Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls!!!

Just kidding. I'm not in Bedford Falls. But it kinda feels like it...also It's a Wonderful Life should be mission approved, I think...

So anyways. How was everyone's Christmas?? Mine was interesting. :) haha.

So pretty much we got to spend Christmas Eve with the branch president's son and his wife. They're so cute. And they made us a TON of super fancy Italian food. :)

After supper we pretty much just had to go home. No one wants missionaries to knock on their door at 7pm Christmas eve....So we made a bunch of cookies. :)

Christmas morning, we went to have breakfast with some members and they were super sweet. They gave us some cute Canada mugs and chocolate and these super interesting stuffies....(that's Canada's version of a stuffed animal)

Then we had a lunch appointment with some other members. They gave us the gift of chocolate as well....

Also for supper we were given a lot of chocolate.....(you're starting to see a pattern, aren't you?)

Sister J and I think we might have each gained a million pounds from Christmas chocolate. :P So today, whatever we still have, we're giving away or throwing away. (Nutella doesn't count though, hey?)

Let's see. What else happened this week?

Oh. So we went tracting...And there was this man who answered. And at first he was so nice and so we got super excited to teach him. But then (seriously this happened) he asked us if the church always sends out the sexiest ladies to preach......


So we ditched that scene quick.

#HesDesperate #SuperAwkward

Fortunately the next house we knocked was a super nice family that said we could come back after Christmas and teach them!!! Hooray!

On Christmas Eve, we were tracting and trying frantically to give away the rest of our #HITG cards. And we were getting some doors slammed in our faces. (which is so awkward for everyone, btw) We were kinda feeling like giving up and going somewhere else. But then we decided that we needed to go to one more house. And when we knocked, the lady was so nice. We'll call her K. She let us in and sat us down. We showed her the #HITG video and talked to her about our purpose as missionaries. And she totally just cried her eyes out! :)

She worries that her kids won't be able to recognize the importance of religion if she doesn't find them one to believe in now. And she didn't like that they couldn't understand the reason for Christmas. So she got so excited to show them. She invited us back to teach her and the family!!! :D Hooray!!!

So we're so excited to teach her!

Just a little thing here: I've made it halfway through round 2 of the Book of Mormon. Last week I was reading about Alma the younger. Oh man. I just love that man. He's so amazing, hey? I love that he uses his own conversion story to help others understand the importance of repentance and obedience to the commandments of God. I mean, seriously! He was "the vilest of sinners" and yet, he repented and became one the greatest prophets in the Book of Mormon. If he can do it, so should we!

I know I'm young and super inexperienced and whatever. But I have seen enough miracles on my mission so far to know that God lives and He loves us! I can't even say the smallest part which I feel! I know He does! So therefore, we NEED to do as the Book of Mormon prophets say and "shake off the chains with which we are bound". Stop carrying around your sins! Drop your pride! Come unto Christ! Be perfected in Him! Have new and everlasting joy! :) For those of you who have done so, you know how amazing it is! It's great in the gospel, hey?

Yeah. :) It's important.

I love you all! Happy New Year!!!

Sister Whiting

Christmas day!

Christmas day together

Our tiny church building
Welcome to Drayton Valley!

Our beautiful view driving


#Thanks #CaptainObvious

Canada and their signs....

Car Selfie time in the family history center

Christmas day nap!

fun gift - Go Canada mittens!
#CompUnity #EdmontonOilers 

Christmas day Skyping the family!! (missed you Hannah!!)

More beautiful views

Hidden treasure in the Calgary puzzle -  look closely to see what you can find!
(Will reveal next week...)

Our weird Stuffies

Tracting  Sunday evening

Yes, Drayton Valley has a Timmie's!

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