing experience. I gained a really strong testimony of obedience this week. I really love the rules. Honestly. I just love them. I love that we have this opportunity to obey all the rules and show our trust in God more than our own knowledge.

This week I decided to really consecrate myself to the work. So I had to set some pretty hardcore goals which include but are not limited to:

1. No more singing worldly music. :( I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

2. No more using slang or worldly language, as outlined by President Manion. (no saying "guys", "awesome", etc.)

3. No seconds...

So that was wonderful! It's going to help. I know it!!!

Then we had a lesson with our recent convert J. She is so sweet. But she was struggling with her testimony of some parts of the Plan of Salvation.
The next day was fast Sunday. And everyone that bore their testimonies in sacrament meeting, bore it on those parts of the Plan of Salvation that she struggles with. It a bunch of people following the promptings of the spirit. MAJOR. I'm excited to talk to J more and ask her what she thought.

Plus this week we actually got referrals!!!!!


Seriously. My heart is so full. I want to be a missionary for forever. This is so amazing. I love the people here. I love the gospel. I know it's true! I love teaching and serving and helping. I love it all. :) I love obedience. I love the temple. I love the Book of Mormon. I love all of you.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Have a Merry Christmas! oh. I mean. Have a happy week!

Peace and Blessings!
Sister Whiting
Sister J and Sister N

Sister E and Me


Waiting for Ward Correlation

Winter weather is starting! (By email time this rain had turned to "Blizzard")

Super Great Rainbow
** Note from Mom: Next time I make scones I am going to feel so guilty about the fat, but they are going to be delicious anyway! I have to wait a while to try her kind.

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