Monday, November 3, 2014

It's that time again...

Transfer week!!!!!

Sad day. I'm losing Sister P. :(

But she's totally just excited cause she gets to go home and see her family and her beloved Colorado. So...whatevs. I'll just be sad by myself.

I can't tell you who my new companion is yet, mostly because I don't know how to spell her name....haha. But she's coming from YSA to Greenfield!!! :D I'm so excited!

This week has been mostly saying goodbye to people from Sister P's old areas. So there's not much going on.

TNT stopped talking to us. :( Actually they just asked us if we could skip this week. But then they also stopped responding to we don't know.

The Elders fixed my boot so I don't look like a hobo anymore!! :D

At stake conference I totally ran into this guy who's related to Dr. Bateman. We talked for a while about how cool their family is. haha. #ItsASmallWorldAfterAll

For Halloween we had a missionary party at the church. Most of us dressed up but there were some less excited missionaries who were too cool for that as well. Sister P went as an RM or in other words a "cute pregnant lady". I went as a thug. Sister H and Sister W dressed up as the Elders in their ward and their Elders dressed up as Sister H and Sister W. It was cute. Elder Hedley was the Skipper and Elder Taylor was Gilligan.

The party was pretty lame cause most games aren't totally legit for missionaries. Like we can't play sardines...But there was lots of candy and Phase 10. So it worked out. :)

The other day we had a lunch scheduled with a less-active Sister P taught earlier in her mission. He told us to meet him at Red Robins on Saturday at 1 o'clock. So we went there. And we waited. For like 45 minutes. And he never came. But while we were waiting, these 2 guys walked up and started talking to us. Turns out they're from Millcreek YSA. So they talked to us for a while and then when we said our appointment stood us up, they were like "want a free meal?"

So they bought our lunch at Red Robins.

It was super nice! And the waitress thought it was so cute that they did that!! She was soooo nice to us!!!!

While we were eating she came up to us and was like "another family in the restaurant asked if they could pay for your meal but I told them it was already paid for by 2 young men" So we looked around and lo and behold, a family from our ward was sitting there smiling and waving! :)

Oh man.

People are really nice!


So that was the highlight. It was pretty crazy.

I'm gonna miss Sister P. I learned a lot from her. This transfer has definitely taught me more than I would have ever anticipated. I'm so grateful for her. I'm so proud of her for all she's done. She's sooo amazing! And she'd better email me when she gets a boyfriend!!!!!!!


Love you all!!
Sister Whiting
Sister P thinks I look like this Peacock

Happy Halloween!!
Sister P for Halloween - It isn't easy being "prego"
Elders and Sisters dressed like each other
The only "Elder/Sister" selfie I will take. Me and "Elder Liddle"
#ThugLyfe #RM Status
Sister P crossed the street while I wasn't watching. Then she had to wait for me.
Ward Mission leader's daughter wanted to wear my nametag. Me and Sister Whiting :)

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