Friday, January 16, 2015

Crazy Week!

Hellloooo family!!!!!!

Oh my goodness! Talk about crazy! This week. If you look up in the dictionary "Crazy", you would see this week in DV with me and Sister J. Seriously. Woah. So this email is gonna be long...just warning you...

For fast Sunday we fasted specifically to find people through the members who were ready to hear the gospel. And then we got 4 new investigators!!!!!!! (granted...we found all of them through we need to work with the members on giving us referrals...but still. crazy, hey?)

One of these new investigators was a lady we tracted into during the #HITG initiative. We've stopped by a few times but each time she is busy. So this time we decided we needed to give it one last go around. And she was there and she let us in!! We showed her the 'Because of Him' video and talked about faith in Jesus Christ. She totally opened up to us about some really hard things she's experienced in her life and Sister J and I were able to testify to her that we KNOW the gospel blesses our lives and helps us to overcome trials. She said she wanted a week to read the Book of Mormon and then we could come back. So we have an appointment with her this week to follow up!

We had 2 lessons this week with our investigators C and K. We brought the branch president and his wife along. They started out good. Haha.

Pretty much Sister J and I keep telling ourselves that not every investigator is a golden find. Sometimes they have concerns or holdups. That's ok. We're patient...

Our other new investigator is L. She lives in Evansburg which is a 30 minute drive from DV. She's sooooooo nice! Finding her was kinda scary...but it was so cool!!!!

So we had some extra time before supper but we don't have a lot of people we know there. So we decided to just knock on some doors. We were going along having mediocre success, when we see this truck on the side of the road. It was running and we saw a lady inside. Earlier we set a goal to talk to EVERYONE so we kind of awkwardly stood there nervously. We wanted to talk to her but we were SOOO nervous!

But then we just did it. We walked up to the truck and she looked up at us. She got out of the truck and let us into her house so we could talk! At first she thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses (that's normal though....NBD) but when we told her about what we believe she was all excited. She has NEVER heard anything about any religion before. She was brought up to ignore it. So she wants to learn about ours so she can decide if her kids can be brought up in it!!! She's going to drive to DV TWICE A WEEK to visit with us!!!!!! :O how crazy is that?!?!?!?!!?!

I love her. :)

Last Monday we were teaching some less-actives and while we were there, we both got SUPER thirsty. But we didn't want to distract from the lesson. So as soon as we left we went to the store to get some water bottles. While we were there, the Backstreet Boys came on. So we had a little dance party in the store. (good thing we were the only ones there...) Sometimes '90s music is a tender mercy...#MissionLyfe

Saturday was a gong show.

We went to visit an inactive lady who almost never lets us in. But this time she did. And we tried to read the Book of Mormon with her...and...let's just say that we did our best. :D

Everything else is great. It's all so great here. Even the temperature is going up! So we are only slightly freezing! It's so great!

Now. As you pretty much all know, I'm officially a Facebook missionary now! Hooray. So that means I get to be on facebook for an hour a day to share uplifting messages with the world and find people in DV to teach. I do get to be your fb friends. But I can't talk to you or anything unless it's for missionary purposes. So if you try to fb message me and I don't respond, don't freak out. I just gotta be obedient, ya know? Thanks!

I just love being a missionary!

Love love love,
Sister Whiting
#Drivintothecity #Roadtrip
Lyrics to our favorite song

These members have 2 huge "Harry Potter" dogs.  They are soooo funny!

Our appointment fell through so we had to buy minion cookies.

Our companionship in a nutshell. 

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