Monday, March 16, 2015

Whoa -oh! I'm halfway there!! Whoa-oh I'm livin on a Prayer!!

 That's so weird. I'm totally halfway. ISN'T THAT TERRIBLE?!?! I should get more time!! I think you were right dad. Missions should be 5 years...

Anyways. This week has been CRAZY! I got 2 new companions!!

1. Sister Wilson from Toronto. She is quite brilliant. She's been out about 6 months. I love her. She's the greatest. Someday I'll be as good a missionary as her. And her clothes are like Pinterest status every single day.

2. Sister Morrison from Edmonton. Wait. Did I say that right? YES! She's from Edmonton. She's waiting for a visa to go to the Kirtland visitor's center in Ohio. So for the time being, I get the privilege of training her! :)

So yeah. I thought I was going to die losing Sister Jones. But it all worked out. I love my new companions!

On their first day here, we got to teach 2 pastors from different churches. Haha that was super cool. One was Pentecostal and the other was from the Alliance church. It was ok. Not too much bashing. haha They were really nice. :) Mostly they were confused about grace verses works. So naturally we referred them to "His Grace Is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. (Love that talk!)

On Saturday we went to see a man who lives across from a member of the branch. And he got mad at us and sent us away. So we decided that we might as well stop in to introduce the new sisters to this member. Well it was definitely NOT a coincidence! We got there and our investigator L was there!!! :) So we got to teach him! :) #Everythinghappensforareason

Sunday was good. C came to church and he even wore the tie we got him for quitting smoking. :) It was a good Sunday to be there too because Gord got the priesthood!!! So we got to explain that to him. :)

When we were going around for Sister Jones to say goodbye to people, we went to see the Branch President and his family. While we were there, he showed us a SUPER cool BYU speech that I'm totally obsessed with now. It's called "True Doctrine, Understood, Changes Attitude and Behavior". Go to and listen to the last 10 minutes of it. It's crazy good. :)

Also. I made a little chart. While I was with Sister Jones, she pointed this out to me. These verses totally map out how to be the happiest people that ever were of all God's children. Literally. It says that. So here's a picture of my map.

Sorry that's really all I've got. This week was crazy cause of transfers and whatnot. But the work is progressing!!!!

Also I finally got to the point where I really truly love role plays. I get so excited every morning at 9:30 when the role play alarm goes off. :) (sorry sister jones. i waited to love them when you weren't here...)

And I GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE ON TUESDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! I realized the other day that I haven't gone in 4 transfers. So since we'll be in the city Wednesday, President said we could go to the temple and sleepover in the mission home. :) Can't wait!!!!
Love you all!!!!
Sister Whiting
My new Tripan

Sister Morrison's first day

Sister Jones' last day

Saying goodbye to "C"

Car selfie!

Helping Melissa make Photo shoot props

Sister Johnson went home! What??!?!?? :(

How to be the Happiest people ever!!

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