Saturday, May 30, 2015

So Many Miracles!!

Is it really already time to email again?? Every week p-day comes faster and faster. This mission is going by too fast, hey? I wish I could slow it down.

Anyways. This week was SOOOOO GOOD!!! So many miracles. I don't even know where to begin!!!

I'm not even gonna be smooth about it. I just have to list off the cool things that have happened.

1. We taught our investigator C twice. I can't remember if I've told you about her. She was a former. She has been taught everything a few times. She comes to church every week. She really wants to be baptized. She's wonderful. She just can't seem to quit smoking.

So we met with her and she asked us if we had a stop smoking class or something. haha oh C. Of course we do. And I have a SUPER strong testimony of the stop smoking program. If it works in Drayton Valley where it's impossible to escape the drug scene, then it can work in Millhoods. haha

C is probably the greatest person living. She is my mom away from home. She knows everything but isn't a know-it-all. She always makes us super yummy food when we're over. She has such an inspiring testimony. She adopted 3 kids with severe mental deficiencies and loves them. And every time we get up to leave, she runs to her basement and comes back with 2 huge grocery bags filled with food for us. :) Oh I love her.

2. We found new investigators named M and. They have super cool names but I probably can't tell you for privacy stuff...They're Sikh. We went to teach them and they totally launched into an hour long discussion about what Sikhs believe. Technically the word means "to learn" so we're all sikh.....but yeah. haha They were super nice and we'll never see them again. :/ #missionlife

3. Speaking of Sikhs. This last Sunday was the annual Sikh parade in Millwoods. Literally, thousands of Sikh people from all over Alberta gather together to parade down the streets. So all the roads were blocked off and there were people in super pretty sparkly costumes all over the place. It's all in their culture to give give give. So everyone had a box of some sort of food or goodie and they just gave them away to whoever!!! It was sooooo cool! I wish I had taken pictures for you to see, but we only caught the tail end. The parade was mostly while we were in church.

4. Sister Cardona and I have been focusing on TAKING THINGS TO THE EDGE WHERE MIRACLES HAPPEN!!! (it's from an Elder Holland quote) We are good, hard-working, obedient missionaries. But we want to be better, diligent, unwearying, consecrated missionaries. So we are stepping it up a notch. We have been totally pushing it!! We set a goal to give away AT LEAST 3 copies of the Book of Mormon per day. So far, we have reached that goal!!!

quick story:

One of the days, we were trying to give away copies and we successfully gave away 2. But for some reason, we could NOT get anyone to take the last copy for the day. We gave it away once, but the person ran out of their house to give it back!!! :P So we were kinda freaking out. haha. It was 8:50. We had 10 minutes left of the day. And we still had to give away this book!!! So we hardcore prayed. Like. Desperately pleading with the Lord to help us find someone who can take this book. On our walk home, we knocked a few doors. And the last door before ours, we knocked and they accepted the book!!!!!!!!!!!!

To me, that was a huge blessing. Being a missionary is the best. I love seeing the hand of the Lord i

n everything. It's so wonderful to be doing His work 24/7. Lately I've felt so strongly that sense of urgency to do all I can to help others come to him. I know God loves us all and He truly wants ALL His children to return to Him! :)

Love you all!!
Sister Whiting

p.s. we're getting iPad training this week and getting iPads the following week......sooooo yeah. weird. I don't know if I'm excited or freaked out....

p.p.s. I just found out C from DV is getting baptized the day before my birthday. I'm pretty much dying and bawling me eyes out. Life is SO good. The Lord is SOO good. Oh man. Oh man.

With investigators! Love them!!

Thanks for your patience - Gingerjournal fans!!

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