Monday, November 17, 2014

Ice Cream Makes Everything Better

Hey everybody! How's it goin' in the states?! I hear there's been snow? And temperatures below zero? -18C is cold, hey? haha. At least your snow is wet enough to turn into snowmen. Our snow here is too cold and dry. #NoOlafsHere #SadDay

So anyways. This week was crazy! We had Remembrance Day and it was TOTALLY WICKED!
We got to go to this super cool ceremony where they had all sorts or soldiers and mounties and veterans. It was so fantastic. There was a 2 minutes silence in remembrance and it was sooo peaceful! Honestly it wasn't even a church meeting but it was really spiritual. I'm so happy I went.


Afterwords I asked a big group of mounties if I could have a picture with them and THEY SAID YES!!!! haha. It was so cool. They're totally cool. I love them. :) haha


We also went on exchanges. They were kind of a gong show. Not gonna lie. This was a pretty difficult week for me emotionally so we kind of just had a big cry session. My STL Sister Soumpholphakdy just had to sit there and try to talk me through stuff. haha. I feel so bad for her!

She's so amazing. It was great. I love exchanges because even when they're a big cry session gong show, they're so uplifting. And felt better. :) Plus we got a new potential investigator from BRAZIL!! :D

Right after exchanges we went to teach our less active S. They finally put sisters in her YSA so we do like a group lesson. Anyways. So it was me and Sister W, Sister Nicholes and her greenie, Sister Wilson. We were teaching. It was great. And then S was just like "I just can't pray until I get my room clean but it's so dirty and I don't have time to clean it!"

So Sister Wamsley was like "we'll clean it!" and then proceeded to march up her stairs to her room. So we all went up and started cleaning. It was so crazy. Like. Maggots and termites crazy. Sister Wilson got bit by something and had to leave cause her arm started swelling but she didn't want S to feel bad. It didn't take long though cause Sister Wamsley and I pretty much just threw everything away. #ExtremeHoarders Needless to say, after we got home, we immediately put all our clothes in the wash. :)

It was totally worth it! She can pray now!!! :D

Also Sister Wamsley and I got food poisoning. There's this super nice lady in our ward who signs up to feed the missionaries every week. But she's kinda losin it and literally EVERY time we eat at her house, we feel sick afterwards. Well this last week, we actually got sick. And she totally put alcohol in the dessert!! This is my second run in with alcohol on my mission!!!!! Sheesh! GET THEE HENCE SATAN!!!!

Haha. So we stayed home one day and tried not to die.

Then the next day we had ice cream for breakfast. Cause ice cream makes everything better.

Also the Elders found out we were sick, so they bought us Vanilla Toffee Caramel coffee creamer to put in our hot chocolate. :) Yum!

K. So. I had a REALLY cool experience the other day!

I've been praying a lot lately to know that what I'm doing is actually working.

We went to supper with the Rutherford sisters at Opa in the mall. And the lady taking orders saw me and was like "SISTER WHITING! I REMEMBER YOU!!!!" I was like...uh oh. But then she proceeded to tell me all about how she had met me on the train one day and I had talked to her about Jesus Christ and I gave her a pamphlet! :D

She totally remembered me!!!!!

Sometimes with train contacting I start to feel like I'm not really making a difference. But this totally changed my mind! My prayers were answered! I have a purpose. I know God sent me here and my efforts are not wasted!!!!! :D I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!

It made me so happy. :)

Last story:

So last night during our weekly phone call with the district leader, I was like
"Elder. I'm so tired of just being sad and mopy. I hate being so emotionally compromised that my motivation lacks."

He said to me:

"Sister Whiting. Whenever we lack motivation, it is a lack of faith. And a lack of faith is fear. So the real question is: What are you afraid of?"

Oh man. I just totally snapped out of it. I just decided then and there. I'm done being sad. My adversity and my affliction shall be but a small moment and then if I endure it well, God shall exalt me on high.

So I kneeled down and prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for all the AMAZING blessings in my life. Because I have so much.

This morning I woke up and exercised and got ready for the day. I made breakfast. I studied and did laundry. And when I left the apartment to come email, I felt SO ready to work.

I LOVE being a missionary. Even though there is hard stuff that happens, it's not so hard that it's impossible. It's so great to have learning experiences. I am so glad to have the opportunity to reach a higher potential!

I KNOW this church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, is true. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ restored to the Earth through the priesthood power of God through Joseph Smith. I KNOW so much that NOTHING could persuade me to deny its truth. There is no way I could be doing what I'm doing right now in Canada without a true and living God who not only knows me but LOVES me.

I wish there was some way for me to more accurately describe how much I LOVE this gospel. I LOVE being a missionary. I wouldn't trade this experience as a missionary for the world!

I love you all. Have a fantastic week!
Sister Whiting

Even in the snow, you can share the word

the view from our window

Remembrance Day Ceremony in the Buttredome
Remembrance Day
Beautiful sisters!

Wearing poppies!
Royal Canadian Mounted Police 
Sneaking a picture...

...then we decided to just ask - he is Super nice

Waiting for the bus in -20 C

Snowy Selfie

Aren't we Cute?

Sister W wearing colored contacts

Area book meeting #Elderscan'tsmile

Me and Sister Soumpholphakdy

It's pathetic. It is so cold and dry here that you can't make a snowman so people get inflatable, lighted Olaf.

Sister Training Leaders like to give rides!!

After Monday mail, I was really sad so we came home and worked out really hard for 2 hours. #Ultimatetiredness

Sisters W

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