Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!!

I can't believe it's 2015. Weird. Time is going by soooooo fast!!!!!!!

This week was crazy! So I told you our branch is tiny. Literally every Sunday while Sister J and I stand at the chapel doors to greet people, our Branch President will come in and say "looks like we're few and far between."

Every week.

Since our branch is so tiny, it means there's pretty much no one who plays the piano...and here I come on my very first Sunday playing the piano in Sacrament meeting... [Note from the Editor: all those piano lessons are paying off now!!]

So I'm the primary pianist for now. :) It's so fun. The church is the most true in primary. And Sister J helps when they sing rounds and stuff. It's so great.

We had district meeting this week! (sadly we only get it twice a transfer out here cause we have to drive an hour and a half to get to the next area) We got to set goals for the new year and write them on paper airplanes. Then we had a flying contest to see who's goals would make it the longest. Sister J and I are the only sisters in the's weird. haha. But fun. And the drive to RMH is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful!
 [I had to ask her what RMH was - Rocky Mountain House. It is a town in Alberta. Now we know.]
It dumped snow. And the temperature dropped to something completely ridiculous. Like. It's so cold that as soon as you go outside you start coughing really bad. And all your muscles all start to seize up trying to save themselves. And any air that gets into your nose or mouth instantly freezes. It's so cold. IT'S SO COLD!!!!

But it's fun. haha. It's so crazy and weird that it gets so cold that it makes missionary work more interesting. Does that sound totally pathetic?

Anyways. So we met with one of our investigators twice this week. She's super super nice. VERY Christian. And loves to share her big spiritual experiences with us.

After our lesson with her one day, she asked us if we could go with her to visit an old friend who's in the hospital. So we went. And man, was it weird!!

Sister J sat on the bed with her and I sat in the seat of a walker...Then our investigator was like "would you like to join us in praying for her?" Obviously we said yes...But it was so weird. like.... I don't know. I guess I shouldn't really describe it. But it did not seem right....Sister J and I had to go home right after leaving and read the Book of Mormon for like a half an hour.

But then we met with her again a few days later and all is well. We read from Alma and helped her to see that the Book of Mormon teaches correct doctrine. :)

We also got 3 new investigators!!! HOORAY!!! They're all super super nice! I love them all!! And now that it's not the holiday season, we're actually going to be able to meet with people!! Hooray!!!!!!!

Well...We did a bunch of other stuff. Haha. But I can't really remember everything....It's just been such a great week...

oh! So I bore my testimony in church yesterday. And it was sooo embarrassing. I was talking about Alma and Amulek and how they showed a lot of faith and courage as they shared the gospel. It was going to be really great. Except that literally EVERY time I try to say Amulek, I say Almulek. It's like one of those celebrity couple names like Brangelina. So pretty much that's what we call them. :)

Speaking of Almulek. I'm just going to geek out about them really quick.

After Abinidi got BURNED for testifying of Christ, Alma IMMEDIATELY repents and goes about preaching the same thing. He doesn't wait for things to "simmer" down with King Noah. He doesn't just go to a different town to preach. He just goes and does the same thing as Abinidi!

Talk about courage!!! He was willing to risk his life!

Then later on, he goes out with Amulek to preach the gospel to the people. And after Alma has been talking for a while, the people start to get all worked up (as usual) and threaten to kill him.

Without hesitation, Amulek steps up and starts to preach as well.

He didn't say "oh ok. thanks anyways. sorry for bugging you."

He risked his life and Alma's.

These guys were the BEST MISSIONARIES EVER!!!!

So my new year's resolution is to fear God more than man. I shouldn't be afraid to be bold and share the gospel to EVERYONE! I should talk to everyone. I should testify to everyone.

And so should you. :)

Love ya!!!

Sister Whiting
Mini Pump Jack #Oiltown


We got to do service at a light show in the town of Rocky Mountain House

Sometimes nightly planning can get crazy
Can't study without our space heater!

New year's Eve party... We were so determined to watch the John Tanner story for New Year's Eve but our DVD player broke. Then we were super sad. #Notreallyaparty  #Missionaryproblems 

We got to visit a farm of one of the members in our area

Don't you just love the miniature horse?!

We got to help with the farm chores

...and feed the animals

Feeding the mini cows
Check out the Divalicious eyelashes on the Alpaca!!

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