Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Welcome to Drayton Valley

Oh man. This has literally been a week of blood, sweat and tears.

While Sister Warr was helping me take my suitcases out to the car before transfer meeting, she fell and cut her hand all gross-like. And then she pretty much smeared her blood all over my suitcase. haha. :) She says it's so I will never forget her.

Also while I was studying the other day, my bottom lipped totally cracked open and started bleeding. I was laying down and reading the Book of Mormon. But I accidentally dropped it. Not only did it hurt when it landed on my face, but my bloody lip smeared all over the pages. So now it kinda looks like I killed someone with my Book of Mormon....#Awkward

The apartment here in Drayton is AMAZING! It's huge. So big. I love it! But the heater is messed up so it's pretty much always turned onto max heat. We have to keep our windows open and fans blowing so we don't die of heat stroke all the time. The good part of that is it makes the coldness outside not as bad cause we're so tired of the hot. :) #GlassIsHalfFull

We have also been running around like crazy people doing missionary work out here. So. yeah. It's fantastic. I would normally tell you all the stuff we do. But we seriously do SO MUCH MISSIONARY WORK that I can't tell you all of it. It's so much. I love it!

On Tuesday Sister Wamsley and I pretty much spent all day running around saying goodbye to all my amazing Greenfield friends. It was pretty much terrible. I love those people.

Also Sister Warr came over so that she and I could cry together about how much we'll miss each other. It was pretty sad.

Then on Wednesday we had transfer meeting/Christmas conference. It was pretty fantastic. We got to watch Meet the Mormons!!! haha that boxing lady is SO COOL! I totally wish I was her! And we had a musical talent show where President and Sister Manion sang the CUTEST duet about Mary and Jesus. It was soooooooo cute. I wish I had filmed it. But while we were listening, Sister J leaned over and she was like "oh yeah. we're singing in sacrament meeting this Sunday." haha. great. Don't worry. I managed to only have to play the piano. :)

Oh yeah. So. My new companion! Her name is Sister Jones! She's from Utah. And she's THE MOST AMAZING MISSIONARY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! As in, this girl KNOWS her purpose! It's so fantastic! And she's only been out like 4 months. So it's pretty cool to learn so much from her. I'm the luckiest person ever. I just love being a missionary!!!!!

Oh yeah. And one of the missionaries that went home gave me a super super great Christmas present. So that also made me cry. (man I cried a lot this week) But once again, I was super impatient and didn't wait till Christmas to open it. So...#NoRegrets

Alright. Drayton Valley. Essentially the promised land. It's so beautiful. As in, National Geographic status. It's GORGEOUS!!! And it's huge. Well. It's a tiny town. But the area is huge. Cause we have all the surrounding tiny towns. But it's such a cute town. Sort of like Radiator Springs from Cars...But cuter. And the cars don't talk...

Our branch is amazing! It's tiny. The chapel is miniscule. But it's sooo great! Everyone is just so amazing. I love them all! Everyone is so concerned about our Christmas that we now have 3 Christmas trees in our apartment. 2 mini ones and a full size one. :/ Good thing we have such a huge apartment!

Our branch mission leader and his family are from South Africa! They just moved about 6 months ago so they've been out here as long as me. It's really funny talking to them cause Sister J and I both have to concentrate on NOT speaking with an accent. haha. So now most of the time it's just us, we talk to each other in a South African accent. :) It's pretty great.

We have a whole bunch of investigators. And guess what? ALL of their names start with the letter M. So I'm going to have to think of a new way to talk about them...maybe a code system? haha I don't know.

There's also a less-active that we work with that reminds me soooo much of Cindy Wilson. (except that she's less-active or course) So pretty much we instantly connected and she came to church on Sunday. :) It made me sooooooo happy! I LOVE HER!!!!

Ok. What else? I don't know. I love missionary work!

Well. Have a VERY Merry Christmas!

Sister Sarah Whiting
My beautiful new companion, Sister Jones!!!

Said goodbye to my bestest friends ever!! Elder Hedley and Sister Warr

Haha! Love the Tagalog Elders. #Peaceout with Elder Ustare

#bestfriendsforlyfe #futureroommates

Love these girls! Saying goodbye and learning to African dance at the same time.

Farewell party with G and Elder Hedley

I love the Kipps!!!

I did it. I had to. I held Bro. G's new baby. She is so tiny and cute!

Goodbye to the G family.

Me and Lucy just being BFF's

I LOVE the Kastendiecks!

Sister Haylin and Sofia!! Love you girls!!!

Drayton Valley

This is seriously where we drive every day.

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