Monday, January 26, 2015

The Safety of Slush

That's right. Slush. This week it's been like plus 10 all week!!! So the snow on the roads has melted and formed massive lakes in the gutters. Sister J likes to park right by them so I have to wade through them to get out of the car. haha. But it's ok as long as I don't swim in them....;)

But yeah. The sunshine has been out and it's been so warm that Sister J and I go tracting all day in SHORT SLEEVES!!! You heard me. Short sleeves. And it's not even cold. :) It makes us so happy.

The only problem is that for a few days, it was EXTREMELY icy. We got some pretty hardcore freezing rain that covered the roads in slippery death. So it takes us quite a bit longer to tract because we have to slowly shuffle from house to house. :) But now it's so warm that the ice is gone and it's just water.

On Tuesday Sister J and I got to check off an item from our mission bucket lists.

WE SAW 2 MOOSE!!!!!!!

Yeah. That's right. We were driving to our lesson that's like 20 minutes out of town and we had a member in the backseat. It was all quiet and whatnot. Then she just casually says "oh look. moose."

I think Sister J was going to crash the car. We both FREAKED OUT!!!! We've been trying to find moose for forever. And there in the field stood two moose. Sadly we only got a quick peek cause we were driving fast. But it was still cool. :) #ThingsToSeeInCanada

The lesson we were on our way to was with our investigator M. She is so great. We taught her the rest of lesson 3. (well. she pretty much taught herself lesson 3 cause she's so spiritually prepared) And then we asked her to prepare to be baptized the end of February. And she said YES!!! ;D

Then she asked us to come back and teach the rest of her family!!!!!!!

So yeah. It was a miracle!!!

Sister J and I had this awkward experience where we prayed HARDCORE for revelation to help us with our investigators. So then the other morning, while I was putting on my makeup, I kinda thought that maybe we should start our lesson with C with a hymn. But that's kinda weird. So I ignored it. But then during studies, Sister J was like "what if we started the lesson for C with a song?"

We were like DANGIT! That's not the revelation we wanted!!!!! (Sometimes we accidentally think that we can just decide that we know best. This results in thinking we can choose the revelation we receive.....)

So we spent all day feeling nervous cause we totally didn't want to sing for him...Even though we're supposed to fear God and not man..........

But we did it. We sang the first verse of "I Need Thee Every Hour". And it was only mildly awkward. And the lesson went really well! So....lesson learned Heavenly Father.

*insert clever transition here*

I played a piano duet in Sacrament meeting with Bro. Palsky. It was really cool I guess.

Also the Elders are no longer in Drayton. THE SISTER MISSIONARIES ARE NOW THE SOLE PROVIDERS OF SALVATION TO THE PEOPLE OF DRAYTON VALLEY!!! haha jk. We're just here to help the members with that.

Yeah. Elder Jackson got called to be the new AP. So that's cool. And Elder Wilson is in the city now. So we are alone out here. :O

It's weird.

Now you might have seen on FB that I'm giving up sweets this week to help Gord stop smoking.

Yeah. It's true. I really am. As in. No more skinny cow ice cream bars. And no more DQ. And no more dessert. At all. None. No sweets.


It's really exciting. We made these little "spiritual cigarettes" for him to carry around so that every time he wants to smoke, he can take out his cigarettes and read a spiritual thought. :)

Um....what else...........

haha. oh I know.

So today was transfer calls day. And last night we were talking to Elder Jackson on the phone and he said something that very much sounded like we were going to be transferred. So we totally freaked out! Sister J is the bestest missionary in the whole world! Not only is she a major role model for me, she's also one of my best friends! I love her! I love this area! This area is amazing! So much is going to happen. We really didn't want to get split up.

Then today we didn't get a call. We're not getting transferred. There was a sister who said:

"Don't cry over spilt milk that hasn't even spilt yet." #LifeMotto #StayPositive

Also really quick I want to share a scripture with you. I just found it and I love it. :)

Luke 22:33

I realize now that 18 months is SUPER short. I want to give this my all. And really, life is short! We're all missionaries! We need to give this our all! Now is the time! This life is the time for men to prepare to meet God! (and also to help others prepare to meet Him)
Are you willing to follow the Savior wherever He goes to help people come unto Him?

Love ya!!!! Happy almost February!!!
Sister Whiting

It's so Sunny!!!!

Short Sleeve Tracting!!!!!

And then we found this weird tree...

It's such a lovely day!! What are we doing in the car?!?


Sometimes we get love notes from members...

And sometimes we get hate notes from strangers.

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