Monday, April 20, 2015

I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go

Well. As much as I want to tell you about how WONDERFULLY FABULOUS this week was, I'm just too sad. We just got transfer calls and I found out I have to leave Drayton Valley. AND. To make it even scarier. I was asked to be a sister training leader.

*insert huge sad face here*

I don't think I can adequately describe in email how much I will miss my BFF comp Sister Wilson and Drayton Valley. I love love LOVE her. After our missions we're going to Hawaii together. And I love love LOVE DV. I'm totally sad. This is ridiculous.
Also I kinda think it'll take a huge miracle to make me STL material. It's gonna be a huge gong show. That's for sure....I wish my new companion Sister Cardona lots of luck.

BUT! I signed up for this and I know that I am always called to serve where God wants me to go. So I'll go where He wants me to go. And this will be great. But right now it's not so great.

Anyways. Now that the cat's out of the bag I guess I can tell you all about how super great this week was.

Random good stuff:

-We met with our new investigator G twice. She's sooooo great! She talks a mile a minute and says the funniest things. She's kinda like an SNL skit. haha. She LOVES prayer. She says prayer is like magic. #InspiringFaith She been struggling with very serious addictions but as we've met with her, she's grown so much stronger. There's a pond by her apartment that we're going to walk around with her once a day so that she'll lose the temptation to use.

-We got an oil change and the lady was super duper nice. She totally gave us a ride while our car as getting fixed. :)

-I discovered that my favorite bible video is when Jesus cleanses the temple. :) Also that's my favorite part so far of Jesus the Christ.

-A member asked us to help rake his yard. (yes. Canadians rake in the spring not the fall.) And he invited pretty much all our investigators over to help as well. So we all spent 5 HOURS raking non stop. #DeadMuscles Then we got to teach everybody. It's was like a total Sermon on the Mount situation. #GroupLessons
The coolest part about it was that we had complete comp unity as we taught. (that's super hard in a tripan) And we used all 7 habits of a baptizing missionary!! :) It was sooo sooo sooo good!

-I can now do 6 real pushups in a row without falling over. Except now I can't anymore cause I have some sort of inflammation in my wrist... (perks of having a doctor for a branch president) oh well haha

-C quite smoking again. And this time has been a lot easier for him. It's sooo cool. He's been doing really well. Also he's really starting to see how much God helps him in his life. :) We met with him and he basically just testified to himself a whole bunch. I'm really excited for him.

-We went on exchanges. I went to Lakewood (my new area) with Sister Douglas. It's a car share area and they didn't get the car this week. So pretty much we had to ride bikes all day. Yeah. That's right. I rode a bike. And also we ran a lot. It was so exhausting. I almost died. haha. But it was really good. I love Sister D soooooo much!

-On Saturday we went to the edge of our area for a funeral. It was totally sad. There were tons of people there. And pretty much none of them knew about God's plan of happiness. So they were all super torn apart. I'm so grateful for that knowledge I have that we can live with our families forever.

-We had branch conference and the Hudson's from my last area were there. :) It pretty much made my whole life to see them again.

Well. Yeah. That's about it. It was a super super good week. I guess that's a miracle by itself that Heavenly Father gave me a good note to end on in DV. And I really am excited to see what it's like to be an STL. It's scary. But whatevs. I trust God. Plus being in the city means I can get mail every week....:)

Lovin you all lots and lots!!!
Sister Whiting

p.s. sorry for the depressing email. haha. (Editor's note: I didn't think it was a depressing letter. She is facing challenges and changes for sure, but she is handling them like a disciple! And her getting her mail more quickly will make her birthday much more fun next month. #gottaspoilourgirl)

We decided to go walking to save some klicks!

C is officially a non-smoker!! 

Hi! I'm Sister Whiting and I am a biking missionary!! haha!

Sister D and me on exchanges

Exchanges!! (In case you are wondering, the one in front with the glasses is my new companion.)

Love Sister D!!

Good-bye Drayton Valley chapel. I will miss you and your one hallway.


After we raked for hours we got to play with these adorable kittens

Sister Wilson put them all in my hood so they could snuggle.

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