Tuesday, January 20, 2015

There is Sunshine in My Soul Today!

Holy Miracles Batman!! This week has been INSANELY full of MIRACLES!!! I don't even know where to start!

So we went on exchanges this week. I went to Lakewood with Sister Gardner and Sister Douglas came here to be with Sister J. It was pretty much the greatest! While I was in the city, Sister J and Sister D got us 3 new investigators and a few potentials!

Right after we exchanged we had a lesson with our progressing investigator M. She's so so wonderful! I love love LOVE her!! We taught her about baptism and she said as soon as she can get to church she would love to be baptized! Hooray!!!

Our other progressing investigators dropped us. :( But the bridge isn't burned. So we'll hopefully be hearing from her again eventually. :)

Remember the inactive lady who we tried to read the Book of Mormon with last week? Well we went to her house again and she let us in again!!! We pulled up "The Hope of God's Light" for her and did her dishes while she watched it. It was sooo good!!! She loved it! The spirit was so strong! While we kept doing her dishes she watched the video on repeat cause she loved it so much. Finally she asked us why the video made her cry so much. We taught her about the spirit and how God confirms what is right through him. It was so good. When we left, she was so happy! And SHE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!

Right after we taught her, we had a lesson with our investigator from last week who has been struggling. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and helped her to understand how to know God is in our lives. It went really well! I love when people aren't afraid to ask us legitimate questions! We're seeing her again this week. :)

So I think I told you we do service at the hospital every Friday morning. We go to the long term care where people with dementia live and we just visit with them. Well this week we went and played Snakes and Ladders with two ladies. It was HILARIOUS! One of them was a little more loud and crazy and the other couldn't even lift a fork by herself. So the one active lady kept getting so mad at the other lady because she wasn't rolling the dice correctly. Haha we had to call for backup!! :O #AwkardServiceStories #ILoveOldPeople

We realized that we've been so busy this week teaching lessons that we haven't even had any time to go tracting. So the other day we set aside a half an hour to knock some doors. We drove to a potential's house to see if she was available. And after she wasn't home, we kind of stood in the street and tried to decide what to do. I looked down the street and at the very end was a pink trailer. Almost as soon as I saw it, I really felt like we needed to try there. So we walked all the way down the street. And the lady who lived there was SOOOO nice! She gave us her number and asked us to call her to set up a time to meet next week! :D Hooray!

Sister J and I have kind of hated being 
Facebook missionaries. Every day we leave the library feeling totally apostate. :P But then this guy who's friends with a recent convert in our branch added us and asked us about the church!!! We taught him a couple Facebook lessons and then last night we taught him in person at this member's house!!! IT WAS TOTALLY COOL!!!!!!! So yeah. We don't hate Facebook anymore. :)

We got prank called in the middle of the night. Somebody called and told us they were ready to accept the Lord and wanted to meet with us. Sister J and I were all excited!!! We thought it would be like those famous mission stories you hear where someone just called the missionaries cause they were ready to get baptized. But the next day when we called back, they were all mad at us for contacting them cause their friends just drunk called us. :P So that was sad.

But not really cause we've seen SO MANY MIRACLES this week!!!!!!

Plus I'd rather be super hopeful and excited about everything and occasionally be let down than always doubt people's sincerity. Ya know?

My favorite part of the week was when Gord decided to stop smoking!!!!! Our supper appointment cancelled on us. And immediately after, he called and invited us to come to supper with them. And now he's gonna quit so he and his adorable wifey can be sealed in the temple for eternity next Valentine's Day!!!! HOW ADORABLE IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?! I'm so excited. I almost died of happiness and excitement after that. :D :D :D

Plus the sun has been shining all week!!! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

EVERYTHING IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!! It's been SUCH a good week. I can't even believe it. I love bein' a missionary!!!!

A member let me hold her baby miniature horse

Just petting the miniature horse!!

Beginning of a beautiful sunset

Gorgeous sunset! every single night!!

Look at what I caught!! :)

Our adorable investigators

Supper with the K Family

We found this bag of little plastic square things. We had no idea what they were so naturally we put them in the microwave. When hot, they explode into little rice cracker things!!! :D

Beautiful Canadian Sunset

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