Monday, November 24, 2014

Conquering Ebola: A Life Story

Editor's note: We don't know if Sarah is even aware of the recent outbreak of Ebola cases. We deliberately did not tell her because she always freaked out about Ebola since taking AP Bio. It was kind of a family joke. So it was a little weird to see the title of this letter... ;-)

Ok. So I didn't actually get Ebola. But I did get sick. And it was lame. Getting sick as a missionary isn't fun cause you can't watch movies and troll Facebook. Instead you have to try to get your head in the game and read conference talks and crochet pot holders. :/

So yeah. BEFORE I got sick, it was an AMAZING WEEK!!!!! We saw soooo many miracles!!!

So we had zone conference. And it was crazy good!! We studied the Atonement and practiced teaching any principle of the gospel in relation to the Atonement. It was so great. Read Alma 7:11-13 but every time it says "his people" replace it with your name. That's powerful. :)

We also got a special training on the new "He is the Gift" Initiative for Christmas this year. If you want to know more, visit Coming soon to that site is an AMAZING video which depicts what we value most about Christmastime. I'm so so so excited about it! We get special Christmas pass-along cards to give away this month and next. :D

Oh. Mom. So. Pretty much the treat money you sent me to cheer me up? I spent it on Christmas presents for you and Emma. :) haha. So thanks. I'm sooooooooo excited for you to see them!!!!!!!!!

On Wednesday we had interviews with President and Sister Manion. They were amazing. I LOVE interviews. I pretty much have the coolest mission president of all time! It was just great. :)

Anyways. So interviews and zone conference got us all pumped up to do missionary work. We went home and set all these stellar goals. And then we got to work. We worked and worked.

We had supper with a member and we did the Alma 7:11-13 lesson with them. Then we asked them to pray specifically for us to have success as we spent the next hour tracting their street. The spirit was soooo strong! Then we went tracting.

IT WAS MIRACLE TRACTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone was either super duper nice, or just funny. So even when we got rejected, we could laugh about it! We gave away 4 copies of the Book of Mormon. And it was just amazing. So fun.

Then as we were walking away, this adorable couple walked up to us with their dog and just started talking to us. Let me repeat: THEY WALKED UP TO US. It was crazy. They were soooo nice! And hilarious! Their names are S&P. We talked to them on the street for like 45 minutes until we had to go. But at the end we gave them a Book of Mormon and they got all honored. It was crazy. They were like "can we really have this? Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! We will read this!" Then they both gave us big hugs and walked off!!!

Sister Wamsley and I had to walk down the street and then majorly do a victory dance! They were like ANGELS!!!! We were sooo happy!!!!!!! Oh man!!!!

I'm so excited to see them again!

Oh the Elders gave us a little Christmas tree to put in our apartment. :) We set it up and then just sat by it staring at it's lights for like 25 minutes. :) We love Christmas. It's so great.

On Thursday we taught a lesson. And then we came home and that's when ebola kicked in. I felt pretty angry cause our plan to be super rock star missionaries was thwarted by the flu. I think actually it was Satan trying to kill all my dreams. But don't worry. I'm better now and so is Sister Wamsley. We're gonna see so many miracles this week!!!

Oh! Wanna hear another miracle!??!

So remember how last week I told the story about how the Opa lady remembered me from train contacting? Well. Before zone conference on Tuesday, we went to Tim Horton's for breakfast. And we walked up to order and the lady remembered me!!!! She was like 'Hey! Sister Whiting! I remember you! You like dark chocolate, right?"



:D :D :D


So yeah. It made me so happy. The only problem is that it was morning. And it's like Starbucks. So it was super crowded with all the people who get morning coffee. So I couldn't stay to talk to her. But as I am a regular there now, :) I should be able to start talking to her more. :) 

Oh man. I just love being a missionary. It's so fantastic!

And Christmas is coming up!!! OH MAN!!!

I'm just so happy. Life is good.

I love you all!
Sister Whiting

P.S. Sarah asked that I also include this that she forgot to put in her letter.

Another miracle of this week is this video. It's the latest and greatest from! I love this video because it relates to all of us. Not many of us have as hard of lives as the lady in this video. But in our own ways, we go through these pains. I love that with every trial, you see him strike the hot metal. It looks painful. But in the end, his creation is AMAZING. Check it out:  Mormon Messages: The Refiner's fire  
copy and paste this address if the link doesn't take you there: 
My new coat!!!! It's like heaven!!!! I wore it around the apartment for like half an hour despite the extreme heat.
Thanks, Bro. Dahl!!!! You're the best!!!!!!!

My Ginger Sister. I love this girl! We are gonna be roommates at BYU in a year or so...

Chillin' with my district. My District leader and his greenie.

Coyote Activity?!?!? You mean we weren't imagining the howling?!?!!

When missionaries get sick they play killer bunnies....
...until Sister W falls asleep. Then I take selfies with her dead body on the floor from across the room...haha

We don't like being sick.

Only had enough money to wash so this is our makeshift drying in our tiny apartment. #missionlife
While I was sick the Elders built little snowmen outside our window to cheer me up...or make me jealous...not sure really...

Our cute little Christmas tree.

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
How tiny are your branches"

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