Monday, March 30, 2015

A Consecrated Missionary Sacrifices Every Negative Bone In Her Body!

Well. I suppose I'll just start off with being completely honest. This was the hardest week of my entire mission thus far. That is NOT an exaggeration.

BUT a consecrated missionary sacrifices every negative bone in her body. So now that it's been said, I'll move on to the good stuff. :)

On Monday, all our progressing investigators dropped us in the space of 3 hours. C, A, and L. So after quite a bit of crying, we went to the Branch President's house and talked to him about it. He is probably the most spiritually in-tune man I've ever met. He knew exactly what we were thinking. So he was like "well since you can't exactly be effective missionaries in this state, why don't you stay for FHE?" It was sooo fun. We played the "Friend Ship Game" from the Friend magazine.

On Tuesday we took our branch mission leader to a lesson with G. But he wasn't home. So our BML gave us a referral! #swerve When we went to contact the referral, we got super lost for like 20 minutes but then we finally found it. Crazy enough, the family pulled in just as we were showing up. I guess it was a good thing we got lost. #EverythingHappensForAReason

We took Sister Morrison tracting for her first time ever. She did good! :) I'm so proud of her!!

A less active lady in our branch asked us to come help her move some doors into her truck. So we went to her house which was basically in the middle of a HUGE mud swamp!! :) It was soooo fun! We played in the mud for a bit while she tried to discipline her crazy dog. haha

The Kinniburghs got another dog. It's a baby miniature chihuahua named Apollo. :) SOOO CUTE!!!!! Anyways. I think they knew we were having a rough week, so they asked us to come to their house to "answer some questions they had" so we could meet their dog. Then they totally set us up with one of their friends we can teach!! They definitely know how to cheer up a sad missionary. :)

Remember DDD, our less active? Well. Her house got condemned. So we needed to help her pack up her stuff and move her out. But her house was COVERED in black mold. So we had to wear these super high tech face masks and medical gloves. haha. It was so fun. I love D so so so so so SOOOOO much!!! She told me we should be pen pals so she can write down her stories and experiences and send me a copy of it. :) I'm gonna miss her so much. :(

I got that's lame. But a consecrated missionary sacrifices every negative bone in her body!!! And Sis. Morrison and Sis. Wilson took super great care of me. I love them so much. :) Apparently I was quite ridiculous while I was in my sleepy, sickness coma. haha

In the midst of our week, we had some tender mercies that really got us through.

On Saturday, out of nowhere, we got a text from President Manion! He was like "Hey I heard you're having a hard time. Are things starting to look up?"

Then on Saturday night, we realized we literally had NO FOOD. None. And it was fast Sunday...and no one was signed up to feed us.....So we were panicked. Then all of a sudden we got a text from Carrie saying she had some food from her catering business she wanted to give us!!!

Though we didn't get hardly any investigator lessons, we had a TON of less active people show up to church that don't usually come. :)

So this week taught me that the tender mercies of the Lord are really over ALL His children. And most importantly:

I KNOW that those tender mercies, truly do make us MIGHTY even unto the POWER of DELIVERANCE.

I'm so thankful for the Saviour and for all He did so that I could get through this week, and my whole life. I'm grateful that this Easter season, we can all focus on that. I can have comfort and strength as a missionary #BecauseHeLives.

Love you all!!
Sister Whiting
Sunglasses!! You know what that means...THERE IS SUNSHINE!! #springishere

The three Amigas

Playing in the mud

Me and L
Our packing team

Doorbell ditching treats to the Branch President to thank him for FHE

Me and Apollo

When nothing else seems good #LovetheSunset

My froggy voice while I am sick. "Hi, family!"
Helping DDD move...

stylish, hey?

The moving crew

Sister Morrison looks tired, even through the mask

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