Monday, November 10, 2014

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Merry Christmas family!

haha jk. It's not Christmas yet. But it sure feels like it! Christmas lights are up! Snow is covering everything! Boots and scarves are on! It's that wonderful time of the year!!!!!!!!

Sister Parker is officially home and normalized. It's totally crazy!!! I'm gonna miss her but I'm so proud of her for making it the 18 months! She's so amazing! And now it means I can expect a wedding announcement anytime!!!! haha jk sister. jk.

So a bunch happened this week. I don't know where to start!

Well this week I got a new companion. I guess I'll start there! Greenfield would like to welcome:

Sister Wamsley!

She's from Taylorsville, Utah. She looks pretty much exactly like Elsa. She's been out for 2 transfers longer than me. And we both love to laugh a bunch. So it's pretty much the best!

TNT dropped us. So...that's pretty much the worst news ever. :(

But now that that's out of the way we can move on to better and brighter things.

It's been snowing like crazy the past 3 days. So the donut law is now in effect. Pretty much the donut law states that if you slip and anything other than your feet touch the ground, you have to buy donuts for the district. :) It's a fantastic rule except that it's going to be the death of me. Sister W and I have already had some close calls. We agreed that if one of us starts to fall, we'll pull the other down with us so we can split the cost of donuts. :)

On Saturday we went shovel tracting with the Elders and shoveled a million driveways. Well. K. It wasn't a million. But it was a lot. And we did a lot of sidewalks. It was so fun. Right now, while it's still new and exciting, snow is sooo fun! I'm excited!

Yesterday while Sister W and I were out we decided to walk the long road to the other side of our area to contact some referrals. And while we were walking through the ravine it got really dark. (at this point it was like 5:00 pm) So in the pitch black we had to walk really slow to know where to step. And then Sister W thought it would be a good idea to howl like a wolf. So she did. And I laughed and joked about Harry Potter and how Hermione called the werewolf her way.

That is when the real howling started. All around us. Like loud and scary howling.

Here we are. Two sister missionaries in the woods at night and there's some loud howling going on.

We looked at each other and totally freaked out. So we started running up the hill to safety. But the howling kept going.

So we tried calling people. But it was supper time so no one was answering!!!!

So we just kept running and praying. We finally made it to civilization. And into the "safety zone". From there we had a member come rescue us and take us to her house where she promptly made us homemade chicken noodle soup and buns. :) I love her so much for that. We owe her big time!

It made me realize how much God uses us to answer the prayers of others. Sister I was our prayer answered. And I'm so thankful for that. I just hope I can be better at answering the prayers of others'.

The best part of this little scare session is that in our panic we texted the Elders that we were in danger. So like 2 hours later they called us all worried and asked if we were ok. :) Great timing Elders!! haha. We're fine!!! We got the Lord on our side!!! :D

Sister H got moved to where Sister W came from. So I don't get to see her every week. But it's ok cause someday we'll be companions!!! :D

Well. For p-day today we're having a finger paint competition and then we're building snowmen. So I'd better get goin' so I can find finger paint.


Sister Whiting

p.s. Thanks so much for all your prayers. I can definitely see them being answered here. I'm so grateful for that. You're all the best!

Sister P wanted to say goodbye to this AMAZING family before she left.

We had a BLAST hanging out with these cuties! Aren't they adorable?!

Had to say farewell to my favorite sisters for a while - til we get to be companions...

Sister P is home! Invite me to your wedding when I get home!!

District Meeting!

Ward mission leader likes hunting - Nick, this picture is for you!!

One day we are just chilly...

...And the next day we are frozen.
What!!?! Good Morning Edmonton!

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