Monday, March 2, 2015

Quality is Never an Accident, but the Result of High Intentions and Sincere Effort

To describe this week I will remind you of a scene from the movie "The Incredibles". When Bob lifts up his car in frustration and notices a little kid watching, the kid responds:


This week was totally wicked! Seriously. I don't even think I can even tell you everything that's happened!!!!! But I'll try. Sister Jones and I started a 40 day fast from sweets last Sunday to help our investigators with addictions. And just in the last week, there's been some CRAZY miracles happening!!!

We went to visit K&C. They were super nice as usual but this time they totally told us about some HARD stuff that's happening in their lives. So we got about 10 ladies in the branch signed up to make freezer meals for them. Here's what's so miraculous: While we were there, C told us that he doesn't want us to think they'll never accept the gospel. He believes that we were put in their lives for a reason and so he'll give it a chance. But it will take him time. :) So we're super stoked!!!!

We taught our Fb investigator C 3 times!!! That's right. 3 TIMES!!!

We went to teach him the Plan of Salvation on Tuesday and while we were getting out our scriptures and stuff he pulled out his pack of cigarettes. Right then and there he told us he wanted to quit. And then he crushed his whole pack and threw it away. HE HASN'T SMOKED SINCE!!!!
So then on Friday we taught him the Plan of Salvation with some branch members at the church and whilst talking about the purpose of life, we brought up baptism. He totally agreed to it and now he's on date!!!! :O :O :O

Then the next day HE ASKED US if we could read the Book of Mormon with him everyday because he didn't really understand it. So now we meet him at a member's house every day and we explain the scriptures to him!!! :D

Then on Sunday, HE FINALLY CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!! And all the members totally loved him and now he has a big family!! :)

Oh man. And guess who else came to church? The lady who works at the gas station we go to!!! She totally loved it and asked us if she could come every week and become a missionary like us. Haha. So we told her about baptism and she was like "Oh man! I was never baptized! I need that!!" So yeah.

Oh. And our other investigator L that we teach since the Elders left is on date for baptism as well.

It's crazy. Sister Jones sat in the car just before a lesson the other day and we were just like: What did we do to deserve being a part of this???? There are so many miracles!!!!! #40DayFast #PersonalTestimony #ItTotallyWorks #HugeMiracles

We also got a new investigator named G. He's super nice. His lesson was soooo good! A lady in our branch who lives near him totally dropped everything and got time off work last minute to come to the lesson with us!!! #MemberMissionaryStudd #ILoveSisterC

In the lesson, she was saying things like "when you come to church, you'll notice..." and "when I come to your baptism I'll bring..." Pretty much she taught the lesson and we just watched and then extended a commitment at the end. It was TOTALLY "The District" status!

Oh man. I just can't get over how cool this week was. New investigators. A million lessons. Progression. Baptismal dates. Church attendance. Sunshine. Everything.

The Kinniburghs took us to lunch the other day and I noticed a quote on the back of the menu. It said:

is never an accident,
but the result of 

I totally believe that this week was a quality week because Heavenly Father knows that Sister Jones and I highly intend to put in sincere effort to this work. The last few weeks were super hard and we felt very unsuccessful. But the tender mercies of the Lord are with us and because of our faith, he has made us mighty even unto the power of deliverance!! (1 Nephi 1:20)

I love Drayton Valley. And also I love missionary work. And I love people. All of them. I love this sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost forgot! I went on exchanges this week. Sister Douglas came to DV with me. It was super great. She's served here before so it wasn't hard to just get things going. :) She's a super amazing missionary!!

Ok. Now I guess I'll tell you a really embarrassing story. :/

So just now, while Sister J and I were emailing, we decided we wanted to go outside to take some pictures in the sun. (technically it's sunny right now though it's only about -20)
We went outside and instantly froze but we hurried and took some pictures. But as soon as we finished, we realized that we didn't bring our keys out. We were locked out of the church and our car. :/ So we called and got someone to bring us keys, but in the meantime we huddled outside for warmth. And almost died. Haha

Well. The gospel's true. And also super happy! #Mosiah2:41
If you've got it, SHARE IT! If you don't got it, ASK FOR IT!! :D

Love you!
Sister Whiting
S-S-Sooo COLD - Don't lock yourself outside when it is 20 below. BBRRRRRRRR



Sister Douglas
Little Charlotte just sits herself in my lap and won't let anyone take her off ;)

This was definitely a quality week!

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