Monday, February 2, 2015

"Eat Slugs, Malfoy!"

I guess I should explain this title...
There is a talk by Tad R. Callister called "Becoming a Consecrated Missionary". To become a consecrated missionary, we have to sacrifice things such as fear, pride, etc. So Sister J and I have a "sacrifice jar" to help us do this. Every week we write something we want to sacrifice on a piece of paper and we put it in the jar.

This week, we came to the conclusion that we were getting to be too sluggish. So we wrote "Eat Slugs Malfoy!" on a paper and put it in the jar.[Editor's note: They are both big Harry Potter fans so any mention of slugs brought this quote to mind.] :) And it just so happens that she has a Harry Potter wand with a maple leaf on it. So naturally we started quoting Harry Potter and also our quote board has a picture of Ron on it. :) In our defense, Harry Potter is TOTALLY a gospel analogy. [I may ask her to explain that one...hey?]

So anyways. This week has been quite a gong show. haha. Here's what happened:

-Remember that moose we saw last week? We found it dead on the side of the road.
-The warm weather is gone. It is now freezing cold again. We had a few days of freezing rain so it's been slick.
-2 different people told us that if we tried talking to them ever again, they'd sue us....
-We got lost in Wildwood in a snow storm which was freaky!!!

Haha. Crazy right? But don't worry. There was so much good stuff that happened on top of all that, that it's still a good week! :) Sister J and I started keeping a small purple notebook with us all the time so we can record miracles that we see. So that's been filling up!

GORD STOPPED SMOKING!!!!!! He's made it the whole week!!!!!! :D IT's been so so so so SOOO exciting!!!!! We made him a couple more packs of "spiritual smokes" so that he can have more to read. I'm seriously so so proud of him. He's doing so well. And it's making such a positive change for him and his family! :D :D :D :D

We taught L again. She's just amazing. She started out thinking she could NEVER have faith ever again. But now she says the prayers in lessons. She reads the Book of Mormon daily. She is just so fantastic. I love her so much. :) I'm really happy to see the joy come back into her life. :)

The other day Sister J and I found a road that we haven't been on before. So we decided to tract it out. It was pretty miraculous at first just because everyone was actually nice to us. But then we knocked on a door and met a lady named I. She was super nice but she believes that with all the bad that happens in the world, there couldn't be a God.

There's a TON of people with this concern. And usually when people say this, I kind of just nod and say "oh yeah. it's hard". #Lame!

But this time I didn't want to waste an opportunity to help her find joy!

So I told her about agency. That it's one of the greatest gifts God has given us! But sometimes people use their agency poorly so that it has a negative effect on others. This makes God sad. But he won't take our agency away. Rather, if we turn to him, he will help us and give us strength to overcome. :)

Not only did saying this make me feel better, but it helped her too!!! She talked to us for another 20 minutes or so and then accepted a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. :) I'm so excited!!! Hopefully we can teach her!

Our FB investigator pretty much hated us on Monday over text. It's a long story. So our day was pretty much ruined. :( But on Saturday, he decided not to hate us anymore!!! #MiraclesHappen

There's a scripture in the Book of Mormon that's been on my mind A LOT this week. So I think I'll share it with y'all. It's in Alma 5. It says:

"...could ye say, if ye were called to die at this time, within yourselves, that ya have been sufficiently humble?..."

It reminds me of the talk by President Uchtdorf called "Lord, Is It I?"

I think if we all could just be little more humble, we would be better able to develop all the other Christlike attributes, thus making this world a happier and better place. We're just all too full of ourselves sometimes, hey?

I love being a missionary. It's so great.

Love you all!!!!!!!!
Peace out!

Sister Whiting

Editor's note: here's video another that fits with her message...

When we got lost we found these pumpjacks in the woods. We couldn't leave without taking a picture first.

Alma 7 (Emma's favorite scripture)

Snow Day!

Gord is Officially a Non-smoker! Hooray!!

These shirts were a gift because they said we are always late. #Sadbuttrue

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