Thursday, March 26, 2015

Perfect Love Casteth Out All Fear

What can I even say about this week?

We met with C twice. He is doing so well. He texted us Monday night telling us that he wanted us to know for certain that he's so thankful for the gospel. He finally noticed the change that has happened in his life. And he said after he's baptized he'll serve a mission. :D

The second time we met was at supper at a members' house. They invited him as well. So that was fun. :) I'm just so indescribably excited for him. He's so different than he was when we met him 2 months ago.

On Tuesday we got to go to the city for a temple session. I realized last week that I haven't been to the temple in 4.5 transfers!! THAT's WAAAAY TOO LONG!!! So President said we could come up early for ZTM and go do a session. Then we got to have a sleepover in the mission home. Always fun! We got there super late and so President was like "Well. Go have a bowl of Reese Puffs and then get to bed!" haha President, you know why we love the mission home.

ZTM was great. I got to hang out with Sister Warr the whole time. :) And it was probably one of the most revelatory meetings I've ever had as a missionary.

The YW in our branch had us come to mutual so they could ask us questions!! That was sooo fun. They would ask us things like "if our friend asks us...what should we say?" or "how should we bring up the gospel in conversation?" It was super great.

We cleaned G's fireplace. That was quite extensive...haha. But in return she made us delicious buns and corn chowder. :)

We went out to lunch with a less active girl in our branch. She and her little baby are ADORABLE!!! We had a lot of we think we're going to do that again soon. :)

During supper at one of my favorite member's house we were talking about things that have happened this week and it kinda morphed into a weird embarrassing story/ confession session. haha #awkotaco

We went to visit our Tongan friend and he told us he'd posted like 10 mormon videos on Facebook. So he proceeded to show us all the ones he liked. :) It was so fantastic. Unfortunately his wife isn't as into religion. But she's super nice.

We got a branch mission leader finally and he's super cool!!! We went to his house after church for a big potluck. THEY TOTALLY LIVE IN A MANSION!!!!! She gave us a tour of the house and said after our missions we could totally come out and stay there with them!!!! :D We were like "oh well if you insist!!" haha It was sooo fun.

Now I suppose you'd like the bad news, hey?

Over the weekend C relapsed. :( So we haven't heard from him in like 4 days.


It was totally sad. I still haven't fully gotten over how sad it was. Basically if you want to know how I've been feeling for the past 4 days, read Alma 31. And then cry. Cause that's what I've been doing.

But you know what? Perfect love casteth out all fear! And I LOVE my investigators. So C is going to be ok. I don't fear. I faith....(pretend like that makes sense...)

And if you're wondering what got me through it all, it's the music Sister Wilson gave me. :)

So yeah...sorry. This week's email was boring....But don't worry. Good stuff will happen this week!!!! :D

Sister Whiting
Hey, girl! I love you, Emma!! (Emma was home for email this week - We love spring break!)
Sister Morrison and me at the temple

Sister Wilson and me at the temple


Love to go to the temple!

Sister Wilson vacuuming the fireplace

Tri-pan service

Nightly planning

May I made during personal study of 4 Nephi

The 3 Bears of Baptism: 1. Bear His name, 2. Bear Witness, 3. Bear one another's burdens

Illustration of the Restoration I copied from one I found in our area book.

NBD. Just deer in the neighbor's yard...

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