Monday, February 16, 2015

No Unhallowed Hand Can Stop the Work From Progressing!!!!

** Attention Ginger Journal fans: Thanks for your patience. What a great week we had, but it did keep me from getting this letter up right away. Sarah should be sending a new letter today and I will get it up more quickly. Thanks!**

Hola familia!!

This week was pretty much the craziest. Well actually it wasn't. But still. It was cool cause I'm doing missionary work. haha I'm so random.

K. Moving on. So this week was cool because we got to be freezing again. The snow dumped all over Drayton so it got crazy driving. But that didn't stop us!!!

Speaking of driving. I'm the driver now!! :D Hooray! It's funny because as the passenger I would always tell Sister J that I got too tired and would fall asleep in the car. And she'd be like "stay awake to help me stay alert!" But now she's the passenger. We had to go to Alder Flats and on the drive back, she was like "MUST. STAY. AWAKE." We drove with the windows down for a few minutes in the snow. That woke us up!! haha I love her.

We shovelled a million driveways this week. That was cool. At first we thought it was kind of a waste of time. But then some members told us that people were posting on the Drayton Valley opinions page that they like how the Mormon missionaries shovel for people!!! :D No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing!!! :)

One day we were tracting and we met a super nice lady who wasn't really interested in the gospel. But she liked what we were doing so she told us some of her neighbors we should teach. #AskEveryoneForReferrals

So we knocked on their doors and we met this guy named T. He was hilarious. We said something about how we shovel driveways for people. He was like "for strangers?????" He thought that was pretty scary. Then we were like "well yeah! we teach about Jesus Christ. We might as well teach by example!" So he lit up and was like "LIKE SHARING!!" So he runs into this house and brings back a plate of cookies. He was like "I just made these! Take them!" So yeah. We got cookies while tracting. #AllWeDoIsWin

We taught L again. It was soooo good! We watched the Restoration with her to understand better what happened to Joseph Smith. Something must have happened because she totally opened up to us and told us about what's holding her back.The coolest thing ever!!!! She says whenever she tries to read the Book of Mormon, she gets too distracted. So she believes that it's Satan trying to keep her from reading it!!!!

How cool is that?!?!?! We told her she was right. Cause it's so true. Everytime someone gets remotely close to accepting the gospel, Satan hardcore attacks them so they won't. But L is smarter than that. She knows if he's attacking, what she's doing must be right! Otherwise he wouldn't try to stop her!!


You're probably wondering why I started my email in Spanish? Well that's because we got an almost new investigator that is Hispanic and she's super nice. So yeah. Can't wait to teach her!

Sister J and I keep getting "world" music stuck in our heads. So when we do, we change the words so that it's a missionary song. :) We've made up quite a few this week!

"All I do is preach preach preach no matta what! Got Jesus on my mind and I'll never give it up! And when we step up in the building everybody's hearts go UP TO GOD! And they stay there! And they stay there!" etc. etc. etc.

haha we're cool right?

That one was inspired by this man we met tracting. We walked up to his door and we heard SUPER loud thuggin' music playing. Haha. So before we knocked we kinda might have danced a bit. Then we knocked on this door and the music suddenly turned off. This guy opened the door super fast and was like "oh hey. you look familiar!" haha. um what? no. we don't. So that was awkward. He was like 13 probably. haha

So then we made up that song. :)

Also. Gord is still not smoking. So. That happened. :) We're so proud of him it's ridiculous.

Yeah. It was a great week. Lots of fall throughs. Lots of snow. Lots of doors slammed in our faces. Soreness from shoveling so much.

But you know what?


It's so worth it! I love it all! I love this gospel! I love being a missionary!

Love you all!!!
Sister Whiting

Our branch president owns a car dealership so he put this sign out front.

Finally got to have treats again :)


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