Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Thrive On Awkward Situations Today (TOAST)

**  Note from the editor: Sorry all. What a busy, fun, busy, crazy, busy week I had last week. I selfishly enjoyed my missionary mail and didn't get it posted to the blog. She shared some pictures of her time saying goodbye to Drayton Valley.**

What a great week. Oh man. So much awkward happened.

I officially made it a whole week in Millhoods...I mean Millwoods. Lakewood is fun. Our ward is amazing!!! They probably have the best ward mission plan and ward council in the whole world. Just sayin. haha. They did a Book of Mormon challenge which just ended, so we should be getting a few referrals comin' up here.

I went on my first exchanges as an STL. I went to Hillview to be with a sister who's still in training. It was fun!! The only weird thing was going to do interviews. I sat down and like totally weirded out cause I was the interviewer instead of the interviewee!! haha. So that happened. Love Sister Torsak!

K. So now I have to tell you all the awkward stuff that happened this week!!

We had the funniest lesson of my whole life. Last week we got a new investigator named J. She was super nice and asked perfect questions. So we were pretty pumped to start teaching her. We brought a member and before we could even get started the lesson TOTALLY EXPLODED. They started talking about their marriage problems and issues they have with other people....haha #awkward. They totally ignored us. We just kinda looked at each other like what? Finally. After 2 HOURS!!! We were like "we have to go..." haha. So she was like "ok! well we need to take a picture before you go so I can always remember you and your visit." hahaha what? so we did that. Then she said what seemed like a final goodbye to us....so. I think that's the end of her...haha

We didn't have the car this week so we had a lot of walking to do. And one day while we were out finding people for a few hours, we both really had to use the washroom. Fortunately there was a less-active nearby. Sister Cardona is so funny. Literally she ran up to her house, opened the door, yelled in a few times and then just ended up letting herself in to use the washroom. haha So after a few minutes the lady called down and was like "hello? is someone there?" I was like "hey! it's the sisters!" hahaha if felt so awkward. Luckily she likes us enough that she just laughed at us in all our ridiculousness. #missionlife

Last awkward story. So. The other day Sister Cardona and I had to go to an appointment on the other side of the freeway from our house. We caught a bus there, but then the appointment fell through. And since it was the weekend, the bus only ran every half hour. But we had somewhere else to go. So we started walking across the huge bridge over the freeway. It was soooo windy. So it was a total workout walking up hill. But our bus was coming soon, so we started to kinda jog/run to the bus stop. But as we were walking down the hill, Sister C saw the bus we needed to catch coming. So she was like "AAA. The bus is here!" And so I freaked out! I really think I had a heart attack. haha. So we started totally booking it! In the wind. In our skirts. As the bus got closer, we realized we wouldn't catch it unless the bus knew we were there.

So we ran into the street so the bus would stop. haha. Then we ran to the bus stop and as we got on, the bus driver was laughing his head off at us. He was like "I'll always remember the black hair and blonde hair girls running in front of my bus." (yes. he called me blonde....lame)

Yeah. The good news is that we made it on time to our next appointment. And we felt super cool for running in front of a bus for the sake of missionary work. :) worth it? I think so.

Fortunately Sister Cardona is the best in the world! I love love LOVE her. So she and I can be awesome and weird together. :)

We also had MLC. And our P-Day is changing to be Tuesdays.....so....just so you know mom. And we're getting ipad training this month!!! And on the 30th we're having a big leadership meeting with Elder Christensen from the presidency of the seventy!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! haha jk. it's gonna be sweet though.

So yeah. Missionary work is great. I love it. I'm lovin it here. And I love serving the Lord.

Sister Whiting
Sister Wilson and I in packing mode and missing each other already.

Saying goodbye to C. Hope I hear about a baptism soon.

Saying goodbye to people...

...including these dear ladies
splitting up our tri-panionship

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