Friday, March 13, 2015

Sometimes Life Throws you a Curveball

Guess what.

Sister Jones is getting transferred out of Drayton.

Is that not the most terrible news ever??!?!?! :( I'm so sad. DV won't be the same without her here. Like. I maybe will just cry all day cause I'm going to miss her so much. :(

In other news. I'm going to be training......and not just any sister. I'm training a sister who hasn't gone to the MTC. soooo......from scratch.....possibly in a tri-pan. But maybe by myself....we'll see. But I think saying I'm nervous and scared out of my mind is the biggest understatement the world has to offer..........

*does a jazz square off a cliff*

Jk. I would never do that. But I'm so nervous. And sad cause I'm gonna Sister Jones so so much.

This week was pretty good though. We watched the Prophet of the Restoration movie with C. He liked it. But the internet died just before the last 10 minutes. So it was literally the worst cliff hanger ever. He had to go home and watch the end by himself. haha. Then he messaged us on Fb and was like "so he jumped out the window?" haha oh man. You gotta love when people don't take in the big picture. :)

He also had an open mic night thing. So we went to support him. And while we were there, we met this really nice guy who knew a bunch about the church. So he asked C for our number and asked us if he could meet with us to "discuss mormonism". So naturally we FB stalked him.

Turns out he's the pastor for the pentecostal church...So we're a bit nervous. haha #BashSessions #Alma5 #WhatIfWeDie? haha jk. But seriously. It happened to Gideon.....:P

We went to Spruce Grove for district meeting. It was cool. Except I got in trouble for turning the temperature up in the church....haha....And also we like DV better than SG. :)

Lynn dropped us.

So did Melissa and her family.

All in the same day.


So yeah. They just made more room on our whiteboard for people to teach.......

We had our musical fireside. I sang "Whole Again". And Sister Jones sang "I Shall Not Want".
Then this couple in our ward was going to sing "Brightly Beams" But the wife couldn't. So I ended up singing with him. Actually. Let's be real. The entire night was like the Sister Missionary/Bro. Palsky show. (He's like the big brother I always wanted. Also, he's the high school music teacher so we had him get this all together with us.) So we felt a little ridiculous.

Lots of people showed up. Including Pastor guy. :) And then on Sunday during Branch Council, Pres. Giddey was like "Sister Whiting. I would like you to sing your song in sacrament meeting today." haha what??!

Too bad Bro. P took my music so I couldn't. Oh well. I'm scheduled to sing it next high council Sunday. haha..

Daylight savings is not cool for missionaries.

I'm trying to think of a spiritual thought to share. But mostly I'm just gonna go and freak out and clean out our car.....

Sister Sarah Whiting

**Note from the editor: No pictures this week, unfortunately. We can't wait for next week's letter to find out about the new companion!! See you next time. Same bat time. Same bat channel.**

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