Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, Hey!

Well. I got to experience what it's like to have 3 thanksgiving meals in the space of 36 hours. That was pretty exciting. Haha. Afterwards, Sister P and I chose to walk home from the church instead of bus so we could get in some exercise. The walk is over an hour, but I still don't think it was enough.

So anyways. This week. Man. Where do I start?

Mosiah 7:33 says:
"But if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, and put your trust in him, and serve him with all diligence of mind, if ye do this, he will, according to his own will and pleasure, deliver you out of bondage."

This is pretty much what got me through the week. It is one of my favorite scriptures now. It spells it out so simply!

The only problem is: How do I serve with all diligence of mind? #EasierSaidThanDone

So that's what I've been studying this week. It's been soooo great. It's tough. But I've been really working on being that consecrated missionary that I need to be. It's been great. Sister P has been a HUGE help!! Hour long walks are good for more than just exercise. That's for sure.

So anyways.


It's so early in Canada, hey? People have their houses decorated with Halloween stuff, but it's Thanksgiving. It's not even a big deal here either. People just kind of treat it as the time of year they can eat more than usual. But whatevs. It was still good for us.

It was actually a big BIG miracle because we didn't have anyone signed up to feed us the day before OR the day of Thanksgiving. So we were planning to have a #ForeverAlone Thanksgiving feast in our apartment. But then on Sunday at church, a lady in our ward came and invited us to come over right after church for Thanksgiving. Then another lady invited us to come the next morning for Thanksgiving breakfast. Then we got a call from another family inviting us to Monday night Thanksgiving. So we got totally stuffed. Haha. Our prayers were answered MASSIVELY. Like. Quite literally. We're feeling massive right now. haha. But the Lord also blessed us to be able to eat that much.

No one made pumpkin pie. That was sad.

But I think we have arranged to have U.S. Thanksgiving with some people from the States. They'll probably make some...hopefully.

In honor of the holiday, we made a companion Thankful poster. And I made a super long list to put by my desk. It's really great. I love being thankful.

Our investigators TNT are still goin strong. They're so perfect. It's like a dream. I have to tell myself they're real. They came to church and discovered they already know a bunch of people in the ward. So they felt right at home. They spent Sunday evening having supper with some members. Thanksgiving they ate with some other members. And tonight they're having us over for supper. It's pretty much the most exciting thing ever.

Pretty much all our other investigators dropped us.

But that's ok. Cause we love sing tracting. And train contacting. And also TNT are wonderful. So it's going to be totally ok. Miracles happen all the time.

Sam used to always sing this little song "Tomorrow is another day". It was super cute. I have no idea where he got it from. But lately I've been singing that one little line a bunch. Cause it's totally true. Tomorrow is another day. And we gotta look forward to it! :)

Wanna know something really cool about Sister P?

She's pretty much the most giving person ever.

On Tuesday when I was super sad, she secretly bought me a frog onesie to wear. It's that crazy soft stuff. :)

We were on the train and she was talking to a lady who said her ears were super cold. So Sister P took the touque off her own head and gave it to this lady.

We were at an investigator's house and she was having migraine problems. Sister P reached into her bag and gave her the special peppermint thing she always uses for her own migraines.

She's soo great! I just love it! I'm sooooo inspired to be more like her! I just love love love it!

I have the best companion ever. I love her.

Oh! I almost forgot! So on Thursday we had Zed-T-M. And we had a costume contest. It was so great. Sister P and I went in a group with the Rutherford Sisters and dressed up as the queens from a deck of cards. :)

At Zed-T-M we had a really powerful lesson. We were sitting in a U shape and one of our ZLs, Elder Bramwell went around offering us all Twinkies. There was a missionary in the middle of the U named Elder Babb. For every person in the U, Elder Bramwell would offer a Twinkie. Then he would ask Elder Babb to do 10 pushups so that person could have their Twinkie. Some people said they didnt' want one. But the Elder Bramwell would ask Elder Babb to do 10 pushups so that person could have a Twinkie they didn't want. By the end, Elder Babb would struggle tremendously to do all 10. The room was so quite except for people crying. It was so painful to watch this Elder suffer so we could have a Twinkie. In all, he did 270 pushups.

The Savior paid the price for us. Whether or not we accept it, He as Atoned for our sins and sorrows and pain. He asks us to follow Him. He asks us to take His yoke upon us, that our burdens may be light. We can completely be made WHOLE AGAIN. No matter what. There is no point of no return. We can be restored. We can be supported. We are that we might have joy. And we can have that. Come unto Christ. Accept the price He paid.

I invite all of you to do this. From my own personal experience. I KNOW that the Savior, Jesus Christ lives and loves all of you. The Atonement is real and so wonderful.

Even though it wasn't Thanksgiving for any of you, ponder your blessings this week and include the Atonement in your list.

It's so wonderful.

This gospel is so great.

I love being a missionary. It's hard.

But I love it.

Have a great week! Love you all!

Sister Whiting
These next three pix summarize our companionship

Dramatic Selfie #lipsticklikeEmma

Rockin' our Onesie Jammies

Zed-T-M Costume contest winners

Queen Cards

Queen of Clubs

Queen of Diamonds

#Mannafromheaven - given to us by our investigator

Not sure about the leaves

More leaves

My thankful list

We are Thankful

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