Monday, December 15, 2014

Fairwell Greenfield

Transfer calls at 11:20. How crazy is that?!?!

That's right. It's transfer week. And I'm leaving my hometown, Greenfield. It's sooo weird!!!! Usually I don't like to tell you who I'm getting until transfers have actually happened. But. I'm so excited. I can't wait.

I'M GOING TO DRAYTON VALLEY TO BE WITH SISTER JONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As in, the Sister Jones that I'm already Fb friends with! Crazy, hey? And it's a driving area. And I'll be the senior companion. So I have to drive. In the winter. In an area I don't know. haha


I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so crazy. Oh man. I can't even calm down. And Sister Warr used to be in Drayton so she's telling me all about it. Essentially it's the promised land. :) And I'm going there. I'm so so so so so so excited!!!!!!!!

Ok. Enough of that.

This week was a total gong show. But that's ok. It was also fun. It's been super warm! I haven't even needed to wear my huge coat most days. It's sunny and lovely. The only bad thing about it is that the snow has melted and then at night we get freezing rain. So it's sooooooooooo slippery. We're getting donuts this week for sure!

Oh. Here's something funny...

So we go train contacting a lot right? Well. The other day, we were at the LRT station and there was this man playing the guitar. So we stopped to talk to him. And he seemed super cool. We gave him a He is the Gift card and a Book of Mormon. That was that.

Then he started texting us. And he was sooooo creepy! He knew our first names! And he started gettin kinda sketch. Then he straight up asked me to marry him...

That's right.

I got proposed to.

Over text.

So then it was weird. And then he tried to ask me to have a secret love affair with him. :P


Yeah. That was exciting. And weird. haha. The funny thing is that I was warned about this kind of stuff in the MTC by my branch president's wife.

Moving on.

Since I'm getting transferred to an outlying area I only get mail like once a transfer. So if I don't get things right away, don't freak out. Instead of getting a bit of mail every week, I'll just get a big 'ole pile of mail after a long time. #RandomButImportant


Ok. I thought of something else! We taught P and B a new member lesson!! It was ALL of lesson 4. So it took a while. But we got through it. And it was fun. B is only 13 so the Law of Chastity was so awkward for him. haha. To make it better, the Elders came and crashed our lesson so we made them teach the rest. It was great.

So yeah. That was this week.

Now. Before I go, I need you all to do something for me.

1. Go to
2. Search "What Shall We Give?"
3. Watch the video with your whole family
4. Share it with ALL your friends

The end.

Sister Whiting
Our District - while the others throw snowballs at us!!!

My favorite people!!


My true sister

Funerals for Elder Hedley and Elder Bramwell

P and B (what? no J?)

See the Adorable stocking Sister Wamsley's mom sent me?

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