Monday, October 27, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

So. Right now it's 11 o'clock in the morning. It is 0 degrees outside. And it's like totally blizzarding snow.

It has been for the past 36 hours or so! It's CRAZY!!

Anyways! This week has been pretty crazy.

On Monday we went on a hike through this ravine in our area. We went as a big group of missionaries and it was super fun. I think Canadians totally take for granted how INSANELY BEAUTIFUL this area is. We take a long time walking places because we just want to stop and look at how pretty it all is. Like. ALL. THE. TIME. Sadly the pictures don't even do it justice. It's so much prettier in real life.

Anyways. So then we had a lesson with TNT. We have to push their baptism date back because they're not ready. Sister T is. But Brother T is not quite. We actually taught them in the morning and then we had somewhere to be but they asked us to come back and teach them more later that same day. So we did. It was like an all day TNT party. :)

It was a little bit sad because Bro. T is struggling to have faith in what the church teaches about the life of Jesus Christ and who he actually is. So we're trying to help him. It just makes me so sad to think of a life without what I know about the Savior. :(

While we were teaching him, he was kinda getting into all sorts of stuff that doesn't really make sense. And it was making his wife mad cause she just wants him to believe what we teach him. And so he said something about how what we teach doesn't make sense cause he doesn't want to spend his whole life trying to reach perfection. He wants to have an experience where he can reach perfection NOW.

So pretty much without thinking about it I straight up, HARDCORE called him to repentance and told him he will never reach perfection with such impatience.....

I felt pretty bad about that.

Except now I don't. Because as a representative of Jesus Christ, it's my responsibility to help people understand the consequences of sin. If they don't know they are sinning, how can they repent? So...yeah....I did that.......

It was pretty cool. It's kinda sad for Sister P cause now she won't be here for the baptism. But it's good because we were able to address their concerns. And we can help them really gain a testimony of Jesus Christ.

On the 24th it was Sister P's 18 month birthday!!!!! So the day before I secretly arranged for all sorts of surprises. So throughout the day she kept running into fun surprises for her! The Elders helped me set up a surprise picnic lunch. And we weren't signed up to be fed that day but I arranged with Sister Kipp to feed us her favorite food. And that was so cute because they totally bought sparkling cider and made it a party. And then we got cheesecake! (her fave) It was sooo fun. But weird. Cause she's going home in like a week...

Other than that stuff we've just been doing a lot of finding.

Lots and lots of finding.

We found some really cool Hungarian people! We went sing tracting and they let us sing "I Stand All Amazed" on their doorstep. Then they let us in!!!!!!!!! 

Here's where it gets awkward.....When we went inside, the son was like 'do you want anything to drink? we have water and ginger ale'. So we asked for ginger ale.

We totally think it might have been alcohol.....

Ok. So after talking extensively about it. It probably wasn't alcohol. It was probably just super GINGERY ginger ale. But while we were drinking it, we would sneak looks at each other like "holy cow! this stuff totally burns!" It was super gross. But we had to drink it!

Sooo awkward.

Don't worry. Just in case it WAS alcohol. We repented. Twice. :)

So wanna hear a funny story about this whole snow thing? What am I saying? I'm typing this. You have no choice!! Muahahahahahaha! Ok. Sorry.

So yesterday we had a supper appointment at 4:30. And the members feeding us live pretty far away on the opposite side of the Elder's half of the area from us. Usually we take a bus, but it was Sunday and the bus we needed wasn't running for like hours! So we decided we'd just walk. It was pretty cold outside. But not THAT cold.

Anyways. We left our apartment and stopped to ask the Elders how to get there on foot since it was their area. And then we started up this trail. It kinda felt like it was starting to rain. But it was super cold! So we decided it was really light snow.

To get there we had to cross the ravine. It's a SUPER beautiful bike path with pretty much nothing but nature all around.

After walking for about 20 minutes, the snow really started to pick up.

Also at this point we got lost.

After an hour of walking, it was definitely snowing hardcore.

And we were still lost.

I think we called the Elders like 10 times for directions.

Then finally we reached civilization. And it was BLIZZARDING snow!!! After an hour and a half, we reached our supper appointment. Completely soaked and frozen. Our makeup was all smudged from the snow. We looked so awful.

After supper we had a thing called Sundaes on Sundays. Our ward does this to help everyone get to know everyone. Pretty much some members sign up to be hosts and others sign up to go to someone's house. And they get together Sunday evening and have ice cream sundaes. It's a really great idea.

Anyways. We were still super frozen and wet. But we went. And ate ice cream. And talked to some super cool members. And it was great.

Then we went home and turned the heat up in our apartment and cuddled in pretty much all our clothes and blankets.

It was so great. :)

OOOh! I just remembered!!! We also got a call on Friday from the STLs asking us if we can do a last minute exchange the next day!! So we did. I got to spent the weekend in River Valley. It was pretty much the best. I just love exchanges!!! I love the STLs.

Also I discovered that my new favorite movie is "Treasures in Heaven: The John Tanner Story". We watched the other night and I totally bawled my eyes out for some reason!! Like. Sobbing. And Sister P was so confused. And I have no idea why it means so much to me but I just love it. I totally want to be more like John Tanner. :)

"Consecration is the only surrender which is also a VICTORY."

I love you all! Thanks for being the best ever! You're soooo wonderful!

Sister Sarah Whiting

Surprise 18 month anniversary picnic for Sister P



Sooooo beautiful!!!!

Our district Hike

Sister H and I 

The Sisters

Sister P and I found this cute spot. Looks like an album cover!

The Elders love to throw things in the river

Getting lots of Comp Selfies before Sister P goes home

Sister P and I enjoying a nice day

Southgate Train Station #Bigfeet

Walk to supper - before the snow started

more walk to supper

Walk to supper - weather starting to blow

"Cliffs of Insanely Beautifulness"
The walk to supper is so pretty
We are frozen but WE ARE HAPPY

Lost! Which way do we go?
Yeah. I know. Crazy, hey?
This morning

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