Saturday, December 13, 2014

This Christmas Season: Discover the Gift, Embrace the Gift, Share the Gift

Heelllloooooo family!!!                                                                         December 8, 2014

Happy almost Christmas!!! In like....17 days...haha I'm so pumped

So anyways. What about that Christmas devotional last night? It was amazing, hey? So good. Oh man. I love that Elder Christofferson smiles pretty much the entire time he's talking. And also I loved his talk. So much. And I love MoTab. :)

This week has been crazy! We've spent all week sharing #HeistheGift with the ward and all the people that ever ride the train. haha. It's been good.

So pretty much so many miracles have happened this week.

We decided to call all the less active people in our ward and ask them if we can come share a Christmas message with them. Most of them said no. :( But there were a few that said YES!!!!!!! And it wasn't just anyone. One was a lady who hasn't let members come to her house in years!!!! And when we went to visit her, she asked us to come back every week!!!!!



The other one is a lady that we've spent a lot of time trying to know how to help her. And what actually happened is that a ward member asked her if she'd be willing to have the missionaries in her home each week and she said yes!!!


The best thing ever is when members do what they can to invite people to meet with missionaries so that when we extend the invitation to meet with us, they're already prepped and ready and WILLING to see us. It's so great. I love member missionaries. So much!

So yeah. We met with them and showed the He is the Gift video with them.

I love that video.

Let me say that again.


I've watched it so many times that when I hear the music of it, I can narrate the entire video. I love it. I never get tired or watching it. During time each week, I watch it like 5 or 6 times. I think I intend to get something new out of it every time. But what really happens is I watch it and just get all happy inside cause I love Christmas and the Savior and giving and love and peace and hope and everything. :) It's so happy.

Speaking of happy. Wanna hear an awkward but funny story? Who am I kidding? Of course you do!

So Sister W and I were train contacting and then as we were walking out of the LRT station, a man stopped to talk to us. He was sooo funny! He would say "I'm not on drugs" every other sentence. And he'd be like "I'm not hitting on you. But. You both are beautiful."
We talked to him about He is the Gift and how we're helping people focus on giving instead of receiving and he instantly wanted to talk about how he totally believes in free love....:O
He kept calling me "smiles" and Sister W "cute one".

Talk about weird.

So then to try and end it and walk away, we gave him a "He is the Gift" card...but now he has our number....and he texts us....haha. So much awkward all at once, ya know? So yeah. We're gonna do the smackdown tonight.


This weekend we also had a big stake Christmas Music program. It was soooo good! And it was crazy because we showed up and guess who was there! G!!! Remember G from like 2 transfers ago?!?! He was there and he sat by us!! Then he came to church yesterday!! AND he came to the Christmas Devo with us!!!! :O It was sooo cool! I was so happy he came. We're going to meet with him this week and help him have a fantastic Christmas! :)

Well. I'm sure much more exciting stuff happened. But I can't really remember it all at the moment. Sheesh. Missions are so fast. I don't know what's happening....

This morning I read the talk President Uchtdorf gave at the last Priesthood session. It's called "Lord, Is It I?" Read it here:

It's so good. That's all I can really say.

So anyways. I love you all. Happy Christmastime. :)

Sister Whiting

Check out these icicles!!!!

They're bigger than that one I kept a few winters ago...Hannah you know the one I'm talking about. ;)

That awkward moment when there is nobody on the train...

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