Monday, September 22, 2014

The End of Training Has Come!!!

I didn't think I'd ever write this. But. I'm no longer a greenie.


I finished 12 weeks. I'm done with training. I have an extra hour every day to proselyte now! yaayyy!

And you probably all know what that means...

I'M GETTING A NEW COMPANION THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Studies this morning were pretty much useless. Transfer calls come from 8-10. And Sister J and I got our call at 9:55. So we pretty much were dying the whole time.

Sister J is being transferred to Ellerslie to be with Sister B. And I'm staying here and getting a new companion. But I'm not going to tell you who yet cause I'm not even meeting her until Wednesday. So there. You have to come back next week to find out. :) But I'm really excited! She's super cool! I'm gonna love her!
It's going to be her last transfer so we'll only be together 6 weeks and I'll get a new companion next transfer. It's weird that Sister J and I are both killing missionaries hey? We're going to see each other at 2 transfer meetings in a row!!! Hooray!

      [Mom: What in the world is a killing missionary?...Sarah: When a missionary goes home right after being your companion. So mission life is comparable to real life. I was "born" 2 transfers ago. Sister J is my mom. Then you have a life. Then when you go home you "die". So, since my new companion will go home after this transfer, I will be "killing" her. :) haha. It's just a thing here... Mom: Thanks for clearing that up!]


So this week we had mission tour.

It was so crazy. I can't even write stuff that happened. Cause it was like 9 hours of training and learning and spiritual stuff. It was so. much. greatness. We talked a lot about everything. Seriously. I'm trying to tell you the theme or whatnot. But there wasn't one. It was just a lot of training.

We got there and one of the assistants runs up to me and asks me to play the piano for the meeting. haha. "Oh, Canada" is a lot harder to play than I thought. But I pulled it off. Luckily for me, I was playing with a chapel full of enthusiastic missionaries singing. So you couldn't really hear all my mistakes.

Long story short, it was really spiritual and we all learned a lot.

My favorite part was when a Sister was called on to come speak about diligence. She had us read from John 13 where the Savior tells of Peter denying Him 3 times. We often read this story and think "how could he possibly have sinned so badly after all he saw"?

But when we think about our lives, are there ever times when we are too afraid to admit what we believe? We have worked hard to gain personal testimonies. We have such spiritual experiences. But when we are faced with mockery, opposition, anger, or fear, do we stand up for our Savior, or do we deny Him? When we think about Peter's choices from this perspective, we realize how easy it is in this world to let fear overcome us, leading us to deny Christ. We are all at risk of what Peter gave into.

That is why we must be diligent in obeying the commandment that the Lord has given us to stand in holy places and be not moved. We are all commanded to preach the gospel to the world, that all men might be saved! Even when we risk being made fun of or yelled at or rejected. We need to be diligent in gaining faith and courage!!!!!

It was really wonderful.

After mission tour we got stuck in traffic for like an hour. :) That was awkwardly exciting. You don't think missionaries get stuck in traffic, hey? But they totally do!

So the week went on.

I got a cold. It's getting pretty bad. So now I don't shake peoples' hands. I just wave and say hi. I guess it's better that way...

We found a lady in the ward next to us who speaks Croatian!!! So she came with us to the lesson at D's house. It was soooo wonderful!!!!! They read the Book of Mormon in Croatian and we talked to her about it. We finally figured out what's going on. So now we can help her!


Oh man! Nothing makes me happier than when we don't have to drop an investigator because they finally start to get it!

I'm so happy. I love miracles!

Then on Sunday, we were supposed to meet a potential. But she wasn't home. :(


Our recent convert J made us some more Korean food. So we didn't have to have pb&j for supper. :) That was exciting.

And also I made scones again but instead of using milk, I used mango juice. Mostly cause we didn't have milk. And it actually tasted really good. I don't wanna brag or nothin' but I make a pretty darn good scone. :)

The best part of my week was last night.

For the end of 12 weeks, we got to watch the 3 full episodes of the District 2. While we were watching, I just felt the spirit so strongly! It got me SUPER PUMPED! I just wanted to run down the street and talk to EVERYONE and find and teach and baptize!!!!

But that's not what I did. Cause it was late and no one was on the street. So we just casually walked to our appointment at Super S's house.

She is the best lady. Seriously. I love her so much. She invited us in. Her neighbor is a member so she came too. She has read a lot of the Book of Mormon since our last visit so we answered her questions. Then we taught her more. It was sooo wonderful! The spirit was so strong. She pretty much has so many questions that that's how we teach. We do like a big Q&A. But they were all relevant to lesson 1 this time so it worked. I love when people have questions. We were able to help her. Mostly though, she helped me. I felt so much love for her. I felt so much excitement for her. I grew in my own testimony. :)

It was so wonderful. :)

Now. As for this week. It's gonna be crazy. So crazy. I'll get my new companion on Wednesday. And Sister J will leave. It's gonna be sad. But it's also going to be great. I love it. I'm excited.

Also good news. Sister Holbrook and Sister Warr are staying so I don't have to say goodbye to them yet!!! #whew

So. Um. Yeah.

That's pretty much it. Just lovin' mission life. As always. :)

I love you all! Have a miraculous week!

Sister Sarah Whiting

Bonfire service project! 

Elders trying to start a fire the old fashioned way
Bonfire group

Starburst S'mores

 Campfire - hee hee

Ward picnic - Sister J painted the Plan of Happiness on my arm

SS is living with members. She painted Chinese on my other arm

See how pretty our walk is!

Sister J with member friends

More weird flavored chips

We like to call these wonderful people our ward parents. Love them!

Ward Correlation

Sister J drew this picture of me in my journal

She also drew this one for me. hahaha

Transfer #3! Cover decoration inspired by the amazing Emma


  1. Hi, my name is soon to be Sister Van Valkenburg! And guess what! I will be searching in the same mission as this lovely lady. These blog posts keep me stop excited every week to serve in Canada (except for when it snows in September!!!;)) She is such an inspiration with her positive attifude and the whole shabang. Love reading these! Thanks mom! Keep up the awesome work!

    1. *Serving (auto correct)