Monday, April 13, 2015

No On Can Assist In This Work Except He Shall Be HUMBLE

**Thanks for your patience waiting for last week's letter. -the editor**

So it turns out the Canada has 2 Easters. One on Sunday and one on Monday. haha oh Canada. They can do what they want I s'pose. This week was totally crazy though. I have so many stories to tell. I'll try to keep them to a minimum...but no promises...

I took my companions ALL over our area. We went to Evansburg and Entwistle and Alder Flats and Breton and Lindale and stuff. It was crazy. Lots of driving. Lame.
We have a branch that is at least 73% less active and I haven't ever met at least 60% of the less active people. So we set out to find them all and try to get them to come back to church. We totally saw HUGE miracles!!!!!!!

There's a huge extended family that lives in Alder Flats but only 2 of them are active. The only problem with finding the rest of them is that there's no such thing as addresses for Alder Flats. Like. Seriously. No addresses. They just say things like "oh we live in the house near lots of barns about 15 kilometers west north of town" and yes they say 'west north'. So we're left to wonder things like: How near to the barns? Which road west north of town? Exactly 15 kilometers? Which way is west? Should we go west first or north first?

It's quite a gong show. And range roads aren't in blocks. They twist and turn and don't go all the way through. So it takes lots of patience and LOTS of klicks. :P Fortunately if we knock on the wrong door it isn't a total waste of time cause a baptizing missionary finds when they teach and teaches when they find. #7Habits

But eventually we found some!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!

They live in this super creepy auto yard. (it was also that contributed to the creepiness) We pulled in and got out of the car and seriously I felt like I was in one of those movies where a big 'ole alien jumps our from behind a broken down car and eats us. To be honest though, we were quite derpy about it. We got out and were like "hello? is anybody here?" haha what noobs. :P

We went into the shop and after a few minutes of awkwardly standing there, the guy showed up and totally scared the bajeebees out of me!! haha Turns out he is super nice and has a Catholic wife that we are going to start teaching this week. :) #NewInvestigators #PartMemberFamilies

Then we found some more of this big family on a huge farm on the other side of town. They were SOOOO nice!!!! They reminded me soooooo much of gram and papa. And we learned from them that pretty much all of this huge family we're trying to find was baptized but were raised inactive. So they're basically all like investigators. They don't know hardly anything about the gospel. So we're going to start teaching them too. #PreBaptizedInvestigators

One day this week we announced that Sister Morrison was going to be the senior companion. (Partly because she needs to learn to take charge. Partly because I literally could NOT talk. I lost my voice entirely for 2 whole days. haha) She did great. It was obviously stressful for her but the Lord definitely blessed us with miracles to help her along. She and Sister Wilson are super amazing teachers. So that was exciting. I'm pretty proud of them. She's comin along. Her visa came we only have 2 more weeks with her before she goes to the MTC. :(

So yeah. It was lots of fun. We did lots more stuff. Taught more lessons. Found more people. But that's really the exciting stuff.......

Mostly this week I am learning about humility. I need more of it. That's for sure. But it's hard to set a goal to be humble because it's not measurable. As soon as I think I'm humble, I'm not. So I mostly just try to make myself be willing to pray for it. So far, God has been doing a FANTASTIC job of granting me opportunities to be humble.

In general conference, it seemed like every talk was like a "hurry up and get your act together before it's too late" talk. There was a LOT about repentance. There was a LOT about consecrated work. There was a LOT about humility and serving for the love of others instead of the praise of man. So I think it's time for me to hurry up and get my act together. Sheesh.

Love you all!!!
Sister Whiting
Drayton Valley Tri-Pan

District Meeting at Spruce Grove

Sister Wilson made us stop the car on this range road so she could try to pet the horses. Haha! I love her!!

Whilst in Alder Flats we came across the best hay I have ever seen.

Got to check out some baby cows in AF

NBD - just partying on this huge farm with mud boots and a skirt 

Me and Sister Wilson trying to sneak up on the deer. They've been EVERYWHERE lately. We almost hit some right outside our apartment the other day! 

Welcome to Entwistle

They have the weirdest sign ever. #1Grouch

Dyed Sister Wilson's hair!! She's so so so pretty!

DQ for the road to AF

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