Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Season Has Officially Begun!! - December 1, 2014

Hello, hello family!

So. It's pretty much been -35 and -40 all week. So. It's cold. But we found out that we're expected to be out working until it gets BELOW -40. So yeah. #ThermalsAreMyBestFriends

On the bright side, I have the BEST COAT EVER!!!!!!!!! It's amazing. It's the most comfy thing in the whole world!!! I've started using it as a coat when I'm outside and a blanket when I'm inside. It's so amazing. I totally have a testimony of Canada Goose. :)

Haha. Anyways.

So this week is the first week of the #HeistheGift initiative. It started on Friday and it's been GREAT! Something about having Christmas themed pass-along cards gives us all a super boost of confidence when it comes to talking with everyone. It's soooo fun! I love it so so so much!

If you haven't seen the video yet, stop reading this blog. Like. Stop. Right now. Go to and watch it RIGHT NOW!

If you HAVE seen the video. Stop right now. Go to that same website. Watch the video. And then scroll through the website and discover all the cool ways you can #SharetheGift with EVERYONE!

:) That video makes me so happy. Can you tell?

Anyways. So yeah. Since it's so cold, we can't just tract all day. So unless we have an appointment, we go train contacting. It's super duper fun. On Saturday we went with the Elders and after each round we'd compare how many cards we'd each given away. #FriendlyCompetition

Something SUPER exciting happened to me this week!!!! STORY TIME!!!!

K. So last Monday, pretty much right after I emailed all of you, I got a call from the Tagalog elders in our stake. They were like "Sister Whiting. We know you play the piano. So can you play the piano at our investigator's wedding this Friday?"

haha. Oh man. There's nothing like being asked less than a week before a wedding to play the piano. To make it better, I'm a missionary. So I don't have sheet music for love songs or the wedding march...haha. So I had to scramble and then I had to find spare time at the church to practice.

So we showed up on Friday at 5:30. The wedding was supposed to start at 6. It ended up starting at 7:15. It only lasted about 6 minutes. I played one round of "here comes the bride". And then I played "I love you for sentimental reasons" like 20 times. haha

It was soooo awkward!!!!!!!!!

But whatevs. It was fun. And we got to eat some pretty delicious Filipino food. :)

Oh! I just remembered you all had Thanksgiving this week! How was that?! haha. We didn't have a supper appointment on that day. So we went to Olive Garden with the Rutherford sisters. It was pretty nice. We got black tie cheesecake. :) yummmmm!

At church yesterday, we had a meeting combined with the adults and youth. Everyone had to sit in their families and we talked about the Family: A Proclamation to the World. It was so cool. We watched the talk President Eyring gave at the Vatican a while ago. If you haven't seen that, STOP. and go to this link:

And watch it. It's soo good! I love what he says about his wife. :)

I just love families. They're so important. I love my family! They're the BEST EVER!!!!! I love being a missionary too. It's the best. I love the snow. Even when it's like 1.5 meters high. I love tracting and train contacting. I love the #HeistheGift video. I love Mr. Kreuger's Christmas. (we totally watched that yesterday) I love it. :) So much! :D

OH MAN!!! I'M SOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK AND I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you guys. oh. wait. sorry. I'm not allowed to say guys.

I love you people. :) So much. Be good to each other.

Sister Whiting

It's sooooo cold!!!!!!

When the weather outside is frightful, the best thing to do is buy Ramen Noodles

While helping get a car unstuck, one of the elders accidentally drove off for like 2 minutes.
Doesn't this Elder look scared?!  #Unlegit

Our recent convert asked us to help put up her Christmas decorations

It looks like a thought bubble. We wanted to write "He is the Gift" with dry erase marker, but she said no.

Merry Christmas from the Greenfield area missionaries

Day 1 of snow. You can still see me when I stand in it. Now...not so much.

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  1. Sorry everyone for taking two weeks to get this letter on her blog. It is a fantastic time to be a missionary!!