Monday, October 20, 2014

In Christ Alone My Hope is Found!

Hello family!!

Happy October 20th!!!

There's nothing significant about this day. Even in Canada. I just didn't really know how to start off the email.

Honestly not much has happened that's really exciting this week. Most of our investigators dropped us. And the ones who didn't got super sick. So yeah. #ILoveFindingActivities

Lots of train contacting and trying potentials.

Oh wait!!!

The Belmead ward had a baptism and we got to sing at it. It was for a Filipino woman. So we sang in Tagalog. Haha. It was pretty fantastic.

Remember a long time ago we had an investigator man named J but we found out his name actually starts with a G and we passed him over to the Elders?


He actually came to the baptism!!!! After it was over I walked over to him and just straight up asked him "So G, when do we get to have your baptism?" Haha. He was like "oh. well.. uh. when CAN I have it? Do I just call you up and tell you what day?"


So yeah. He's thinking about November 1st. Also the Greenfield Elders got some MORE investigators on date for November 1st. So it's going to be a MASS baptism. #CallInBackUp

It just goes to show that the Lord truly does lift us up out of our weakness. There is a talk I LOVE called "As Many As I Love, I Rebuke and Chasten".

Read it. It's so good. It pretty much is better when you're a missionary. But it's for everyone. Cause it's sooo true and great. I love it.

Hard stuff happens, hey? Like. A lot of hard stuff. Life is hard. Wait. Actually. MISSION life is hard. But it's so great. Because it makes us stronger. Wiser. Better. I love it. I'm so grateful.

K. So what else happened?

Oh! We had this huge stake activity called "Arts & Appies" (appies is short for appetizers)

We had each ward make a treat of culture. It had to be fancy. Our ward made some yummy mexican tart thing. It was good. Then all the rooms of the church were filled with art made by members of the stake. And there were musicians playing and stuff. IT was sooooo cool! :D And a bunch of people came. You know the Luau on 'The District'? It was like that but BIGGER AND BETTER!

Our recent convert J came and brought her daughter M. She's sooooooo great! It was fun to spend the evening with them and eat and see art. It's great. :)

Well. Today is some Elders birthdays. So we're having a missionary party. I'd better go and finish decorating the cake and stuff. :D

Love you all!!!
Sister Whiting

Most of these show our silly companionship unity stuff. Gotta love this girl. 


Having a laugh fest...

...and the camera just keep snapping pictures.

Our companionship

This figure isn't even just there for Halloween. It is permanent. 

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