Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Zero to Hero!

Holy man! This is soooo crazy!!!!! WHAT IS LIFE?!?!?!?! 

*just a warning. I'm kinda all over the place today...haha*

Ok. Yeah. So I'm kinda freaking out about being a Sister Training Leader. In case any of you are not sure what that is, basically it's like a zone leader for sister missionaries. We have to go to all sorts of cool meetings. We periodically call the sisters that we cover and ask them how they're doing. We go on exchanges a million times a transfer. (haha jk just 3 times) And we give training at zone conferences and such of that nature. Yeah. 

Also I'm in the city. So that's weird. I just barely got used to referring to everything for a branch and now I'm back to being in a ward. haha. It's so crazy. I'm also in pretty much the craziest part of the city: Millwoods. The streets are in circles not blocks!! :O AND. I'm in a car share area which means we share the car with the Elders. (that's also weird...being around elders again...) We only get the car every other week....On the more positive side, I live in a house. And it's adorable!!! It's soooo cool!

I survived leaving Drayton. It was totally sad. But I got to say goodbye to a bunch of people I love and also I'm so worried about being an STL that I don't have the brain capacity to be worried and miss them at the same time!!! haha

Sister Cardona is soooo cute!!! Her family is from the Phillipines but she was born in Canada. haha. So she doesn't speak Tagalog. She's super fun and totally great. I love her. :)

Our district is made up of Lakewood missionaries, the mandarin elders and the tagalog elders. So they named us "District Mantalake"......so yeah. We're cool?

When I got to Lakewood, the area was, as we call it, DEAD. Our whiteboard was blank. Our area book was practically empty. We had no plans. Just a blank slate. So the theme of this transfer is:

                                                           ZERO TO HERO

Isn't that totally clever?!?! It's super exciting. We're going to turn this frown upside down and get things jumpstarted! And it's already happening!!!!! We went finding and already have 5 appointments for next week and a new investigator!!! #HollaDollaBill

Heavenly Father is really blessing us. I'm sooo excited to be here. I'm totally happy. It's seriously been a week of miracles! I feel like this week I've been the best missionary I've been my whole mission and I fully intend to continue to progress from here!


So on Saturday I got to go to the temple because a convert from Greenfield went through for her endowments. :) It was such a great experience!! Not only was I able to be there to support her, but so was practically half the greenfield ward. The session was sooo full! And 2 of the temple workers in the session were from Drayton Valley!!! It was such a neat experience for me!! Plus!!!!! Right after the temple, we went to our ward party and guess who was there??? SISTER JONES!!!!! :D Oh man. My heart practically burst open right there. My joy in missionary work is so full. I love love LOVE this work!!


Sister Sarah Whiting

p.s. now that I'm in the city I'll get mail every week.....sooooooo.....:)

**Editor's Note: We got the hint. More mail is on its way. :-) She must have a lot on her plate now that she is a Sister Trainer Leader. She didn't send any pictures with this week's letter. #sadface See you next week.

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